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How to handle figure doubtHow to handle figure doubt

I'm sure everyone encountered the following situation at least once. You have a figure on your wishlist but aren't sure about it so you keep deleting it but still have doubts about wether or not to buy so you add it again but some time later delete it again etc. I have done this with GSC shirohime quest figure among others. For me this extends to pre-orders as well where you have the situation of wanting it but not feel confident enough for actually buying it, but you still contemplate it a lot. Recently I have this with the Nayuta Kani figure and the other girl (sorry don't know her name, am terrible with names). Not a big fan of the anime but kinda like nayuta and since I'm a completionist I'd feel like I have to buy the other one as well. How do you handle such doubts?

Normally I have a process to through when buying something. First I see what the anime (and if I have watched it or plan on watching it) is or who the characters are and if I like it I go to the next step. How does it look (pose, colors and scale) and do I know the manufacturer. Third step is look at the price (duh) and finally this is a little weird: I imagine a world where the characters of the figures I have all live together and if it seems like the new character will fit in I go ahead. For example I've imagined how Sagiri and Sanji would be lewd partners in crime and harrass all the girls in my collection. However some times I'm stumped because usually my process works but some characters such as shidare hotaru, nayuta and friend and the girl from dimension w, cast of yu yu hakusho etc.. manage to fall through the cracks there (usually because one of the parts of my process is not in line with the rest or that I have doubts that the character I like will be a short lived interest) and give me a lot of doubts of wether I should buy or not.

Curious to hear how you deal with stuff like that :)
(my humble apologies for my English as it is not my native language)
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It’s a crapshoot, that’s for sure. Since I’ve been collecting so long and my collection has evolved a lot, I ask more long-term questions: will this make me happy? Is there anything like this comparable? Will something else like this release in the future? Is the company reliable? Will I want to actually own this with my now limited space and will I want to go through all the trouble of selling it when I tire of it??

In the end, it’s mostly figures that pull on me heavily that I’ve been buying, or I know I can get mileage out of (Figmas and nendos I can mod and pose a lot so there’s a larger fun factor than fixed pose scale), scale figures have to be pretty damn impressive and of a character I love. With the heavy slant on nostalgia recently, I’ve been practically falling out of my chair at some announcements, really helps me realize what I want!!

Why buy something you’re lukewarm about? SOMETHING AWESOME AND NEW WILL ALWAYS BE IN THE WORKS. Just waiting to be announced, waiting to make you fall off your chair, choke on your food, or make you wish somehow you could press the ‘wished’ button and that would make time fast-forward so you could preorder, pay, and own the figure faster. Those are the ones you buy.
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When in doubt, don't. I find it helps me to keep an extremely small wishlist-- the less I see of a figure I'm only momentarily interested in, the less likely I am to purchase it.
Figure doubt -to me at least- means that I'm still unsure whether my heart actually desires that figure or not, so I'll put off buying it, no matter whether it's a rare or second hand or whatnot figure.
If I regret not buying it by the time it's sold out, well then I know to scarf up on it next time it pops up somewhere :, D (This has happened multiple times already actually, but I'm very careful with my figure purchases so it's still the better choice IMO!)
Skellington (5ヶ月前) #29666973Thank you for all the helpfull answers, really appreciate it:) how would you solve the yu yu hakusho problem I mentioned? (Second post in this blog)

I think some points you can consider are:

- the availability and price of Yu Yu Hakusho figures currently at your local store or the website you use frequently. If you can get them easily now, chances are you will still be able to get them even if you miss the pre-order now. One example will be Alter K-on figure which is in my wish list while I take my time to collect them since they are readily available at YAJ and locally.

- I think there are 5 of them right in the Yu Yu Hakusho figure series? If you had made up your mind to get them, you need not get them all at one go. from the availability and price infomation which you gathered earlier on, choose the one which is hardest and expensive to get in the aftermarket and pre-order that 1st. as for the rest, you can slowly hunt in the aftermarket.

- critically compare and review the Yu Yu Hakusho figures (first impression on pose, coloring, where they will fit in ur collection, etc) against some of your fav shonen figures. I am pretty much a shounen series lover also but with the amount of anime, it is virtually impossible to get all of them. sacrifices had to be made.

- not advisable for your study but try sneak in one/two episodes/volume of anime/manga while you are taking a break from study/toilet break/before you sleep, etc. this is how i balance my study and anime watching activities haha obviously, you will not be able to finish the show at one go but it may give you some context and help in your decision making in getting those figures or not.
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mukyuu (5ヶ月前) #29655158How I deal with figure doubt: If I doubt too much, I probably don't really want it so I don't buy it.
Agreed. But sometimes, there's also the price and size issues. Me too, have been putting some figures twice in my wishlist. But those aren't the ones I actually bought.
Skellington (5ヶ月前) #29652606Hey thanks for the answer :) easy to drop nayuta then XD as I don't think her cuteness will stick. Problem is more with yu yu hakusho I know that I definetly want to watch it because I like shounen series but don't know if it's going to be good and since exams are going to start soon-ish I won't have time to watch it but I also know that the figures were very expensive but now they're getting re released and by the time I get around to watching it I might have missed my chance to getting them, if I like the show that is and since they are all releasing in june and may those months will ne even costlier and will make it more difficult to get figures I'm very certain about if they also release in those months.

Then order them at a shop were you can cancel like hlj.
I have that fairly often, my secondary wishlist LIST #56992 is all figures I'm not sure about. I usually hold off preordering and see if I still want them and can grab them after release. More often than not I end up not getting them.
Thank you for all the helpfull answers, really appreciate it:) how would you solve the yu yu hakusho problem I mentioned? (Second post in this blog)
You have a figure on your wishlist but aren't sure about it so you keep deleting it but still have doubts about wether or not to buy so you add it again but some time later delete it again etc <<-- have been through the same situation. Personally speaking, end of the day, those figures are the ones which you do not like it enough to want to own them. I advise you to move on to others instead. this can save alot of money and space in the long run. Being a completionist is not worth it when you are spending on figures that you like half-hardheartedly. the money can be used to get those in your "favorite, must bring home display" type of figures
Stopped reading halfway and got the gist of it. You think too much.
I'd say stop caring about completing lines.
Here's how I do things:
If you like a character and the figure looks nice, I go for it.
If it's just the design I like I get into the show. If I don't hate it, I consider it. But stuff I want more will always take priority over it.
Money is always a deciding factor. But trying to complete a set will get you nowhere. ever.
I completed a set before and felt nothing, just the end of something. "oh that's nice. what now?"
It doesn't help that figure companies themselves hardly ever give us every character from a show, AND sometimes there are so many that it'd be crazy to own them all. Look at fate or kancolle.
Find what's really important to you, and do what your heart tells you.
It's interesting to read that some consider the to and fro doubts to mean they don't want it.

I usually find if I'm going back and forth over something it's because I do want to pick it up. There's been a few times where I convince myself I don't want it, only to buy it at a higher price on release.
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