コメント Six packages at once, heaven!

  • So many cute figures here, I love it!! That Kuroneko is probably my favourite figure of her, I really need to get my hands on it.
    Seiidaishougun5年前#3643793There's a splint on one hand of her shirt and a hole on the other, so you should be able to unbutton it. Perhaps it may need a little convincing ;)
    The shirt of my Saya ITEM #28911 also needed a little convincing to be removed, I had to open up the seams XD
    You can find the resulting photos here: BLOG #22107

    Thanks, I'll give it a try
    Alchemeister5年前#3634857Nice tastes ^~^

    Haha thanks :3

    Zarathustra5年前#3634889I guess no one knows what fragile means anymore... Great buys though I love the suguha is great one of my favorites.

    Indeed and indeed ^^

    Seiidaishougun5年前#3635262Nice figures :D
    Can you cast-off (or at least open) Ruri's shirt? ITEM #167312
    Nice try with Suguha ITEM #206806, but her swimsuit is still way too lame.
    rofl XD
    Packages like PICTURE #1380810 are actually quite common in the US, which comes at no surprise, since they're handled like this:
    That rough package handling is well known, and it's the main reason AmiAmi is using their bullet-stopping packaging overkill.
    At least in Canada, they try to do something about it:

    Well it's made of some super soft bendable plastic, but I didn't actually try opening it. However, there's a picture of her half shirtless PICTURE #1087081, so maybe it's possible...
    And LOL that video! O: FedEx sure knows how to handle packages...
    I guess no one knows what fragile means anymore... Great buys though I love the suguha is great one of my favorites.
    Alchemeister Iced Over
    Nice tastes ^~^
    katsudon5年前#3634233That is a seriously impressive haul! Very nice.

    Thank you! XD
    katsudon Play-Along Tsukkomi
    That is a seriously impressive haul! Very nice.
    SShirokaze5年前#3626574How about no one orders anymore anything, and you are out of job? Seriously, wtf country is this! Bitter old hag, trying to make others bitter as her ugly old ass -_-
    Now you gotta go to the beach or a pool to take proper pics of your ladies~

    lol I'm never able to get with a proper line like that on the spot! But TBH, I'm actually think she might abuse my packages next time if I'll be to sassy... O:
    The beach, now that's an idea!

    Ose_935年前#3628749This made me chuckle. I kinda wish my cat wasn't into boxes at times. Sure it's cute when I empty out a box because he sits inside of it, but sometimes I'm opening a box up and he gets too close. I haven't nicked him, but box cutters can be dangerous so he shouldn't be sniffing around when I have one on hand.
    I also do DIY projects with cardboard from shipping boxes and sometimes the little buggers sit on the material...
    Anyway, shame about customs and the boxes, but great loot! Those Persona figures are sooo lovely. I need me a Chie. ♥

    I know right? It's so adorable well they sit inside of something! X3 My cat rarely do such stuff, he might be broken or something...
    And yes, Chie is the best! Why are all of her figures so expensive though? 5.2K for a BQ... 15K for a high priestess... MIA wallet...
    victorviper5年前#3616074Posts like these give me a new appreciation for the United States Postal Service.
    I see you got the limited Kuroko Shirai figure with the special faceplate. This reminds me how I need to get that figure, as that so perfectly captures Kuroko's personality.

    Indeed, and also to the US no customs (on figures) policy!
    Yes, she is right? Got her from Manda for 5K unopened, there's an B/B one at Ami last time I've checked though, if you're interested. I'm planning to get Misaka as well and place them in a way it'll look that Kuroko's chasing her :P

    NikhilR5年前#3626103I like your taste in loli's. :D

    Thank you! P:
    4Arnd5年前#3615993Thumbs up for Azuka's survival. That box was really beat up. And lucky, only two out of six got charged. :-)

    Asuka sends her thanks (;
    Actually, it's not much of a luck, it's simply that in my country if you order goods up to 75 USD you don't pay customs. The two other boxes where above 75 USD. Actually, up until some time ago most of the SAL packages were skipping charge even if the value exceeded 75 USD. But in the past few months I've gotten a 100% capturing rate!! >< ;; T___T (for packages above 75 uSD) I don't know what the did in customs to pull that up, but it's a real pain in the ass...

    Fukawa5年前#3616002Good that none of the figurines where harmed :D Shipping can truly be really scary sometimes (especially with taxes!).. Congrats on completing your P4 beach Queen Collection by the way ~

    Thanks! I find them very pretty. I'm planning to get the Persona 4 Megahouse High Priestess line next, already ordered Chie! Killed my wallet though... \:
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