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  • Heya, please let me know if your PN inbox is fine, thanks! ^_^
    I own the black version of this.
    I thought the problem was mine.
    It isn't.
    The base broke.
    Hello, boxed Mikuru.
    Very funny opening paragraph. You've written an entertaining review :)
    "Thanks for reminding me why I never ever buy anything from Atelier Sai... >_>"

    I feel that same way.
    Unfortunately I wasn't the only one to have this figure problem happen.
    Ashlotte Full-time Reviewer
    Thanks for reminding me why I never ever buy anything from Atelier Sai... >_>

    Nice concise review of the pros and cons though! ~_^
    Sorry to hear the same thing happened to you. I also bought this Mikuru a while back and nothing I did (not even down to using epoxy to try to glue her foot to the base) did anything to correct the lean. Couple that with the super-soft PVC they used and the loose base and its a recipe for disappointment. The sculpt is great, but even though I picked mine up used for $25 or so it still wasn't worth it.

    Pity that such a nice figure has such a huge flaw.
    Ah yes the leaning tower of moe called Mikuru! Mine leant until she hit the side of the display case she is in :-(. Nice figure pity about the leaning.

    A pretty fair review.
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