Hi !
Hope you're doing well ! It's too hot today but let's talk about something fun ~
Like Persona 5 ! It's one of the best game I've played ! (I'm maybe a bit biased because I'm a big fan of the Persona serie)

I'm really happy because we're starting to have a lot of good figures in preparation like ITEM #524814 (I PO him without hesitation), ITEM #520673, ITEM #524815, ITEM #520674, ITEM #582604, ITEM #464760 (I want them to have their accessories ... It looks a bit boring ...), ITEM #549416 (I need this one ! °A°)... If I could, I'd love to get them all ! °A°
And you ?


Anyway, I finished the game once and I've decided to play a second time to max all the confidants and tried different things. Like the first time I've dated Makoto and now, I'm with Ann. So I was talking with a friend about the girl we dated (one per play because we're loyal ;) and we ended up being on the same page, Ann is the best girl to date !
BUT, she only dated Ann and I only tried with Makoto and Ann.

So now, my question is : Which girl did you date during your play (or plan to date) ? And why ?

I really had fun with Makoto but now, I've tried with Ann, I'm feeling I'm more happy with her. She's fun, and the last two ranks with her are pretty great and funny ! So yeah, for me the best girl would be Ann. But like I said, I didn't try with all of them so I don't really know for sure.
One thing I'm certain about it's I can't date my teacher ...

NB: I'm just a bit disappointed because we can't date guys ;)
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Best girl to date ?

1%All of them


Takemi is obviously best girl. Hifumi is a close second though
I'm currently dating Ann during my first play through, and she's super cool! I thought she would be a bit too bossy and preppy, but I really came to like her personality and her ties to the main story mode.
makoto is generic trash, mitsuru wannabe.

i think i like ann best, but only as a friend. she is so precious, i even told her va as much.
I'm not far enough in my file to date anyone yet, but I plan to date Ann! (Though Haru is also good... and when my bf and I did our first run, we picked Makoto...) All the girls in this game are so good, it's so hard to choose ;;

i just wish we could date the dudes too.... i'd date akechi in a heartbeat
i dated no one ~ ann is my fave girl but she feels better as a bro than a girlfriend and i did not want my image of her to change

yuusuke best date
ryuji and ann best bros
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I went with Hifumi in my game, but Yuusuke is clearly the best choice here.
I love Ann the most, I love her attitude and how she opens up with the protag. Futuba us really cute though, but maybe in less of a "romantic" way.
Kousei ☆ ★ ☆
I dated Ann, both runs. I liked how they were both kind of misfits being gossiped about, and the beginning scenes with them were cute (like smiling at each other at the first meeting, and then when you comfort her after Kamoshida's phone call). I really loved her awakening scene, and her speech about Kamoshida having to live with what he's done (and Ryuji's reaction, haha!). I can't tell if it changes based on who you romance, but her being upset and rallying up the troops after Christmas is adorable.

They are my ship, I ship them so hard, it just feels so right. *weeps into ShuAnn doujin merch*
Obviously you gotta date all of them!
I dated all of them and it was glorious.

Futaba, Takemi and Kawakami were my faves.
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