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Hi ! Today I've decided to make a review of the K-on 5th anniversary figures since there is none. I started with Tsumugi's review BLOG #32875 and now I'm gonna do Ritsu's review. I love looking at reviews before buying a figure because it often helps me to make my final decision to buy or not. So I hope I'll help people for those figures even if I'm not the best photographer or I don't have the best comment to make. But I'll try my best ~

I've got two of them, Ritsu and Tsumugi from a lovely seller on MFC. So yes, it's preowed condition but I don't have any complain, they are in good condition ~


View spoilerHide spoilerRitsu Tainaka is the self-appointed president of the Light Music Club, and the drummer of the band Ho-kago Tea Time. She was the one who rebooted the Light Music Club when it was on the verge of being disbanded and has become the natural leader of the club since then.

The figure was made by Stronger (Manufacturer) and Animaru! (Distributor).

I'll start this review with the box ~

BOX - 8/10

View spoilerHide spoilerhttp://s1.tsuki-board.net/upload/pictures/2017/04/20/1745449.jpeg



(I'll make the same review I did for the box of Tsumugi's figure)
It's a lovely box, with the sticker of autenticity in the front of the box (left bottom corner). I don't have much to say about this box. I like it, I enjoy the color and all the pictures of the figure, but it's not the best one I've got.

So yeah, simple and nice ~

BASE - 7/10

View spoilerHide spoilerhttps://jpeghost.net/x-eEbaaa.jpg

The base is the same color as the box, yellow. I'm not just a fan of the writing. I'm the kind of person to fell a bit disapointed when I saw a base with the name and the serie where the character is from. I know what I bought so I don't need that to remind me...

But I'm ok with it, since it's pretty nice to have the same base for all the figures of the serie and it looks ok with the figure in general. Plus they made a pick for the form of the base so I think it's kinda cool ~

FIGURE - 9/10 (painting, sculting and posing)

1st pose :


I really like Ritsu and I enjoy this figure because we can see a really cute Ritsu, more girly than usual. Her dress is simple but really cute. I love her jacket. It's glossy and it matches with the shoes.

I find it funny she had a tatoo on her left shoulder with the initial of the band ~ It's a nice touch.



Everything looks great. The hair are well made, no clear demarcation so it's pretty nice.

The only thing which bothering me a little is the transparency of the under dress. I don't know why but I think it's a bit strange, since it's only the bottom which is transparent. But it looks pretty good with the rest so it's nothing to worry about.

There is some little paint job flaws on the shoes, but nothing really bothering. You'll notice it only while looking close up.

2nd pose :


Did you spot the difference ?
Yes, it's the left arm. You can change it and hide the hand. I prefer this version. But it was pretty difficult to change it compared to Tsumugi. I was so scared to break something while I was pulling. But it ended well ~
And yes, I added the stick in her hand, nothing difficult there.

3rd pose :
You'll not notice a big difference with the rest. I just changed her right hand. Because with the other one, you can't see the stick (only while looking at her back, which is a bit useless).
It was a bit hard to put the stick in this new hand but with patience, I finally succeded in putting it together.

Bonus :

I took more pictures of Ritsu but this time I took them outside to have a nice background compared to the one I had in my room. It was really fun to take picture with her ~



Look at her face ! She's so cute !


At the beginning, I wasn't sure to really like her, but in the end, she's really cute and I love this figure. It's a really nice addition to my collection and I hope I'll find the other ones. I need them all now ~

Plus, they look great together ~
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PopMatrix3年前#20076440I really like the Ritsu 5th anniversary verison but not a big fan of the Tsumugi verison. I wished she not kneeling but standing up.
Alone, I'd not be happy to have this pose for Tsumugi, but I think it's nice and works well when you display her with the others. You can have the five at the same time without one hidding an other ! So I'm pretty happy with this pose right now =)

BlackWolf3年前#20085952Damn, I regret not getting this figure. She looks great!
At first, I wasn't sure to get her but I found a good deal for her and Tsumugi and now, I'm definitely not regretting ! So I hope you'll find a good deal too because yeah, she's really great ! ~
Damn, I regret not getting this figure. She looks great!
I really like the Ritsu 5th anniversary verison but not a big fan of the Tsumugi verison. I wished she not kneeling but standing up.
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