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It is time for my first full-length collectibles review.
I start with what have easily become my top two favorite items in my whole collection. Tsume's limited edition Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 statues!

These are the first products by Tsume that I have ever purchased. Each one is limited to 1000 pieces world wide.

These statues can only be purchased on the Bandai Namco Game store.

You can buy a statue on its own or have the PS4 or XBox One version bundled with it. I chose to get the PS4 version, also making this my first PS4 game
Pre-ordering it there gives you DLC bonuses exclusive to this store. The most important of which I would say is Boruto and Sarada as playable characters. But more importantly, the cost of the game itself in this bundle is $30. That is half the cost of buying the game alone at most stores.

So let's begin the review of these highly anticipated statues.

Naturally, we will begin with the main character: Naruto Uzumaki!
The box for this statue is quite nice. It is a simple design featuring a full body image of Naruto, various logos and a Naruto style background.

What I like about this design is that it is simple, yet effective and attention grabbing. The size of the box increases the visual effect of the full body Naruto image. The graphic of Naruto alone is the size of what a 1/4 or 1/3 scale figure would be, roughly 14.75 inches tall. The whole box is roughly 16.75 when propped up-right. I would say that this was the right way to go with the box design. Less is more, they say

View spoilerHide spoilerNINJA ART!


Now let's get him out of the box.
An interesting thing done here is that a black ribbon was tied around the styrofoam encasing, making it very easy to pull out of the box.

The same style of encasing is done with other cold-cast statues, but this is the first time I have seen an easy removal method incorporated into the packaging. It usually takes me about 5 minutes just to pull this out of the box due to a lack of anything to grab.

The ribbon itself is very nice too.
I will try to find some way to use it as decoration. :D


Let's see how well this ninja was protected during transit.
As expected, all of the parts have been carefully wrapped in plastic and comfortably fit into shaped indentations in the styrofoam.

After examining all of the parts, everything is in perfect condition. No damage, no paint defects, everything is exactly as it should be.

This threw me off a bit at first, so I will tell you this just so you know in advance. The smallest smoke effect and the end of Naruto's head band may stick to the top half of the styrofoam encasing when opening it. It can be easy to start thinking that parts are missing if you don't check both halves when opening it.
Also be careful when handling the end of the head band on the left. It is difficult to see it inside its wrapping. It is very thin, so one could possibly break it by squeezing it too hard when checking to see if anything is inside.

Now that all of the parts are out, let's start putting it together.
As you can see, there are indentations which indicate where to put which parts. This statue does not come with any assembly instructions, but it take almost no brain power to figure this out.

This statue uses an assembly method I have not seen before. Most of the parts are held together via magnets in the pieces and indentations. This is similar to the recently released Kirby Nendoroid, which I will also be getting sometime this month. ITEM #287773

After getting all of the smoke parts together, you get this extravagant base. A rocky terrain stage with a Japanese scroll style rendition of dust being kicked up.
The largest smoke piece on the left is held in via a metal peg. I really like this method of assembly. The metal peg gives the whole structure an anchored fix to the base while the magnets give it an easy way to assemble and dis-assemble with a reduced risk of assembly damage.

The magnets are quite strong, but do not forcefully pull the parts together hard enough to make the two parts clash against each other, which would result in chipping.
The use of magnets also remove the situation of trying to push the parts into their slots, applying too much force during insertion or removal, resulting in parts breaking.

Once the base is put together, all that is left is to put Naruto on it.

Badabing! Badabang! Badaboom!
You got a bad ass 1/6 scale Naruto statue.

Although after looking at it, I think it is actually closer to being 1/5 scale. So this is a large statue for its scale classification. But that just means you get more bang for your buck. ;3

View spoilerHide spoilerHonoka: Oh sweet! You finally got the Naruto statue put together.
Let me have a look.


View spoilerHide spoiler............EEEEEEEEE!!!!!!
Me: What!? What's wrong, Honoka?

View spoilerHide spoilerHonoka: HE IS SO HOOOOOT!!!! http://33.media.tumblr.com/avatar_041694196891_30.png
Me: Uuuhh. Yeah. He is a pretty cool looking fellow.

View spoilerHide spoilerHonoka: Are you kidding? Naruto is the sexiest anime boy ever! http://33.media.tumblr.com/avatar_041694196891_30.png

View spoilerHide spoilerThat well toned body. His beautiful blue eyes. His gorgeous blonde hair. http://33.media.tumblr.com/avatar_041694196891_30.png

View spoilerHide spoilerNaruto is life. Naruto is love. http://33.media.tumblr.com/avatar_041694196891_30.png

View spoilerHide spoilerI know I am part of your Love Live display, but I think I am just going to stay in the Naruto section with his glorious bod.
Me: Ok, Honoka. You can fantasize and hug Naruto later.
I need to finish taking these pictures.

View spoilerHide spoilerHonoka: NO!
Naruto is husbando!
Leave me alone!

Me: Seriously, Honoka. I am in a hurry to get this review blog finished.
Your in the way of my shots.

View spoilerHide spoilerHonoka: NOOOOOOOOOOO!
Must! Touch! Sexy! Ninja! Body!


View spoilerHide spoilerWAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!
You are so mean, Spidey-kun! Y3Y


Now let's take a some close-up looks at this masterpiece.
Click the images below for a full view of these shots.

As you can see from these zoomed in images, the amount of detail in sculpt and paint is fantastic. Everything from the metal in his zipper to his muscles are crafted with beautiful precision. This may very well be the single best Naruto figure on the market. Certainly the best I have ever had my eyes on, and there are a lot of Naruto figures I am hunting.

Now that we have taken a look at Naruto, let's check out Sasuke Uchiha! :D

Everything that I have said about the Naruto statue is the same for Sasuke. Same box design, assembled the same way plus same fantastic sculpt and paint job.
I was going to just get Naruto at first since I am trying to cut down on spending. But I realized that the display would feel incomplete without Sasuke. I will be eating nothing but rice and ramen noodles for a while.

One thing I am really fond of with Sasuke is the amount of detail in his eyes, his Sharingan and Rinnegan. The true amount of detail in his eyes can only be seen zoomed in through the use of a camera as several design elements in his eyes are too small for the human eye to see.

In my eyes, I would say that these two statues are nothing short of perfect.
These are the best Naruto figures I have ever seen and I truly do feel privileged to own these magnificent art pieces.

What a wonderful way to mark the final installment of the Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm series. All of this plus the Deadpool movie and Pokemon's 20th anniversary is has made February 2016 one of the most awesome months ever! :D

Hold on a moment. There is something else inside the boxes.
Envelopes? I wonder what is in them.

Whoa! Certificates of authenticity signed by founder of Tsume, Cyril Marchiol!
Now these are some fancy certificates.
These say that I own copy 376/1000 of Sasuke and 206/1000 of Naruto.
All low numbers. *flails tiny wigglers all over the place* :D

Thank you for reading this review, everyone. I had a lot of fun writing this and plan to do more soon.
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shiroiusagi4年前#6935015They looks so cool! I really like the dust effect on the base :)
Great review :D
Thank you. I am glad you enjoyed it. :)
They looks so cool! I really like the dust effect on the base :)
Great review :D
chapters04年前#6909361that sasuke fig looks soo coool!! too bad it was so expensive otherwise i would have got it for sure! hoping GEM or something will make a rinnegan sasuke soon or the boruto movie ones comes with a head where u can see the rinnegan :)
awesome review btw
These guys took a big chunk out of my wallet, but these were just too wonderful to pass. If eating nothing but rice is what I have to do to have them, so be it! >:3
that sasuke fig looks soo coool!! too bad it was so expensive otherwise i would have got it for sure! hoping GEM or something will make a rinnegan sasuke soon or the boruto movie ones comes with a head where u can see the rinnegan :)
awesome review btw