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Dragon Ball Nendoroid Figures?????

Oh hello there
It's me with a new blogpost today
As the title suggests, I would really love to see Dragon Ball Nendoroids to compete with Naruto Nendoroids


since that Goodsmile company made Naruto Nendoroids, i pretty sure that they can make Dragon Ball Nendoroids for example:
They can make a Goku Nendoroid or Any of his Forms

So plz, comment down below if there should be any Dragon Ball Nendoroids
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With copyright issues (like Bandai owning the rights to make figures and co. of TOEI products), I don't think we'll see any Dragon Ball Nendos at all...
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Pwinsu (1ヶ月前) #29285835theyd prolly end up looking similar to this except shorter body and wider head
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i mean you're probably right ITEM #231277
I wish... but it's pretty difficult to happen. I mean yeah there is Naruto which gives us some light about it but BANDAI will do whatever it needs to do to not have their most popular licenses ( DB, Sailor Moon, Saint Seiya and One Piece ) taken away to such a good company like GSC.

I mean... they even released the Petit Chara DX Sailor Moon figures ( well they stopped at three and the line is pretty much cancelled ) that are just a cheap copy Nendoroid to try to have fans buy them trying to take the Nendoroid succes into them but of course It didn't go well since... it's Bandai.
The Naruto ones were made due to a small licensing loophole where they were done through the American license holder and therefore can't be sold in Japan.

Bandai holds the rights to DBZ and unless another similar loophole exists and can be exploited, it's near impossible to have DBZ Nendoroids thanks to Bandai owning the license to make figures and not wanting to share.
The reason the Naruto nendos was made was because Viz Media, the American licence holders of Naruto, requested them to be made. That DB would get the same treatment is highly unlikely.
I've always wanted some as well. Seems like such an obvious move, and I would buy the HECK out of them. But yeah, I've always chalked it up to licensing so I never get my hopes up.
theyd prolly end up looking similar to this except shorter body and wider head

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Yeah, bandai have 100% of licence, like Sailor moon, i ever dream with those nendos but its hard to happen :/
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