Katsura Kotarou - G.E.M. - 1/8 (MegaHouse)Katsura Kotarou - G.E.M. - 1/8 (MegaHouse)Review

Hello, today I will review 1/8 scaled figure Katsura Kotarou from the Gintama series.


Katsura Kotarou A.K.A Zura is the leader of the moderate Joui faction and a fugitive wanted by the authorities. He is a highly skilled samurai who fought alongside Sakata Gintoki in the Joui War. He is also an expert in using bombs and escaping from the Shinsengumi and penitentiaries.

This figure was made by MegaHouse and was released on October, 2011. It was sculpted by Piron.

Let's start with the box!

Packaging: 9/10

Height: 26 cm (10.23 in)
Width: 15,4 cm (6.06 in)
Depth: 13,2 cm (5.19 in)
Diagonal: 30,2 cm (11.88 in)

A nice, compact package was used for Zura. MegaHouse surely can use a small box whenever they want, all figures I had before the Gintama ones were excessively big, but I guess it is justified with some figures. This box can be shipped with SAL without problems. In the front, you can see the G.E.M. series logo, the name of the character in romaji and kanji and the name of the series. At the back you can see images of the figure displayed as well as how he looks with his optional hair part. The window allows you to see Zura completely but you cannot see too much of his sword and short hair part with detail. You can also see the Sunrise official sticker (actually printed in the box).

From the sides you can see Elizabeth's prototype all over the box. a nice detail because they are life partners. You can also see the figure displayed from the front and back.

Nothing impressive on the bottom but the upper part of the box has Elizabeth's silhouette. A really nice detail and a great foreshadow to Elizabeth's scaled figure.

Inside the box you have Zura's catchphrase "Zura janai, Katsura da!" (It's not Zura, it's Katsura!) and (not being subtle at all) Elizabeth's prototype at the bottom. This surely took a smile out of my lips.

A typical two-piece blister was used to protect the figure. MegaHouse used tape to avoid the blister opening by itself. The blister only had four joining points to the tape was appreciated.

A view from the sides.

Here you can see Zura's full body and face in his blister. Plastic was used to avoid paint transfer.

The short hair part was given extra care covering it in plastic. His katana was not that lucky but it still arrived safely.

Base: 8/10

As expected from MegaHouse's G.E.M. Series, they used a round base for Zura. The pattern is really cute but Zura is a bit unstable, he will not fall, though. Its diameter is 10,5 cm

Zura is easy to mount on his base. You may have troubles unmounting him and you may break something while doing it, so be careful. You cannot display Zura without his base, he does not have good balance by himself. You can still try.

Sculpting: 9/10












Starting with his long, silky hair, it was executed nicely. The pointy parts were made of soft plastic so be careful not to break it while changing hair styles. It looks pretty stable so there are small chances of really breaking something. Zura's face matches him really well, maybe we cannot see nothing about his funny side and, Gintama being a gag series, this is kind of disappointing but still, you could not match his short hair part with him looking funny.

Here you can see how much effort Piron put on his haori. Every crease looks beautiful and natural. The only thing that bothered me a little was the poor effort to hide the joining between his arms. Still, it is not that distractive if you consider them sewing points.

The way his sleeves bent is beautiful, they look really soft in the pictures but, of course, they are made of hard plastic. Again, we have a guy without nails, a disappointing point in my opinion, because Zura can be easily mistaken for a woman. Still, the hand that uses to hold his katana looks nice in every angle.

The transition between the lower part of his kimono and his obi was nicely done; you cannot notice the joining point at all. The obi gives him a nice figure and all the creases around his tummy look natural. I loved how MegaHouse gave him that tight effect, looking like they obi is being pressed against his waist. As always, MegaHouse did not screw with the colours of their G.E.M. Series, the obi and kimono have nice, bright colours that stand out perfectly.

You cannot see the knot while displaying him at eye level; nevertheless, its simplicity must be appreciated. From certain angles, he has a girly figure and looking at that butt does not help too much. I loved how they made his butt stand out and how they did not give him a flat one.

The end of his kimono gives us a little tease by opening itself with the wind and allowing us to see Zura's beautiful legs. The creases at the back of him kimono are also cute and I loved the shadows that were painted. I believe the sewing line could not be avoided so I will not count this as an sculpting issue.

Because everyone was doing it...
View spoilerHide spoilerhttp://myfigurecollection.net/upload/pictures/2012/02/25/375509.jpeg
If you peep under his kimono, you will be able to see Zura's white fundoshi. His traditional underwear and legs were nicely sculpted, even when you are not going to see him from that angle all the time. It is actually kind of funny how MegaHouse gave us such a serious pose and left us a place to see such an embarrassing part. I must say that I am truly grateful for this.

No issues to report with his feet. His geta are very detailed and the lower part was also sculpted, even if you cannot see it at all while on his base. Shadows were painted on his white socks and they make a nice effect.

His katana was a nicely sculpted and a big detail if you are going to display him with his short hair part. I am not going to say too much for those who have yet to see the Benizakura Arc. The installation is easy, by looking at the pictures; you have to force his katana in his hand. His fingers are flexible so you are not going to break anything. It may be a little tricky the first time so have patience.












No issues to report with his short hair part, either. The installation is really straight-forward so you will not have troubles with it. Maybe you with have to apply a little pressure to assure it gets in its place correctly. You can exchange parts at will, meaning that you can have Zura with short hair behind and long hair in the front or viceversa.

This hairstyle suits him nicely, Piron made a great work with this and I am really happy with the final product.











Painting: 9/10

As expected from MegaHouse, they gave us a nice final product with this line of male figures. Even without too many little details, they got the colours right and made them look beautiful. The black of his hair and blue of his kimono were my favourite parts of this figure.

Posing: 9/10

Maybe a bit boring, but again, a funny pose would not have worked with his short hair part because of its background. He does not take too much space and he looks absolutely gorgeous. A really nice figure with nice details.

Enjoyment: 9/10

This figure is a must have if you are a fan of the character but you can pass on him if you are only fan of the series. He looks really nice but he may be a little boring if you have no attachment to his character whatsoever. Myself, I loved him and I still can't decide which way keep him displayed.

If you had doubts about getting this figure, I hope this had helped you.

Next review will be G.E.M. Takasugi Shinsuke so look forward to it!

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Have a nice day!

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Great review! Hopefully I will be snapping him up soon! ^^
Nice review, thank you very much!
Nice review,there should be more like these.
I dropped Gintama a long time ago..this is making me have second thoughts now.
I like the option of having his hair long OR short too. I think he looks much more handsome with the latter!

I'm also happy with megahouse finally releasing such lovely male figures~
This is making it harder to resist the sale on him at HLJ... Very nice review!
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