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Mai-Hime - Tokiha Mai & Kuga Natsuki 1/10 - Adventure in SummerMai-Hime - Tokiha Mai & Kuga Natsuki 1/10 - Adventure in Summer

! There is a wall of text in the beginning! If you want to see the figure + pictures and not the background information, you can scroll down a bit. ;) !

This is a review of a duo-figure in bikini! If you consider bikini's NSFW, you are warned !

Welcome to my review! Today I will be talking about a duo-figure of Kuga Natsuki ENTRY #3265 and Tokiha Mai ENTRY #3263 from Mai-Hime ENTRY #186 ! This figure ITEM #938 is made by CM's Corporation ENTRY #7665 .

I will start off with telling some more about their background.


Mai-Hime (also written as My HiME), is an action-series with some ecchi and shoujo ai-elements. Multiple girls find thimselves with a mysterious mark on their body, telling them they have become an HiME. The HiME are all young females who need to protect the earth. They can summon an Child (big mechanical looking monsters) to fight against these Orphans attacking our planet.

Mai is a very caring and responsible girl, taking good care of her younger brother ever since their parents died. At first she is very scared of using her Child's powers. But as you would maybe expect, she turns out to become a great fighter.

Natsuki is quite an opposite girl from Mai, she has a serious and very cool personality and embraces the fighting she has to do. View spoilerHide spoilerShe is also one half of the yuri couple that ends up together in the series.

The reason why and how I got them

Being a Mai HiME fan, I had been eyeing this figure for a while and decided to pick her up when one user on MFC decided to sell theirs. I don't remember the exact amount I paid for them, but I think it was close to their release price of 3500 yen (excluding shipping). Which is already such a low price for such an unique figure, that I couldn't pass up!

Original art

Even though the characters wear multiple different designs of swimsuits in the anime and manga, the specific ones shown on this figure are not canon as far as I know. The posing also doesn't come from a specific piece of artwork. So instead, please enjoy a similar image of them from one of the DVD covers!



For people that prefer the box shots, first look and first shots of the figure as a video, please take a look at the inserted video below. For the people interested in pictures: keep on scrolling!

The Box


Both sides show the same image.


The figure comes in a very bright and colorful box with a beach theme! There is a big front window to look at the figure.

First Look


The figure is quite small and so are the blisters. The figure is only 2 pieces: The characters with their feet screwed on their base, and a small rod to provide stability.

Even though the figure is listed 1/10, they feel a lot smaller than that to me. Below you can find some size comparisons with other figures.


Tenshi ITEM #64866 is listed 1/10 and towers above them, Making Mai and Natsuki look about 1/12 in scale.


Here they are together with two other Mai's, that are listed as 1/7 ITEM #1237 and 1/6 ITEM #112 scale. Also in comparison to these, I would rather list them around 1/12 in size.

The Figure

Important note before I start the rest of the review: This figure was bought secondhand and already leaned straight out of the box. The previous owner told me it was already like that when s/he bought it and from other people owning them I have read similar stories. As far as I know, the lean didn't get worse over time with mine, but I have been extra careful with them and provided them with extra support after a year of displaying. Also note that this figure is incredibly tiny and over 10 years old when it comes to looking at the details up close.





The posing of this figure and the two of them together is so incredibly cute and original to a figure! But...you can already see the biggest downside of this figure: The lean that this figure has. With the two of them put in a running pose, it makes sense for them to lean forward, but this is not a good thing for a figure to be doing! The weight distribution will make them lean even more in no time! Luckily the figure comes with a rod to provide extra support...nah, the rod doesn't work well at all and it's uncertain where you are even supposed to put it. I don't want to start being angry with a figure already before I review the rest, but this is really unacceptable. I want to look at the nice parts of a figure first, but when I unboxed these, I got filled with rage quite quickly!

Looking at all the details!


To calm myself down, let's get to looking at the better parts of this figure! Their faces are absolutely adorable! The eyes are also handpainted instead of being a decal and especially from up close this looks very unique!

It's a bit hard to notice in the pictures, but they also made Mai's skin color a slightly bit more tan, which I really appreciate, because otherwise this figure would have been one big slap of the same skin tone everywhere.

The hair of both of them is nicely sculpted for the size and age of this figure.

I'm sorry for the bit of dust you will see on the figure from this picture and on. I thought I had cleaned the figure very well before photographing, but since they are so tiny, there was dust on them on spots that I couldn't see with my own eyes, but which my camera could grab.

The painting on the top of their heads are like complete opposite worlds. Where Mai's hair has nice shading and gradient, Natsuki's sunglasses were painted very crudely.



The movement in the hair of both of them is quite nice and Natsuki has a nice gradient at the bottom. I'm deeply ashamed of all this dust, please forgive me. I gave them a very good clean after I saw these pictures. TT^TT


Let's look at the bikini's both of them are wearing! Natsuki has a very cute bikini, with white-silver coloring and golden accents, while wearing a matching belt. The sculpt is quite nice, but the paint isn't very good at all parts.


The belt is a loose piece that can be freely moved around her waist, but can not be removed from the figure. The sculpt and paint is more crisp here than on most other parts of the figure.


Her bikini top has some small sowing line-details. I like how her top firmly hugs her chest. It's a very good looking bikini on someone with a smaller cup size! But! If you scroll a bit up in this review again, you may notice that Natsuki's chest size is quite a lot bigger on the artwork and in the anime than it is on this figure!

The bikini top also has some small errors in the paint and sculpt. The rest of Natsuki's body looks very cute and her stomach stick out a little bit.


When we go and look at Mai's bikini, the difference in body type is directly visible. She also wears a bikini that looks good for her size, with a big bunch of small details on the bikini, such as all the small yellow beads which are painted quite nicely for the figure's size.

And then we get to her...OH. MY. GOD.


WHAT HAPPENED HERE?! I was finally a lot more positive at this figure and then you get washed away by a huge amount of errors in the sculpt. It's like she came out of the mold badly and they just didn't care about fixing her!

Worst offender her is the huge seam line at her side, together with random scratches of missing PVC on her thighs and midriff. There is even a small hole in the PVC just underneath her breasts.

It's hard to find words to describe this mess, so I'll try to focus on the details on her bikini for now. The panties have surprisingly more problems with paint and sculpt compared to the top. It's just hard to focus on anything here at all without looking at those sculpt problems!

Sorry for the slightly blurry picture, I was pushing the limits of macro-shooting with my camera.

Seeing the horrors on Mai, I went back to double-check Natsuki's seamline which didn't stand out much to me at first when photographing. There is one long seamline, going through the whole length of the figure, but it's quite small and not that noticeable in person. I'm curious if all other copies of this figure also have an Mai with problems and a better looking Natsuki.


Going back to Mai, she wears big golden bangles on her arm and ankle, which are a reference to her element power in the series and a really nice touch for the fans. The bangles have a nice golden paint, but have some sculpting errors and leftovers here and there. The attachment to her arm is also a bit strange.


The bangles around her ankle look a lot more crisp. Let's also take a moment here to appreciate the sculpt of her calves and inner knees, they are a lot more detailed than I would have expected!


Natsuki has a body type with a lot thinner thighs and calf, her leg sculpt is also very good, but shows a lot less details than Mai's.

You may also notice this really weird green shade on Natsuki top left thigh, which I immideatly went to check on the figure itself when I saw this during the processing of my photo's and...it's really a green paint spot on my Natsuki. It's not dirt, but a mistake when the figure was made...wow. Interesting about shooting with this figure is that so many small things of these I had not noticed until I started making pictures from up close.

On a more positive note, in this picture you can also see the difference in skin tone between Mai and Natsuki very well.

But right after that I need to go to a negative note: The extra support rod this figure comes with. The figure does not come with instructions for placement. The clasp is too small for it to fit on the upper leg or knee, so I have put it around Natsuki's ankle. The support rod comes even with a ball joint so it can be easily moved, but it does not provide any good support to the figure no matter how I place it. I gave up on giving it good placement, but still kept on using it like this. Who knows, maybe it gives a tiny bit of extra support?



The base itself has very realistic looking sand and the sculpting of both of their feet (except for a small seamline) is very nice.


The bottom of the base shows a small copyright.


One weird thing before I close off the picture-part of this review: Natsuki and Mai's faces look incredibly weird when looked at from below. They look way too flat and they have long giraffe necks. Okay, now I am done with complaining about this figure and let's get to the scores! View spoilerHide spoilerWhere I also will complain, because COME ON.

The Points

- Really cute duo-figure design!
- Good details for their small size.

- Smaller than expected.

- Figure already has an incredible lean straight out of the box and the support rod provided barely adds extra support to the figure.
- Some horrible mistakes in the paint and screw-ups in the sculpt which could have been fixed with better QC.
- Too expensive for what in the end is a figure that is slightly bigger than an average trading figure.

The Scores

Sculpting 6/10
While both of them show off a lot of details for their small size, I can't forgive the huge screw-ups in sculpt. Mai's lower torso looks atrocious and is absolutely not acceptable for a figure this price range. Note: During the time this figure was released, the release price was a slightly bit below average of a regular scaled figure.

Painting 7/10
There are a lot of small painting errors, but I have to give them some credit for the small size this figure is.

Posing 4/10
You would have expected the people at CM's Corporation to have a slight frown when this figure's design was revealed by the artist, because of the huge chance of leaning. Although I think the set-up of the two of them running along a beach together is cute, the huge lean (that will probably get worse over time), makes me give this such a low score.

Base 5/10
The sand on the base looks very realistic and the size of the base is really small, which is a plus. Still, I also have to score this part very low, as the support rod is just a joke. It's unclear where it has to go and does not provide extra support. The base seems to add in the leaning problem.

Packaging 7/10
Cute and colorful packaging that is very compact. Wooh! Not being super negative! The beach time is nice.

Enjoyment 5/10
Even with me being a huge Mai HiME fan, I was incredibly disappointed when I unboxed these two and saw their lean. Then I got to assembling and got frustrated with the rod. When I started displaying them, it got clear very soon that with the slighest breeze, they topple over. Most of the time I had them displayed as following:


With Mai resting her hand against something else, to make sure they won't fall down. This 'special care' a figure needs while still paying top price for them, makes my enjoyment so low.


Simply put this is: Amazing idea, horrible execution embodied in a figure. As a huge Mai HiME fan, I really want to enjoy this figure more, but they were just a huge bunch of disappointment. It seems like for every good point, there were 2 or 3 negative points. Their small size and posing making them lean forward also makes it harder for them to stand out in a collection, even when being displayed together with trading figures. I only recommend you this figure if you are an completionist Mai HiME collector and/or if you can pick it up for very cheap and don't mind looking at it from a distance.


I don't see these two for sale much, but when I do, their prices vary a lot. I've seen them for sale with a lean noted in the description for prices like 1-2K yen. I've also seen sealed ones going for 3-4K yen. At this point I am suspecting that even sealed copies of this figure have a huge lean (or will soon develop one), so if you want this figure really badly, try to get them as cheap as possible.

And to finish it!

When I still had my small Mai-Hime/Otome collection on display, I used to have them displayed like this:


As you can see, in this display I also had Mai's hand resting against something, because I did not trust them enough to stay upright all the time.

For those who read all this way, thank you! My next review will be about Kotobukiya's Yashiro Kasumi figure ITEM #166169 .

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All pictures in high resolution and some extra pictures not used in the review will be uploaded here later today: profile/Maakie/...

Thank you for reading this review!

And if you like my reviews and would like to receive e-mail updates when I have a new one, you can subscribe to my blog on MFC! --> profile/Maakie/...


If you still end up getting this figure after this review, I highly recommend you to provide them extra support when displaying!This picture makes me a bit sad, because this figure could have been so cute if done well.

See you at my next review!
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Rajke (1年前) #29339576Wow, even for the age of this figure, the leaning issue and the gap in the midriff of Mai are big mistakes. That extra part to prevent leaning is one big fail. The idea of this figure is not bad but with the sculpting someone made a lot of mistakes.

Age aside, with this release price that is unforgiveable. This manufacturer is not very well known, but I'll be sure not to pay top price for their figures again. :T
Rajke Ca fanatic
Wow, even for the age of this figure, the leaning issue and the gap in the midriff of Mai are big mistakes. That extra part to prevent leaning is one big fail. The idea of this figure is not bad but with the sculpting someone made a lot of mistakes.
amaterasu (1年前) #29232767Yay! It's nice to see another Mai Hime fan/collector! I'd been thinking of re-watching the anime. It was one of my favourites.

Mai HiME and Otome had good localisation and promotion here, so when the series was just new, it was a huge hit with all the anime folk! ^^ I still have a lot of fond memories together with my friends of back then. :) Do you have a picture of your Mai HiME collection alltogether? ^^
Yay! It's nice to see another Mai Hime fan/collector! I'd been thinking of re-watching the anime. It was one of my favourites.
nikkoda (1年前) #29211151Maakie (1年前) #29208180You're welcome!
I've been hearing rumors of a reboot/new series for years now. The day it happens is the day I die happy lol.

I personally rather want a new alternate universe than a reboot, but let's see where it goes! If the day ever comes. >.<

Halcione (1年前) #29211779Now I wanna go back and rewatch this series :V

What's stopping you? :) Both series have aged quite well, especially Otome in my opinion. :)
Now I wanna go back and rewatch this series :V
nikkoda HiME
Maakie (1年前) #29208180You're welcome!

I've been hearing rumors of a reboot/new series for years now. The day it happens is the day I die happy lol.
victorviper (1年前) #29210275Wow, this figure is the poster child for how to take a really good concept and pretty much destroy it!
The pose is lively, you get two fairly different body types in one figure, and the figure plays up the yuri and fanservice elements of Mai-Hime, so this had the potential to be a really good figure.
Given the age of the figure, flaws in finish and paint would be forgivable, but the fact that the figure won't really stand by itself is unforgivable, particularly considering the tiny scale!
I liked Hime and Otome back in the day, and I've always kind of meant to go back and rewatch both series, but the fact they're both 26 episodes each makes that kind of a daunting idea...

I know, right! The posing is cute, the sculpting (especially with the 2 very different body types) is nice, the type of figure is very fitting for the franchise and they they screwed up almost everything else...sighhh. i just wished this figure was so much more...

Personally I like Otome more than HiME, so while I regularly rewatch Otome, HiME I only watch every few years. Maybe you could only rewatch your favorite of the two? They are really nice series! :)
Wow, this figure is the poster child for how to take a really good concept and pretty much destroy it!

The pose is lively, you get two fairly different body types in one figure, and the figure plays up the yuri and fanservice elements of Mai-Hime, so this had the potential to be a really good figure.

Given the age of the figure, flaws in finish and paint would be forgivable, but the fact that the figure won't really stand by itself is unforgivable, particularly considering the tiny scale!

I liked Hime and Otome back in the day, and I've always kind of meant to go back and rewatch both series, but the fact they're both 26 episodes each makes that kind of a daunting idea...
nikkoda (1年前) #29207523Nice review! I didn't realize how tiny there are. It's a shame about all the flaws though, from far away they look very cute.
This makes me wish there were newer Mai-HiME scales...

Thanks for your comment! I personally did not realize their size until I owned them... >.< I really wished they would have made this a 1/8, 1/7 or 1/6 with some better QC. The posing is adorable and I love duofigures!

There have been many rumors floating around for a Mai HiME reboot, so maybe one day...?
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