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2nd Year collecting, 2nd year on MFC!2nd Year collecting, 2nd year on MFC!

Dudeeeeeeee I haven't been on MFC in a while so much have changed! Even the blog making format is a bit intimidating!

Anyways, this quick and short blog isn't about complaining about the changes in fact I actually love it! Last month marked my 2nd year of figure collecting! It didn't even hit me until I decided to 'clean' my room and noticed some of the figures that I decided to box since I already lack space (yet I keep buying more? orz).

Not alot of significant changes in my collection although I did start to collect BD's and have started to transition to Nendos instead of scale figures coz you know, LACK OF SPACE. As Yohane-sama's little demon, I started my own shrine dedicated to her and it'll be greater than the Nico shrine that I established last year.

That's pretty much it! I'm currently in Indonesia right now (Bali to be exact) so if there's anyone who wants to meet up feel free!

Thanks for reading!
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I'm also on my second year of collecting now! My wishlist keeps decreasing in size, when I first joined I used to slam every figure I remotely liked in my wishlist and after a few purges and actually becoming selective,I'm now down to 36. Space provided for my figures also keeps increasing as i'm constantly moving stuff around, cleaning and throwing old stuff for more figure space; my shelves are kinda empty actually.. lol ƪ(˘⌣˘)ʃ Congrats on your second year as well! (๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵)
Good luck with your Yohane shrine, fellow little demon of the great demon queen Yohane!!!!! And great job on this milestone! Keep going!
Same. I am running out of space but have so many things pre-ordered. I'm trying to be more selective nowadays and may need to go back and get rid of some figures that I have more than 1 figure for the same character or something...

Best of luck on your shrine. :D
I think this is about my third or fourth year of seriously collecting figures and I mainly collect nendoroids. Don't let their small size fool you. If you keep their boxes, they take up a lot of space. XD
Closing in on mine 2nd year anniversary too, the space constraints are too real.
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