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Unconsciously buying things that I don't needUnconsciously buying things that I don't need

Hello, this is my first time writing a post on MFC as I am not the blogging type.

I looking for some advice on when buying figures during a manic episode(if that is what you call it) and how I can prevent spending money that I can't afford to use.I have recently been assessed for bipolar as for a proper diagnose it can take months or even years.

I'd really appreciate any tips or advice you can give, honestly, I will be grateful for anything just so I can protect my future and not end up getting into debt or something like that.

Sorry for the dark topic, it's just this kind of thing is new to me
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Don't get a creditcard!
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I understand. I am bipolar as well and have this exact same problem but it's not with figures, but the same concept. If you'd like we can discuss this more over PM but I'm in the same place as you. I recommend therapy and someone to comfort you after a manic episode. The only reason I'm still functioning and haven't been in a hospital yet is because of my support network of friends. Be honest and talk to them when you have an episode. You need comfort and to know you're not alone. Also, get some medication. I have new medication that helps with mood swings that is being given to me soon and I cannot be more excited. And to all those people saying "don't have a credit card" or "take it off" isn't beneficial. It's of course logical but it's not how it works. Easily during a manic episode you can reach for your credit card and spend, spend, spend. Help is needed, not removing your credit card info because you can put it on just as easy.
Just don't save your credit card on sites. Also just don't have your Credit Card easily accessible.
As someone with Bipolar that also gets this issue (Though lately it's gone the other way where I go "SELL EVERYTHING. YOU DON'T NEED ANYTHING. NO FIGURES. NO PLUSH, EVEN YOUR CUTLERY IS POINTLESS, again though few and far between because I'm properly medicated), I used to just shove blocks on my web browser (Think of it like parental control) so I couldn't access the sites. Seeing the block when trying to browse kinda snapped me back to reality for enough time for the episode to subside.

I also find distraction helps but DO NOT WATCH ANIME. I found that actually made the impulse worse.
Like, I'd go and tear my bedroom apart and re-arrange everything. You'd be surprised, if you pull literally everything out, how long it takes to put it back.

Also yeah, don't get a credit card. I refuse to get one for this exact reason.
There's the possibility to do like Bruce Banner and go live in an isolated shack in the middle of bumfuck nowhere with no credit card and limited Internet like it was 15 years ago.

Everytime you feel an impulse is coming, go take a long walk in the forest; also, be prepared to bring a lot of books/DVDs/games to spend time when it's raining cats and dogs outside.

Seriously though, I think it could be best for you to have an account that would "block" your credit card once your spendings exceed a certain amount.
Anything credit no way and i have the same problem usually always find it happening on places where I can pay later :/
I used to deal with this a lot and it lead to overspending and having to deal with continual financial strain and stress to the point I had to shut everything down for a short while.

Ended up spending a long time cleaning out things and while I still deal with the occasional emotion driven madness to get things my room is full and that stops it pretty fast and after having so much to keep up with and manage things it got to where it was tiring to keep up with it all and dealing I use a spreadsheet that keeps track of my spending and I don't like watching the amounts going up so that helps to curb things and making an overall list prior to the start of a month has helped to keep me focused on the main stuff I want and keep from buying stuff I don't want or need for the collection.

The best way that I know to deal with this was to cut off access to the main stores or sites that I used and that has worked out great and limited me to only 2 or 3 sites to use for getting things and it's a battle of the mind to keep from falling back into getting a ton of stuff like I used too whenever I'm dealing with mood swings.

Best thing that could work for this for you may be to just block your access to store sites and see if that helps cut down on purchases.
I know how you feel. I also come out from a apending manic episode (maybe I still am).

Like the other said, having a spreadsheet where you put every single figure spending is a great way of keeping track of your finances. Personnaly, I also hold a graph so the amount can be easily visible, and thus scaring me more easily.

Another trick could be long term saving for one huge spending. Ever wanted to go to Japan? Set you a final amount to be reached in a set amount of time and voilà! You have a monetary goal to reach. Like that if you want to impulse buy, this project will be on your mind and maybe you'll wonder "oh but if I buy this, I will not make the monthly amount I set myself to go to japan next year".

Just basic stuff. Try finding projects you want to realise that are more important to your eyes than figures.
I'm not bipolar, but I used to have a serious spending problem. Something that helped me a lot was budgeting using spreadsheets on Excel. By telling my money where it was going as soon as I got paid and keeping the bigger picture in mind (paying off my student loans, saving for a house down-payment and a trip to Japan), it's helped me to be very mindful of my money. It took me a few months to really get used to not being able to spend any time I want to (read: daily), but about seven months later I'm more financially stable than I've ever been. It was never a matter of how much I make, but how much money I blow.

I also think it's important not to completely cut off fun spending entirely. Maybe you can start by giving yourself a larger amount of spending money and slowly reducing it every month so that you get in the habit of having to choose what you get now and what you get later. Another piece of advice is to try to learn to be happy with what you have. If you have a collection already, why not appreciate it rather than be unsatisfied? Purchasing each of those things gave you joy, after all. If you must spend, why not spend more on experiences than on objects?

All of these things are easier said than done and may take a lot of practice. Some of them might not even apply to you, but this has all helped me a lot. I'm not perfect and have had a couple of binges in the last month, but even these slip-ups weren't as bad as before I started budgeting. Try to be mindful of your money and think about what you want for your future instead of what you want right now.

Also +1 for window shopping and making wish lists. This also works for me to fend off shopping binges. My wish lists are a nightmare for friends and family to navigate, though...
I'm not sure how much it'd help, but anything you can do to make it harder for you to complete an order might curb the impulse a bit.

Like not having your payment info saved on any figure sites, meaning you'd have to enter it in each time you buy something. Unlink PayPal, debit/credit cards, etc. Any "inconvenience" gives you time to think, "Do I *really* need this?"

This other suggestion is hit or miss, but I know spending/gambling virtual money helps me with some impulses. Just stay away from cash items and you'll be golden!
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