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A Nendoroid Proposal: Avatar AangA Nendoroid Proposal: Avatar Aang

Some time ago I stumbled upon the news that Avatar Korra will get her own Nendoroid. As a fan of the Avatar series, I of course was excited. And yet, I also felt that Good Smile Company missed a great opportunity to chibify one of the most chibifiable of all the Avatar characters. I am of course talking about Avatar Aang, specifically his young self from The Legend of Aang. I felt Aang should have been the obvious choice, and I even talked about it in a comment I left on the Nendoroid Korra page. Someone suggested contacting GSC about my idea, so yesterday I did just that.

Obviously, GSC wouldn't create a Nendoroid just because some random guy on the Internet asked them to, but they did tell me that they base their decisions on current demand, so I'd like to invite everyone who thinks Aang should have a Nendoroid to tell GSC about it. I'm counting on you, guys! :)


On that note, allow me to describe how I imagine a hypothetical Nendoroid Aang would be like. In terms of accessories, I think Aang's glider staff (both staff-mode and glider-mode) and his Air Scooter should be enough.


I'm not quite sure how a Nendoroid Aang would pose with the glider given the relative largeness of a Nendo head and smallness of Nendo arms, but I'm sure the geniuses of Nendoron can make it work somehow.


The Air Scooter accessory would probably look similar to Nendoroid Naruto's Rasengan, except bigger and with a peg that fits on the base of the stand. You then extend the stand arm way up so that Aang would appear to be floating above the Air Scooter.

Now you might think that Aang as an Avatar should have accessories to show him Bending Elements other than Air, but remember that Nendoroid Korra already has Waterbending and Firebending accessories. This is an opportunity for GSC to make more money by enticing people to buy both Avatar Nendoroids so that they can mix and match Bending accessories.


As for Earthbending, well, there is another incredibly popular and cute character from the series who is an absolute master of Earthbending: Toph! How's that for a third Avatar series Nendoroid?! :D
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Zuko would be an immediate purchase.
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Spaceman (2年前) #15711935I'd love if they had this pose: s-media-cache-a...

With the amount of iconic poses and facial expressions he has, Aang totally deserves at the very least two Nendoroid versions! :)
I am 100% on board with this. Avatar the last airbender is one of my favourite all time shows, and Aang is such an amazing character. Can't believe they did Korra instead :/

I'd love if they had this pose: s-media-cache-a...
This is a great idea! I'm honestly a little surprised they didn't make him before Korra. Maybe the bald head scared them off? Idk.

Also, ITEM #144351 has a glider, so they could possibly modify that. Or just make a glider he could hold in his hand as a staff.
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Akira (2年前) #15696958I just hope they don't give him the Saitama treatment and make him a head only without exchanging faces If they ever made one...

I don't know... I think what they did with Saitama actually made sense because a face plate's outline would look pretty ugly on his bald head. Unless GSC decided to use Aang's Season 3 Fire Nation look (where he wasn't bald), I don't really see any way around it.

Akira (2年前) #15696958
I'm sort of surprised korra got one before Aang tbh.

Me, too! Don't get me wrong, I'd definitely love to see a Korra figma or scale figure, but Aang should have gotten a Nendoroid first.
An Aang nendo would be great!!! I just hope they don't give him the Saitama treatment and make him a head only without exchanging faces If they ever made one... I'm sort of surprised korra got one before Aang tbh.

ZoidsFanatic (2年前) #15692594snip.

Dude you are too OP in spamming power.
I would buy Nendos (and scales and Figmas) of pretty much any of the main characters from both Avatar series.
A Toph nendoroid would be so cute.

But then I would want the trio of Azula, Ty Lee, and Mai.
Would be great. Though I would want Zuko, katara and toph aswell then.
Buy from Japan. Easier than ever.

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