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Hello, guys!
Today I’m going to tell you about my attempt of making a custom figure.

This post will be long and image heavy, so be prepared!

To begin with, I need to explain why I made this figure. I just wanted to make a new year & birthday gift for my friend who lives in another city and who I met several years ago on Twitter. We’ve been exchanging new year/birthday gifts (our birthdays are both in January) for 2 years now and since I started to build garage kits, I decided to make a figure of one of her favorite characters – Matsurika Shinouji from Maria Holic.
Though Matsurika seems like a quiet beauty, she is a sharp-tongued maid who has no problem openly insulting anyone nearby, including her master.


The problem is that there are no figures or even garage kits of Matsurika (only 2 gachapons), so the only solution to this problem I found, was to make a custom figure out of another garage kit. It could be very interesting experience that would improve my skills so I decided to do it!

Official picture of Matsurika’s character design

So, I did a research here on MFC and found some garage kits that could be customized into Matsurika. The possible kits were - ITEM #22756 Mahoro and ITEM #84980 Angelina
Both maids whose maid dresses and aprons have the same shape as Matsurika’s (and both from anime/game I had no idea about lol).

Eventually I could find only Angelina, so she was ordered right away.
Then when she was on her way to me, my post was suuuper slow, as usual, so I only could make a plan (?) or a scheme of what I had to do to make her look like Matsurika.

After I got the GK, I started to work on it. First, folds on her dress were cut and removed. It took me a long time to remove them completely. Looong looong time of sanding, sigh.

Then I removed the edges of her boots, and started to work on her boobies. I am personally not against a big size of boobs, but since Matsurika has them smaller, I had to do it. I have to say that I removed only a small part of it, since it was too long, so after all she still had a big size ^^’

I glued the legs to a panties part with epoxy glue. I had to make bloomers, so it was easier to make them on glued legs. These legs are sooo long and nice, it was a bit sad for me to cover them with bloomers.

Then I used heat bending to straighten her hands. It was the first time that I used this technique and I have to say, it was fun. Like, -What are you doing? –Reading, you? –Nah, just boiling hands, never mind lol
(the hand before heat bending and after)

Now it’s the time for modeling! I’ve read a lot of articles where people make their own figures from scratch or modify other figures, and found out that the most suitable modeling material for me was La Doll, since I didn’t want to bake the details and La Doll is self fusing and also said to be easy to work with.

I made bloomers in 3 steps, so I just moistened the detail and put La Doll on it. La Doll has an interesting structure – it has a lot of, like, hairs inside, and they make the material solid like with framework inside. I even read somewhere that La Doll is a kind of papier-mache.

Next I made bangs and back of the head.

The face of the Gk is absolutely out of character for Matsurika, who almost never smile and has smaller eyes, so the face was changed. I changed the face using epoxy putty, because it is more suitable to work with epoxy putty when you need to change small details, plus it is harder than La Doll. At first I wanted to customize all the details with it, but it is very sticky and I found it not easy to work with.

I made twintails using paper clips as a frame. I’d say I got lucky that Matsurika has curled tails and I didn’t have to model a super straight hair, it would take a lot of time and be exhausting for me D:

Then next day when La Doll dried I started to sand it. Again, it was looooong, there were a lot of dust! Unfortunately I just can’t make smooth surface while modeling, so I had to sand a lot.
(right one is sanded left is not)

To catch a break from never-ending sanding, I glued two pieces of a dress with epoxy glue. As you can see, there were giant gaps!

When the glue dried, I put epoxy putty over gaps and seams. Well, I had to use a lot of putty.

The next step – making a “La Doll slip” out of a small piece of La Doll, white glue and few drops of water and putting it with a brush all over the sanded La Doll details. You use this slip to make the details more solid and to remove these little hairs in La Doll that I’ve mentioned before. I’m glad that I found this tip because I was close to giving up after many hours of sanding with 1000, 1200, 1600 sanding papers and having not smooth surface even after that! So yeah, after sanding the covered with slip detail you get smooth surface, yay!

Then comes usual deoiling and priming before painting, BUT La Doll is afraid of getting wet, so usual bathing in de-oiler would be lethal for it. You can use water from spray bottle for removing dust after sanding (or better say sticking dust back to a detail), or use lint-free naps, soaked in de-oiler and wipe La Doll details. I chose the second way.
Then I started to paint the details. I used brush and acrylic paint mixed with water and acrylic retarder, as usual. The pictures show the undone details, still in process of painting.

Painting a face is the most satisfying part for me, I just love to see how a figure becomes almost alive!

UGH, I can say that this was the hardest part for me – stripes! A lot of thin stripes on folds ;_; I’m not proud of them, but I did my best.

The next step was shading with pastel chalks~

So, we finally came to the end of my work! Let’s see how the figure turned out:

Some details:

The figure was disassembled, wrapped in a ton of a bubble wrap and sent to Starsy! I really hope that she will like her, the package haven’t arrived yet. Big country with slow post, u know :)

Anyways, here was my first time making a custom figure, I reeeally enjoyed it and already have ideas for next customizing (there are a lot of La Doll left, I can’t let it dry in my drawer)! I hope you liked my article and could read it till the end ^^’. Feel free to ask any questions about the process, I could’ve written something not clear.

Thank you for reading!
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minami_desu3年前#18055398Thank you, glad to see that! And who are you planning to make, if it's not a secret? :)

Ah, not a secret at all, I actually spoke about it in an earlier post: PICTURE #1663115 ^^
minami_desu3年前#18078597And I obviously couldn't hold it in a complete secret - I'm just so impatient person lol
No problems - me too (๑>◡<๑)
Thank youu uwu
Aand again, I'm glad that you liked her! It was really fun to build&modify, I learned sculpting techniques with La doll and all that stuff! And I obviously couldn't hold it in a complete secret - I'm just so impatient person lol
I naturally cried from happiness and proud to have so passionate and wonderful friend! 。゚(゚´ω`゚)゚。
This just amazing surprise for me, I can't believe this happened - I am owner of very limited Matsurika figure!! Minami-chan, thank you veeery veery much ♡♪(๑ᴖ◡ᴖ๑)♪
Photo will follow asap, with Maria-kun obviously ( ˘ω˘ )

And to be honest I was curious about your tweets about customizing gk, heating hands and boobs resizing...but finally I decided "I ask a lot of things, I do not have to be annoying, it was all about Mako's figure, yeah, because I know her next gk" (*゚▽゚)ノ
Maakie3年前#18055367I really love how this turned out! Very inspiring for my own first custom I am planning! :)
Thank you, glad to see that! And who are you planning to make, if it's not a secret? :)
I really love how this turned out! Very inspiring for my own first custom I am planning! :)
Wow! What a great job for your first custom figure! I think your friend will be really pleased.
Halcione3年前#17931104She looks real good, nice job :)Bloempje3年前#17933938This looks amazing. very well done!
Thank you ٩( 'ω' )و
Bloempje Hunting my grails
This looks amazing. very well done!
She looks real good, nice job :)