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Christmas lootChristmas loot

Soooo I know it's a little late but oh well better late than never. I actually didn't get them from friends or family for Christmas I just decided to treat my self because junior year of high school fucking sucks and I deserve a couple figures lol. The figures I ended up getting are the 1/8 Love is War Miku and 1/8 Kyoko Sakura both from GSC.


I'm kind of impatient so as soon as I got them I opened them and set them up.

First let's talk about Miku


She is so fucking amazing!!! I'm a really big fan of figures with flowing hair so when I saw her on Amiami pre owned B/B for only $90USD I just decided to order her. Now I didn't think shipping would be much since she is just the regular edition... But noooo they changed my shipping from registered SAL to EMS. So in all she cost me $130 but she is well worth the price. I've never had a figure that's so flawless. She has no paint issues and the only thing I didn't like was bending the wire around the figure. Other than that she is just an amazing addition to my collection.

Now for Kyoko.


She was my best girl but then like Madoka kind of dethroned her but she is still amazing. I'm collecting all the PMMM 1/8 from GSC so I kind of needed to buy her. I got her for a super reasonable price from a fellow MFC user. She was probably the easiest out of all the girls I have to set up so that's a plus. Her paint job is actually really well done, along with all the other girls. But yeah all in all not bad for only $47.

And here is how my set up looks now


Now for the sad stuff. I have come to the conclusion recently that I will stop figure collecting. It's not a money issue it just doesn't fit into my life style anymore. I am still gonna keep most of my scale figures and I do plan on getting Sayaka and maybe Devil Homura to complete my PMMM set but other than that I'm done. I have a few nendoroids boxed up ready to be sold and I'm not that sad about it. So far I have sold around 36 figures>.< Figure collecting was truly a blast and fun while it lasted but I'm not to sad to be moving on.

Ugh to many feels, but yeah thanks for reading^^

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Nice loot, I really love that Miku! :D
Ryuukino (3年前) #5706089Not to mention fuggin amiami banned us That's right!!! Thanks Amiami
Not to mention fuggin amiami banned us
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