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Attempted theft of one my figures

Man, it feels weird having to type this but I guess I'll just share it.

I work as a physical therapist and I have an office with some of my figures in it. I have the LoH Nendoroid petites, and one of my prized statues: The 1/8 Jeanne D'Arc statue by Medicom. It's proudly displayed on my desk in a simple custom case that my boss' daughter made for me.

I wasn't there when it happened but my office is located in the far back of my workplace. There was this guy who came in for an appointment and he saw the statue through my window. He got excited and when I heard him I thought, "Nice! A Fate fan". I was on break so why not? I showed him inside, told him to feast his eye on Jeanne, talked about Fate/Stay and I even let him takes pictures of it. He left after 10 min.

I had to attend to one my clients. At that point, I pieced this story together using eye witness accounts from my coworkers. The guy finished his appointment and I think he was able to get in my office because I didn't lock it. Shame on me, I know. The case doesn't have a security lock and he was able to get his hands on it pretty easily.

He was stopped by his pt, James, and he told me he suddenly had a shifty attitude and he fidgeted withe one arm to the other constantly. He had a huge jacket and he tried to smuggle it out under it. As he was leaving, he slammed into our entrance doors; we have those really modern, convenient, and first timer friendly dual doors where one was pull to open and the other was push. Our receptionist, Rosine, saw the ordeal and saw the statue fell to the floor. The guy froze, picked up Jeanne and ran out. Now, pretty much everyone in my work place knows I'm the only one with "toys" at work and she often stops by my office to chat when there's down time. She knew what was going on and actually chased after him!

Bless her heart for being a good runner and caught up to the thief. She said the guy gave up and threw the statue at her and ran. She started chasing him again but decided to just go back with statue, tell me what happened and I'm going to file a report on what happened to the police later. We should have cctv footage. Heheh, smile!

Lord Baby Jesus, are people so desperate enough that they would steal a figure in broad daylight? It feels so surreal. I still can't believe it happened. Someone snuck into my office w/o anyone to see it. Looking back, I think I part of the blame is on myself. Had I took the time to lock my door, this wouldn't have happened.

Moral of the story:
1. Lock your door
2. Get comfy with your coworkers
3. Let everyone know that you ARE the geek in the room.
4. If you want free sake and sushi, stop an ongoing robbery of one of my figs. Even James gets something just for being there :)

Anyway, I won't do a follow up but I can answer if you're curious via PM. The statue is okay. She has a round bump on her head where she fell. Oh, and the flag pole and stick snapped in half. *sigh*
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I just couldn't stop laughing at the idea of your receptionist chasing after a shady guy with a huge figure in his hand in public in broad daylight.

Imagine the reaction of all the bystanders.
Bless your coworkers though.
wow thats so werid that he would do that! u have an awesome receptionist for sure! make sure u thank her properly. the guy who tired to steal is a dumbass like u have his info on file why would he even do that?!
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Valestein3 Here with you to Knight
Update: Guy had to pay a fine and has to get me another Jeanne statue! *snicker*
I am so glad to hear that you didn't lose your figure!
Terrence Let's start from zero
LOL, of all things to steal and risk going to prison for, you steal a figurine. I mean, I love my figurines to death, I just didn't think people actually did this kind of stuff xD

I'm glad there was a somewhat happy ending to this (not for the robber though). Although it's a bit of a shame your flag pole snapped, but at least your receptionist was amazing enough to catch him for you. Thanks for the share!
that's awful! but tbh.. this is why i have absolutely never brought any of my expensive belongings to work, even when i had my own office with locked doors, etc.
Valestein3 (1年前) #12622394I don't even know if I can fix her. The bump on the figures isn't that bad. We had a carpet so I'm sure it minimized the damage but looking at the statues' left side does show a small chip. However, I looked closer and saw some lines on the neck.
You know what? I'll ask if I can get a replacement from the guy as part of reparations. Depends on the prosecutor, I guess. Not only might he go to jail for a couple of months and or pay a fine, he has to buy a Jeanne statue. But not for himself :P That's got to hurt.

Its a good thing your pressing charges, he deserves it.
I still find it hard to believe that happened though, but it does make a good campfire story.
Wow your coworker sure is something oO Bless her soul! xD

I'm surprised it isn't that much damaged after falling to the floor oO...
I'm glad your figure is fine though :)
Kudos to your receptionist! I'm glad you got your figure back.
If she has a bump on her head and her flag pole broke then she is not "okay" lol.
The fool. He was there for an appointment so presumably the office knows exactly who he is and when he might be back.

Even if office policy forbids them from telling you who he is, the police can get that info. Talk to a detective and report it and let them decide if they want to do anything. If he was willing to try a brazen theft like this he is probably stealing other things.

Don't dismiss it because it was just a figure and he failed to get away with it. The fact is, he almost did get away and even an office with witnesses wasn't a deterrent.

I'm glad you got it back. That's a brave receptionist.
This is one of the best figure related stories I ever heard, thanks for sharing :) I hope the idiot of a robber gets all he deserves and congrats on having such great coworkers :D