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March 2017 LootMarch 2017 Loot

March Loot

My March order arrived. They were shipped on different days, and from different stores, so I expected them to arrive separately. But they actually arrived on the same day, which was a nice surprise. Photos will be under spoilers.

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I got the nendoroid more bodies and strap from Surugaya using the forwarder 2you4, and the 3 nendoroids from Mandarake. The total cost was quite reasonable, shipping from surugaya was free, and the fees from 2you4 were just under 1,000 yen, which included rsal shipping to me. So I'd use them again if I need a forwarder.

I found the dresses for about $15 CAD each, and the pajamas for $12 CAD. I'll have to think of some nice photos to make use of these pretty dresses XD. And I could have sworn the strap listing said it was a set of 9. But it was only 300 yen, and I did get my favorite (Nozomi), so I'm not gonna complain.

I have a personal rule when it comes to buying figures of any type, I must try the source material where the character comes from before considering it. It doesn't matter if I like it or even finish it, but I must at least try it. So long as that is met, and I like the figure itself, then I will consider buying it, even if I didn't like the series. Naturally that type of thing wouldn't work for original characters, but I have yet to see an original character that interests me enough to buy it.

Note: I didn't use the original heads they came with in these photos.
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Now onto the bunnies picture/6799&am..., they are actually pretty heavy for a nendoroid. The head alone weighs 90 grams, but the body is much lighter at only 20 grams. For reference, the average nendoroid weighs 50-60 grams (that's only counting the head and body, no accessories), so the bunnies are nearly twice that weight. And I noticed that the hole on the body where the neck joint goes, is a little shallow for the current type of joint, so I'll see about drilling it a little deeper and see if that improves things. It's nice to see how things have changed over the years. Also I'm open to selling the heads if anyone is interested. I just wanted the bodies and accessories. XD

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Next up is Fate. Hmm, I don't really have much to say about her, other than she's a pain to pose with the large scyth, I don't like the old "crab claw" style of stand she uses, and her hair is pretty large with the twintails. But now I sort of want to get the matching Nanoha to pair them together. Maybe another time.

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Lastly is Jeanne. I am a little put off with her outfit being shiny, and it feels like a stiff rubber was used for her skirt instead of the usual pvc. But I could probably do something about the shininess if it bother me too much, and she is rather pretty. Also she came with a surprising number of arms (9 in total), but it's a pity that most of them can't move at the elbow. And following my rule, I watched the anime she is from (Nobunaga the Fool) before ordering her, and it was alright, not quite what I expected, but the end was strangely satisfying.
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moonstarfc (1年前) #19323285Oh wow, the bunny girls look adorable!! Nice loot!
Thank you. Though adorable isn't the first word that comes to mind. XD

ChocolateSpider (1年前) #19323298Seeing Love Live bunny girls alone made reading this worth while. :3
Lol totally, but thanks.
Seeing Love Live bunny girls alone made reading this worth while. :3
Oh wow, the bunny girls look adorable!! Nice loot!

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