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High School Collectors: How do you manage?High School Collectors: How do you manage?

Hello MFC! I have a few questions for all you still in high school, or started collecting in high school. How do you manage this hobby? Do you have jobs on the side? How are you able to pay for this? Where do you buy your stuff from? Do you have any inspiration for collecting? What does your family think about your collecting?

My friend and I are both 16 and we share an amiami account. He hooked it up to his mom's credit card and we just pay her the money at the end of the month so she's the bomb.com. But with transactions over MFC, I have to ask this older person to use their paypal.

Oh gosh I'm gonna go on a rant here about that older person and this preorder I have reserved. If anyone wants to read it, I'm just gonna put it as a spoiler. View spoilerHide spoilerI have a Kashuu nendoroid preorder I'm taking from someone and I had this Disney Pin I was going to sell to get some extra money to buy him. Well this older person said that he wanted the pin and he'll pay for Kashuu instead. Alright, things are going smoothly. Well we went to a baseball game last week and this guy gets turnt the fuck up. He had like 6 glasses of vodka and a couple of beers and it was just a mess because not only is he drunk, he's starting fights with people lmao. He wanted to drive home and I didn't want to get in the car because well, he's drunk and he already has 2 DUIs and crashed his car twice and he had to audacity to get mad at me. Like no bitch, this is not my fault you have an alcohol problem. So I had to call my brother to pick me up and it was 12 at night lol. This situation escalated and my mom found out and he had a fight with my mom and she's pissed because this is fucking child endangerment and he blamed me for everything and now I can't use his paypal and this is just a mess. We haven't talked for a week nor do I want to talk to him. And with that mess now occurring, my brother is just great and he's gonna let me use his paypal to pay for Kashuu when he gets time off work and gets to come home which is tomorrow. So thank god this problem is resolved.

I'm jobless and I'm over here ballin. About an hour ago my mom was cleaning out some stuff and all my birthday cards from the past were in here drawer and there was $123. So I'm in a pretty good mood. Other than that I just save my lunch money lol. My friend gets money from his parents occasionally and he just got a job at Old Navy last week so he'll he ballin.

My dad's sports collection inspires me as a collector, like our whole garage is filled with all his baseball stuff. There's over 500 autographed bats, over 700 autographed baseballs, and a bunch of cards and magazines and all this other miscellaneous stuff. And then there's his football stuff too. And he's been collecting since the 80s so it's no wonder his collection is so big. I think I made him proud, because recently I've gotten into Daiya no Ace and I'm like "Hey dad, I started read this baseball comic and I'm gonna start collecting merch. So yeah, just leave the packages in my room" and he was ectastic to hear this, despite the fact that it's not even real life baseball. He's pretty chill with me collecting and my mom doesn't care so it's all good.

Anyway, that's just my experience as a collector still in high school. I'd love to hear how other people manage this.
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Hahaha, ah, there was once when I said to myself and friends that I'd never get into figure collecting, since they're really just pricey, if well-made, paper weights.

I was never really a collector, but somehow that didn't save me from falling into this pit head first after my first nendoroid. Maybe I picked too cute of a merch line to start with... Especially since neither of us had jobs, or were given allowances we could save.

Neither of us really wanted to end up broke, but our solutions mostly revolved around just flat out not buying many figures; we had to be superrrrr picky with our purchases. We decided that A; It must be a character we really love from a show we know well, B; It must look amazing or amazingly adorable, and occasionally C; It's gonna be hell trying to get it aftermarket.

I have missed out on a few figures from this, but it really made figure buying manageable. (Tho, I guess this method really only works if you have a niche interest and at least some will power.)

My plan pretty much became useless when I got into Tourabu though, with all their hordes of nendos and hellish scale figure prices. I was really prepared for lots of tears. Like a miracle however, around this time I also got my first official part time job.

In other words, boys and girls...


You just gotta have money.
Well I've always been a collector, but since childhood my grandpa's collection of airplanes has inspired me! Therefor to dedicate an entire room for something you hold dear has always fascinated me :D.. I've been collecting on and off for 4 years now and I'm currently in my last year of high school, but the main reason I can keep on collecting is for my part-time job and the allowance/support (118$/m) issued by the state in my country for all students and children enrolled in school. Before turning 17 my mother helped me to buy goods with mainly local sites/sellers and AmiAmi, but this was quite troublesome when I wanted ''odd'' items such as item/125006.. Nowadays I have my own Paypal (it's awesome!) and buy mainly from Manadarake & AmiAmi if I'm not looking for specific stuff.

What my family thinks of me collecting? Well it depends really, but overall they have grown more accepting over the years and always try to get me stuff like random anime dvds, mangas for Christmas and such. Overall the biggest change for the better have been my mom since she at first disliked me ordering and buying ''unnecessary'' things and was quite judgmental for what I wanted. Don't get me wrong, she's the most caring person I know, but it took her time to accept and embrace my hobby.
I started collecting in high school and worked part time, usually anywhere from 12 to 20 hours a week as a grocery store cashier. Now I'm in uni and I'm broke af, but I want to get into the swing of things before I get a job.
I don't have a part-time job but I have gotten summer jobs these last two summers and that money mostly went to AmiAmi purchases lol. Otherwise I just save up money through my allowance, birthday/christmas money and occasionally I do extra chores for a little cash. I rarely go out so that also saves me some money!
Luckily I'm not into those series that tend to get the most merch so I also don't have that much I want to buy lately either (except if it's Love Live!...)
I didn't collect figures, but my Anime expenses were a bit much even after I got out of my Naruto phase (I didn't get an allowance or money on holidays) so I got a small job my junior year. After seeing how I tended to carry around all of my cash my mother recommended I open up a student bank account. They don't charge you and it's connected to your parent's account so if I ever needed money I could ask my mother to transfer over some. Never had to, but the option was nice.
With this, I was able to make my own PayPal account and have my own debit card to purchase online with. No hassle having to ask someone else. Once you turn of legal age, you can upgrade it to a regular account.
I find it quite easy being a collector in high school, primarily because of the fact that I rarely spend my money. I seem to either save it up for one big splurge or buy tiny little things, but I've stuck more to big purchases since the AUD's exchange rate went to shit.
I get $6 a week in pocket money which adds up after I don't touch it for months. I've found I also pool up Christmas and birthday money and it lasts me throughout the year (one benefit of having your birthday in the first third of the year).
I also don't have a job because the amount of school work I get is already hectic enough without having to go to work as well.
I started collecting manga and posters in middle school, then switched mostly to figures in the last couple years of high school. I still want both, so it's kinda hard to juggle them (Especially with a blooming cosplay obsession)

I lived off allowance, 20-40$ a month or so , and they'd give me some more for chores. Good thing is, I didn't have to buy my lunch. Kinda bad thing is, i didn't spend any of it, so i frequently felt left out when others would go for a snack or something like that. At the end of the year, I would have a pretty sum and go spend it all at a con.

I've been doing clown gigs for a while which replaced that, and was really what let me get into figures. Not so much anymore since a lot of it goes to college debts. Eh, seriously need to find a proper job.
I started collecting at 16 as well, got a part-time job but it didn't pay enough to get everything I wanted so I opened an etsy account which pretty much serves as my main source of income now. It didn't seem fair to spend my allowance on figures so I put that in the bank to save up for more important things. Anyway, good luck with your collecting ^^
I sold one of my kidneys.
Part time job, same as what I'm doing in university. I was also bribed with figures to study more by my parents.
PVC anime figure store.

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