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Nendoroid Shigure Kai-II (632) Review Part 1Nendoroid Shigure Kai-II (632) Review Part 1

Nendoroid Shigure Kai-II (632) Review Part 1

-This Review is pic heavy and text heavy -

Welcome to my review of Nendoroid Shigure Kai-II!

I shall be structuring these reviews in a certain way, allow me to explain,
• I want to show case Kancolle Nendoroids to both fans of the show/game ect and those that like Nendoroids.
• I will not be looking at stands or packing as Kancolle Nendoroids all have the same packaging and stands, personally I think the stands are great and do the job well , and the same goes with packaging, therefore I wouldn’t want to keep boring you with that stuff.
• Each girl is rated with and without Ship parts, this is to show how the figure itself can hold up, character over ship parts!
• Quality and Colour & Relation to the source material
• Before I give an overall rating, I’ll be giving reasons for buying that Nendoroid in terms of both types of fans
• The overall rating is taken from 7 categories, which will be rated out of 10.

Okay so now that’s over let’s get on with the review!

"Nendoroid Shigure, heading out!"

Shigure is one of two Nendoroids that I purchased at London MCM and was from GSC themselves, I had wanted to her for a while but I don’t regret waiting! (And because I didn’t order from Japan for while at uni)

Please excuse the not so great images, I’m not a photographer sadly lol!

Sculpting (ship parts)


Unlike other girls (or at least ones I have), Shigure’s ship parts seem to allow for different ship poses, the best way I can put this when looking at ooi’s back ship part, it does not open and looks the same no matter the pose. Shigure on the other hand allows for her cannon to be split into two or left as one, as well as having the option to have the hand-held turrets in her hands or on the cannon.

It because of this reason that I must give her a 9. Not only that but the fact it’s “a do it yourself” ship part rather than giving alternative open AND closed part saved the box space for both her summer and Valentine outfits.

The reason she only gets a 9… because when you first want to pose the canon open, the part you must take out is stiff and I felt like I was going to break it. My advice to overcome this is use scissors or something like that to pry it out.

Sculpting (not ship parts)


One of the main things people love about this Nendoroid is that she comes with other seasonal outfits, and I’m on that hype as well, Shigure’s summer outfit is the sweetest. Since the Kongou Sisters are getting their Kai- Ni’s made, it would be cool to see Haruna’s summer outfit.

Since the other outfits are cute, even without ship parts she can really hold up as one of the cuter Nendoroids. Some of the older Nendoroids, like Kumano, had very noticeable holes where ship parts are meant to be, with Kumano this was the case with her arms and legs. In this case, the holes on Shigure’s legs are tiny and unnoticeable.

I have to give another 9 here, mainly because of the reasons above but also because even though she is able to look very sweet without the ship parts, her weapon’s give her normal outfit a sense of awesomeness, I feel like the cuteness and sweetness is mainly from her eyes and hair.

Accessories (that are not outfits or ship parts)


It’s nice to see that we get two extra faces, I always feel that more is better and the expressions are fitting, with one that could be used with damaged or just cute poses.

The blasting effects and torpedoes are also very cool additions, making action poses look amazing, and could compete with the likes of Yamato.
The summer outfit is a complete new body, with other cute parts that recreate the in-game pose. The rubber ring is so cute and it’s handy having another body to use with other Nendoroids. Unlike the summer outfit, the Valentines one is not in the form of another complete body, but comes with another part of the stand which is on her back bow, and other parts to complete the outfit.

Also, the back “sheet”, not something I would personally use, but it’s a nice touch and could be great for photos!
I feel like Shigure has one of the best sets of Accessories so far… I couldn’t really find any issues other than needing more arms for the summer outfit, but considering how much we were given, I’m not sure it’s worth moaning about so…. 10!

Posing (with ship parts)


I would be lying if I didn’t say that I loved posing Shigure with her ship parts. I was honestly a lot of fun to do, and you can see by all the pictures in this review, rather than going with the GSC poses, I mixed it up and tried others, because with Nendoroids it’s all about personalisation and having fun.

I didn’t have any issues with posing, in terms of setting up and she holds up being air born which was impressive considering the top-heavy heads. The only issue was moving the leg turrets because they would often fall out if moved.

Another cool thing is that with her ship if the cannons face the ground, then she can stand on her own perfectly without needing to use the arm.

Overall, I would give posing with ship parts a 9.

Posing (without ship parts)


Without ship parts, Shigure keeps her cuteness and you are drawn to her hair and eyes ~

My favourite outfit without using ship parts would be the Valentines one. This is because It doesn’t need ship parts to be hella cute!

My issue with posing without ship parts is that her normal uniform and summer outfits can feel lacking considering how good the ship parts are and how it “completes” and makes her more fun to pose, without this it makes her rather basic is terms of poses.

For this one, I’ll have to give her an 8.

Quality and Colour


The best thing about GSC figures is that they have stepped up in terms of colour and quality. Shigure is no exception. Both outfits are painted with great care, and the colours are bright and bold which really shows her character. Not only this, but her eyes and skin tone are soft and well designed.

The only issue here isn’t with the colour, but one a small issue with quality, that being the small paint defects, I could only find one, on the head. Therefore, my rating Is a 9!

Relation to Source Material


Shigure is the reincarnation of the Japanese destroyer with the same name whom was launched in May of 1935. Her Nendoroid is completely based on the Kai Ni art from the Kancolle game, along with the Seasonal outfits being connected to her to her Kai Ni form only. Considering in her normal and kai versions she looks rather plain, going with the Kai Ni form was the best call from GSC considering she would have to meet the demand of having many accessories, which she does.

As she is a chibi form of her character, you would think that details would be lacking, however, that doesn’t seem to be the case with Shigure, the only lacking detail being small being red lines on the Summer outfit’s shawl, not that this takes away her character at all.

Overall, I would consider Nendoroid to be 100% with the source material art, therefore I give her a 10!

Reasons to buy her (for Kancolle fans)


These are few roundup points for Kancolle fans to consider!
• Super cute, and would fit into any fleet
• Fun to pose
• Look exactly like the character
• Vibrant and excellent quality
• Lots of ship accessories and effects
• More than one uniform so her seasonal outfits can be displayed

Reasons to buy her (Nendoroid fans)


These are few roundup points for Nendoroid fans to consider!
• More than one body
• Cute without ship parts
• Cute in general
• Vibrant and excellent quality
• Fun to pose

Overall Rating

Now for the grand rating! Which is…

64/70! A very good source!

Overall, I love this Nendoroid, and I’m glad I opened her first, mainly because elevated expectations mean I can be more critical next time, and because she is the sweetest thing ever. Compared to other kancolle girls before her, Shigure shows us that having ship parts can make a Nendoroid more interesting and fun! I would say that this Nendoroid is great for both fans of Kancolle, and Nendoroids!

I hope you enjoyed this review, I tried to mix it up and make it different to other reviews by having my own rating system which meant I could create more content. Feel free to leave comments and vote for the next Nendoroid in the poll below!

kancolle.wikia.... - Kancolle Shigure’s Page
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