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Kotobukiya 1/8 Kaname Madoka ReviewKotobukiya 1/8 Kaname Madoka Review

Wow, I love airmail shipping! I usually buy from Mandarake so I don't have the option to use it, but this is the second time I've used airmail and I got my parcel within a week! And I escaped customs, even!

My reviewing skills are questionable, my camera and photography skills even more so, but I'll never learn if I never start, right?

The Good


First off, the box fresh from Amiami's parcel box! The egg-shaped window makes me think of an Easter egg, which is extremely fitting for the time of year. How many chocolate eggs have you guys already had this year? I've had ... a few ... ^^a

By the way, I don't suppose anyone knows why I call this Madoka 'Valentines ver. Madoka'? Was the original image published for Valentines Day or something?


The two sides of the box: one is an image of the figure itself - pretty standard, you'll have seen this already - and the other is another window in the shape of a soul gem. Suddenly, the egg-shaped window on the front feels a little sinister ... But context aside, it's really cute! If I saw this box in a shop, I'd be really attracted by its simplistically-cute design.


The back of the box has this really weird image of the figure sliced into panels. They're just slightly misaligned, making it look like someone pasted together the pieces of a photograph very badly. As silly as it is, it made me smile :)

Out of the box, here she is in the blister pack:


There is a window in the front so you can see her face unobscured, and she's separate from the pillow/bean bag that is her base.

Also, I thought she'd be looking straight ahead from the promo pics, but actually there's a slight downward-tilt to her head so that her face is in shadow from her hair unless you photograph her from a similarly slightly downward-angle. Uh, remember when I said my photography skills were questionable?


Sorry about the shadow on her face ... but here she is, next to the image on her box for a comparison! I tried to angle like her like the image, but I couldn't get it right lol. Anyway, out of the box, she looks very lovely! I was hoping the faded colour scheme was just a promo shoot thing because I find it a bit weird. It was the main reason why I held back on ordering her until she went back up for PO a few days before release. But happily it looks better irl than it does in photos!

One thing that confuzzled me a little at first was her base.


Alright, I know pegs can be pretty unsightly, but I had to check the box to figure out which way she should be sitting on it. Because of her sitting position, she does slide on comfortably, but it took me a couple of seconds to figure out whether or not she was sitting securely. For reference, the raised part is the front, and the following mass of ruffles is what fits onto the indentation:


That bit that's smaller and more clustered together is supposed to sit directly on the indentation. It's a bit weird. People were joking about her base being a potato, and the indentations just make it look even more like a potato. Sure you don't see it when she's seated, but it's a bit silly that a mass of indents was the best way they could think of to make her sit on the base as she should. She doesn't sit on other surfaces that well because of it, she'll tip right forward if you put her on the edge of a desk or something like that.

Anyway, that aside, here are more angle shots of the full figure (this is where the lighting in my photos becomes erratic because I had to retake some shots during the night, in my room's godawful lighting, as opposed to the natural lighting of the above. Hopefully you can still see everything clearly though!):


She is such an adorable figure overall! At first I decided to pass up this figure because of how out-of-context it is - I mean, when does Madoka have time to sit down in her magical girl outfit and smile like that? (Yeah, I somewhat have the same issue with ITEM #78404.) But in the end, I decided that I like how unique this pose is. And it's a scale of Madoka. How can you go wrong? <3

Well, in a couple of places ...

The Bad

The first thing I noticed is that she is not as polished as I expected. GSC's movie Madoka (ITEM #166616) is breath-takingly beautiful in how detailed and well-finished she is. Kotobukiya's Madoka, however, leaves a few things to be desired.

First of all, the seamline on her hair jumped out at me the moment I took her out. Normally, seamlines on hair don't bother me that much, but this one is way too obvious. My White Onepiece Madoka (ITEM #288989), a prize figure, has a better disguised hair seamline!


Next thing I noticed are her shoes, which have the same lovely, glossy shine that GSC movie Madoka has, but without the crisp finish.


I won't say it's sloppy, but I will say that it's obviously not neat.

There are more seamlines on her pillow, which I can at least accept because pillows do look like that, but the sculpt of her fingers doesn't look that great either, they have a very strong glued-together look. The painting on the ribbons on her wrists and sleeves are not neat either.


This bit is not so obvious, maybe I'm being a bit too fussy, but what are we all if not nerds obsessed with detail? It would appear that Madoka does not have a body, she's just an upper torso slotted into her clothes:


See that little space between her skin and the exterior through the heart-shaped cutout in her back? No? Well, it's there! Believe me. At least the indent of her spine is sculpted, which is a good touch.

After having experienced the gorgeous, intricate ruffles on GSC movie Madoka, Kotobukiya's Madoka's ruffles are a bit disappointing. Here are comparison shots:


GSC did a really good job in giving the illusion that every single one of Madoka's ruffles are distinct. Kotobukiya not so much. The fact that you can see how the ruffles of her dress are at least two separate parts in this shot don't help either.

Is it unfair to compare this Madoka to her GSC counterpart so much? Maybe, but I think the majority of people who want to own this figure will be Madoka fans who already own, or are planning to own, her GSC counterpart, and may well feel the same tone of disappointment as I did.

Just a couple more things I won't (can't) take pictures of, but noticed: her soul gem is obviously a separate piece that has been slotted into her chest. It's really obvious, and it looks clunky. The buttons on her top are gold when they should be pink - come on, Kotobukiya! I checked the original illustration just in case it was a quirk of the image, but nope, her buttons are pink as they should be picture/174726&.... Finally, her skirt is a pale pink. This is quite obvious, but I didn't notice until I put her side-by-side with my other Madoka figures: her skirt should be pink-fading-to-white. Not a creamy, plain pink.

Overall: 7.5/10

This figure is strong in Madoka-ness: it's cute, lovely, and sweet. I think I'd say that this Madoka is not one of those must-have figures, even for Madoka fans, but if you pick her up with love for Madoka in your heart, you'll be happy with what you get!

The main draw of this figure is her unique pose, and that is done very well. She is definitely sitting on a bean bag, smiling in a way that is just a little cheeky and is 100% sweet. The fact that she doesn't take up too much space is a plus in my book too.

She has a few flaws. I love figures that are beautiful in every detail, and it's that sort of thing that keeps me coming back to scales when I'm far more of a Nendo kind of girl. As cute as this Madoka is, she didn't give me that 'omg scales are the best I need 3 more right now!' feeling. But I am still utterly thrilled that I have received her, and my Madoka shrine is just a little bit brighter for having her in it.

In conclusion, if you're on the fence to buy this figure, I'd probably advise waiting to see if she drops in price. She's not really worth her current price tag, and if she doesn't drop, it's not too bad an idea to give her a pass.

Unless you're a Madoka nerd like me. In which case, good luck, fellow soldier. I leave you with an image of this Madoka alongside ITEM #166616


Don't be shy to ask if you'd like any more details or pictures!
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Her box seems like Sakura Kinomoto's Angel Egg figure by Plum...
I think she's really cute and I'm waiting for my PO to arrive, but somehow I'm not too confident if I'm going to keep her..especially the point with her hair seamline bothers me a little..but I think I'll just have to wait and see how she looks like in real...anyway a great review, and I think your Photo skills and the review overall were really good :)
Thank you for the review, it was helpful! Now, especially after your conclusions I decide to give her a pass uwu
GSC's Aoki Ume one looks much better~
Koto figures almost always have a very obvious hair seam. I wonder why that is?
What a lovely review <3 I got her myself so I'm
really excited to get her :3
Great review! Very informative :D
Thank you for the review. She is quite cute. I believe a lot of Madoka franchise figures end up going down in price in the aftermarket though, so she wouldn't be a bad purchase if it does. There's just so many Madoka figures to choose from at this point and they keep making more. I only have one Koto figure so far, ITEM #269686, and I am pleased with the quality.

I also love airmail and wish Mandarake had it too. Lately it's been slower than 1 week for me though. Had an airmail package delivered yesterday and it took a whole month and they charged me customs on top ;_;
Thanks for the review! I've learned to not expect much from figures made by Kotobukiya, and I knew her price tag was too high for the quality we'd get. Yes, she is sweet, but I'd only get her for maybe $70.

rufusdrumknott (1年前) #19623736Ooh, is that so? This is my first ever figure from Kotobukiya, but I'd heard mostly good things about them - I sort of had the impression that they were close behind to GSC in terms of quality? So I was surprised when she turned out not entirely to the standard I'd expected. But absolutely she is a super adorable figure! I'm very happy she was made, she's just not quite worth her current price tag.
I find Koto to be very hit or miss. While you can be sure everything Alter and GSC make will turn out great/amazing, Koto's figures can range from "eh..." to "this is actually very well made!"
It only just occurred to me to check her promotional images, and would you look at that! They originally gave her skirt the correct pink-fading-to-white colour scheme!


If the prototype had the same block pastel, I'd be fine with it since it's as much as I could expect, but now I just feel betrayed orz. I can't say you've left a great first impression on me, Kotobukiya ...
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