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Looking for prepainted GK of TsurumaruLooking for prepainted GK of Tsurumaru


I wanted to buy this ITEM #354272 prepainted.

It was some time ago that preorders closed at some blog.

And I’ve found it at a japanese second hand store ([url=]www.suruga-ya.j...[/url]) but it’s too expensive.

Could you help me find this figure at a reasonable price?

Thanks in advance.
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"Reasonable price"...Nope, that's about standard for an original cast (if that is indeed an original) in the aftermarket. I would bet a pre-painted version wasn't made, so if you're looking to have it already painted, you're basically going to be paying someone commission level prices to paint it for you (i.e. hundreds of dollars minimum).

Welcome to the world of garage kits.
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Your best bet for a "reasonably priced" one is getting a recast. Original garage kits after the event are usually too pricey unless you don't plan to buy many or either just have lots of money lol

I've been learning about GKs myself very recently, and one helpful tip if you do go the recast route is not to buy Thai versions.
There's currently an unpainted one on YJA for 20,000 yen right now if you're interested.

But as others have said, painted GKs come at a much higher price, ranging from the hundreds to even 1 thousand dollars. If you can't stomach the cost of a painted one, maybe pick tsuru up and paint him yourself?
I've seen a couple of those up for sale on Ebay, not sure if they were "original" casts or not, but I wills say that they were expensive either way....similar to the one you linked. They were in the $500 and up range...but both were painted as well.

I have a feeling that is the range you are going to be looking at for a painted GK. I'd imagine the unpainted original GK itself is likely several hundred dollars...
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Tbh if it was a kit I wanted (and I had a bit more money), I would buy that. I saw they have the disassembled, unpainted kit as well for much less. However, factoring in having to pay somebody else to paint and assemble it for you, and the shipping back and forth for that, I'd say a painted original for that price is a great deal.
Your best off looking on Yahoo Auctions but I think the unpainted GK itself will cost a lot in the after market, never mind a painted version. But you're best off looking for someone selling their own instead of a second hand store.
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