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Annoyed with USPS because they ruined a package that I got from Mandarake. When I saw it, I literally just... "How do you f*ck up that bad?"

Urgh. I'm not going to even bother fighting with USPS about it though since I just know they're not going to own up to anything.

That made me think though, who do you think is responsible for shipping? It seems like I'm having worse and worse luck with packages now. I used to get one dented package like once every year when I was ordering a LOT. Now these days I order maybe half of what I used to and I get like 5 damaged packages in the span of 3 months.

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Your package arrives damaged, it is packed "standardly" - wrapping and standard bubble packaging in a box. Who do you blame more

2%The Seller
13%Both, but USPS more
1%Both, but the seller more


Speaking as someone who's seen the inner workings of his country's postal system and how terribly some packages get handled... if the item was properly packaged (appropriately sized box, well wrapped up/cushioned, etc.) and it still arrives damaged, then the blame falls on the postal system, no doubt about it. Packages are often handled very roughly and a lot of delivery drivers and warehouse workers treat "fragile" warnings as a challenge, hence why almost every day I have to discourage customers at my post office from writing it on their parcels. The worst I've had happen to me was a Nendoroid arriving to me with a slightly crushed box (no damage to the figure itself, though, and later on I was still able to sell it despite the box damage), but I've definitely seen some shit, both online from others and at my post office. We've received some packages there where I wondered how the box was even holding itself together at all...
If the seller packaged the item correctly, thick strong box (and not one cut down to the exact size of the figure box), proper cushioning, and basically did their diligance; it is not their fault. If a proper box and packing like that is crushed and broken, it is the shipping agency's fault. Somewhere they mishandled it and put it under a washing machine box, or smashing it in a cargo van pushing boxes in to fit.
My postman at my apartment keeps stuffing the books I buy online into my tiny mailbox and it has damaged them. It is quite annoying!!!!!

Overall, I think it really depends: the seller needs to package the item safely, if not, they are at fault. The postal service needs to deliver the package safely and, if not, they are at fault. They both go hand-in-hand and you may never know which is more at fault until you see how the item was packaged.

I have received items with horrible packaging, yet they have gotten to me safely because of the postal service. Also, customs can have a hand in ruining shit. They’ve opened my packages and broke one of my custom figures from Mexico (it was Skull Kid from Zelda too :<). Really depends!

I think I’d say it’s more-so the post office who is responsiblefor getting things safely to the buyer.
Stuff like this seriously pisses me off.

I get it, it's not an easy job, and it can be a fucking drag. That doesn't make it ok, to ruin other people's shit, and then act like it wasn't their fault.

I pay full postage for the stuff I order, even paying extra for good packaging if possible, and I expect my stuff to come to my place in a presentable manner. Not looking like a bunch of monkey's from a Zoo just had a go at it.

Luckily it hasn't happened allot to my stuff, and most of the times, as luck may have it, it was only clothing, so it was relatively unscathed. Although there was one time I got a package sent via UPS, and then my countries postage service, and they put the original box, into another box when they received it from UPS, because the original box was almost falling apart.

Still, I've heard enough horror stories from US acquaintances, who've ordered figures, games, and so on, and receive UPS packages which look like they got pulled out of a garbage compactor. If they even get their parcels. (TL:DR friend ordered a a game, and it never arrived at his door, 3 months later a neighbour said he'd found the parcel on his doorstep, looking like it'd been kicked. He'd kept it for those three months. I think he hand't been home for some time.)
I tried to fight USPS for a damaged package...Worst time of my life! I actually got a nice higher up lady and she said amiami needs to start it. And of course amiami links me some out of date webpage.
Ultimately, you made a contract with the seller, and you can expect to receive the goods for which you paid in appropriate condition. This contract doesn't obligate the seller to refund the buyer in the event of buyers remorse or other frivolous reasons, but it does obligate them to provide the goods as described.

That said, if you chose an uninsured shipping method like unregistered RSAL, then the seller could wash their hands of the matter and say that since the goods were properly tendered for shipment, your claim lies with the shipper and since there is no insurance, the shipper has no liability.

If on the other hand, there is insurance, then apparently Japan Post requires the sender to initiate the claims process. You'll need to provide photos of the damage to the packaging and of the item(s) damaged. I'm sure this will ultimately result in a back and forth between Japan Post and the USPS, each claiming that the other is responsible for the damage.

The nuclear option is to get your credit card company involved since they will generally hold merchants' feet to the fire. Of course, if this results in you getting refunded, nothing stops a Japanese merchant from deciding you are more trouble than you're worth and declining to do business with you in the future.

So, I see it as one big cost-benefit analysis. Is the potential return worth taking 5 minutes to take some photos of the damage and write an email to the seller? Probably. Is it worth the risk of getting banned by escalating the matter to the credit card company? For a relatively inexpensive item, probably not.
The ones who voted "The seller" are legit morons. Just saying. If you read the question, it's that the item was packaged appropriately, it arriving battered despite this is seriously not the sellers fault. (Though if the seller put like no protection whatsoever and expected things to arrive in one piece, then uh yeah, wtf seller?)

Honestly, the postal service play goddamn frisbee with packages. Even moreso if their boss is a massive dick because you just take it out on packages (I've worked in a mail room and seen it happen, plenty of pissed off people playing "Oops~" with "Fragile" boxes out of sheer spite)
Royal Fail don't seem massively problematic with it (In my experience, thank christ) but I've seen so many horror stories of USPS being absolute cockwads with packages and things looking like they've been run over with a forklift truck.
The courier is at fault, if the item was packaged properly. Which Mandarake items are (apart from maybe Urban Mine items).

Your rights are far more limited when you're importing things - the seller isn't necessarily obliged to make good. For me, if it was a domestic seller, they'd be responsible for fixing the situation, though they'd be the one to claim off the courier.

(Oh, and "fragile" stickers aren't a replacement for packaging things properly. Most couriers aren't obliged and do not agree to honour them. Unless you're paying for a courier that honours tipping stickers, then expect your parcel to get tossed and package accordingly. Though major holes in the package should NOT be expected, and would be mishandling).
The USPS. For sure.

The sender can only do so much to give your package the fighting chance it has when it goes out in the world. Once it leaves the senders hands, it's up to the USPS to do their job. I had a box get to me and it looked like the freaking truck ran over it.

The only real way to ensure the "safety" of the package is to physically get it to your destination, but that is not really recommended for a number of obvious reasons.

**EDIT** I can understand why some people would put "some" responsibility on the sender. As in it is their responsibility not to send the item in flimsy crushed cereal box. (Yes, this has happened to me, and yes it was hilarious when I got it)
It's USPS at fault for sure. Sometimes my packages come n theyre pristine, perfect, n barely have much in the way of support. Other times, it could be packaged perfectly and the box will still be messed up. A lot of times USPS just doesn't care, the box could have a giant FRAGILE on it, and they will do crap like just THROW THE PACKAGE TO THE DOOR or leave it outside our gate in front of our door (Like, you walked all the way up the path, just to stop at the gate that's literally unlocked instead of putting it inside the gate, which appears to be locked to strangers?), sometimes theyll flat out TRY TO SHOVE PACKAGES INTO OUR MAILBOX BECAUSE THEY CAN'T BE ASSED, and hell at times I'll have things that were supposed to be signed for and theyll either ring and leave or flat out put a notice that nobody answered when all cars are in the driveway, everyone's home, and not once was the doorbell rang at all (Like, we can hear you close the gate y'know it's rod iron)

USPS just grinds my gears sometimes. Not all their service is bad, but when it is bad it sure in hell sticks out.

Edit: Sorry that was a rant. I would take the actual advice people put in the comments though lol
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