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Companies are gambling with your figurines.Companies are gambling with your figurines.

What am I talking about you may ask. Well let me tell you a story. A few years back I had a figurine that was shipped to me a 1/4 scale and it arrived damaged. Now to me when I saw this when I opened it up at home I told myself ok I paid full priced ( Seal 1/4 ) about 22000 Yen. and I had her shipped EMS; thus I should be ok and there is an insurance policy of $200. 00.

Long story short When I went back to Canada post to show the damage and start a claim I noticed that the customs way bill said 2000 Yen for the declared value.

I had never requested for the figurine to be devalued from that store and I was shocked that they had taken the liberty of doing so. You see this is a double edged sword that they are playing with. Yes on one hand if your item comes in and has zero damage and you did not pay customs you are extremely happy and thankful to the store that did this.

On the other hand if it comes in and it is broken and the customs form says way less than the original price you may have a hell of a battle on your hand.

Today I received my notice that Kotegawa Yui was at my Canada Post pick up spot. I paid 25000 Yen for her inc shipping. Still consider myself lucky that I got one at all as I was late at pulling the trigger to get her.


I have not dealt with the company that shipped her to me for too long. Every time I have ordered with them they always put the correct figurine price. Now that would be until today. As I pulled the notice from my mail box I turned the notice around waiting to cringe expecting a $ 40 - $ 60 customs charge.

Hummm weird, there was nothing written in the customs section. This has happened to me before and when I went to pick up my figurine there it was a huge customs bill. So as I got the Canada post I had my credit card out expecting that bill.

The young lady got my package and made me sign, I did ask any questions about the fact that there was no customs. I thought I had gotten lucky and that the original price of the figurine was on the way bill.

Nope !!!

There it was a way bill with a customs declaration value of 1800 yen. Now I was lucky this time as from my very limited inspection of Kotegawa she does not seem broken. I can't be completely sure till I open her up which won't be for a while as I need to customize that stand I got at the retail store a while ago.

Now if she is damaged as there is a customs value written of 1800 Yen ( which by the way I never asked the company to do ) just how much of a fight might I find myself in do you think.

I believe that Karma is something that comes around and that you get what you pay for. But when you pay full price and ship EMS I am expecting that the insurance value not be $ 20.00. Especially not when we are talking 1/4 scale figurines which already cost an arm and a leg. I was more than willing to pay the customs as I expected them . I won't be a hypocrite; I am glad I saved some $ 40 -$ 60.00. Who does not like to save money. If it were from customs not charging me then great; I would have considered myself lucky. But it is from a big corporation devaluing the item without my consent or asking for it. Then I have a problem with that.

They are basically playing Russian roulette with my figurine that I paid a huge amount of money for. Do you agree with this statement? How do you perceive this blog? What are your thoughts? I am looking forward to comments below.

Thank you for reading

= )

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I happily undervalue everything I order. Not paying customs saves me 20-30 euro per order so undervaluing every time saves me more money than it will cost me the one time something arrives broken or gets lost (which luckily hasn't happened to me yet).

But I agree maybe stores shouldn't undervalue if you didn't ask for it
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Panda_Chan This week I have to give $150 fucking dollars to customs

I feel for you and sorry that you had that big of an amount to pay.

= )

Heavenly_Otaku...Don't go nuclear on the store for this. Stating lower value is a goodwill token by the stores.

I do not think the tome of the blog was anywhere close to nuclear. And this falls under the same answer I gave to Pafy265 It does not fall under the responsibility of the buyer to have to mention putting in the right price.

pafy6285If you want to always have the correct declaration I think it must be explicitly indicated in the comments or notes section during checkout.

Honestly as a consumer I would think that it is not your responsibility to tell the seller to make sure he declares the proper value on something you buy. This is no matter what the item. If you want to have something devalued then yes it is your responsibility to write something in the note section that effect not the other way around.

That makes no sense.

= )

victorviper (4ヶ月前) #31120635Common sense would seem to indicate that if you pay $200 for a product, the shipper declares a value of $20, and the product is lost/damaged, the customer's bank/credit card issuer will recover the $200 from the merchant, refund the customer, and then the merchant can try to scrape back $20 for the item from the postal agency.

Interesting I never thought of it that way. You see this is why I like creating blogs of this sort. It brings out the best in conversation and I want to thank you for that interesting comment.

= )

Panda_Chan Impey's Princess
I am living in Poland and I hate dealing with custom fees etc. It's very expensive, they don't treat your package well, you have to wait 2+ weeks more for your packages if it's in customs. Also Poland is a poor country if we're talking about amount of money you can earn from job and with very high taxes everywhere. This week I had to give $150 for fucking customs because they cought my 6 packages and 5 of them have low price on it... So yeah, im totally okay with undervaluing my packages. I prefer to pay for another figure than paying money to polish customs, I hate this country
Unless there's something I am missing, it is the company who sends the item who is taking out insurance on the shipment, not the customer who is receiving the item.

The customer needs to show proof of damage, but it is up to the sender to file the claim on the insurance policy. The insurance pays out the compensation to the sender not the buyer.

The fact that the sender undervalued may make them more reluctant to file a claim, or cause them to make the buyer do more legwork to show proof of damage, but it has nothing to do with any guarantees between the buyer and seller with regards to getting what was paid for.

If the buyer wants a refund they get their refund based on what they paid, not what insurance pays the sender.
I would hold the shop responsible for their action. To devalue the price without the purchaser's consent clearly puts them in the wrong. I would be asking the shop directly for compensation for damage, as they were responsible for the devaluation. I am guessing in this case the shop would be willing to do so. If store does not, they could be in very big trouble if customers report them. Forging customs documents is a serious offence, so I'm sure the shop would not want that.
Don't go nuclear on the store for this. Stating lower value is a goodwill token by the stores. If you don't want the item to be stated with a lower value, please mention the same for every order in the comments section, when placing the order, Or send them a separate email. You save a lot more this way than fighting for insurance which will take several months.
I actually like playing the roulette despite the risk and will use shops known for that practice. And will not buy poly stone statue unless I go pick it up from store. I will not buy figures with notorious sculpt unless it can be bought local or packed well.

Avoid EMS Amiami and USA shop because of slips (only will use at last resort). Almost always use SAL anyways, therefore pointless to write off high values to attract slips. I think of that 6k is just there to prevent postal from mishandling my stuff and they do have some liability. With stuff breaking it is always a risk with fragile products; but, can't really get postal service unless box is really damaged. With Preowned item it gets pretty sticky as no replacements can be given out by makers/shop less willing to (yours seem to be new so... maybe ask shop?)

Probably best can do is to know which shop packs well and which minimizes packing - best insurance is packing well and not having stuff break. Some shops such as Amiami, BIJ or TOM over-pack. Manda (average), NY, HLJ and Japan Domestic Forwarded barely pack. I also, noticed SAL had better track record than airmail for not getting crushed boxes at least for myself. Also, it should be shipped upright or on the back to prevent breakage at base.
If you want to always have the correct declaration I think it must be explicitly indicated in the comments or notes section during checkout. Can be a bit annoying that we have to tell this to the shop, but better we cover our ass and make sure that the true amount is declared. Due to the amount of customers that prefer undervaluing their packages, it seems that is has become a common practice for many shops to undervalue packages automatically.

For damages if the postal service or the shop can't help, there's always the PayPal dispute or credit charge back option, but needless to say you won't be able to use that shop anymore.
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