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Sculpting my own figure (help) !コメント • Sculpting my own figure (help) !

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    I'm not sure if this'll apply (if you're already finished with the head) but I'll put in my two cents.
    It seems you have a dent (maybe from your nail?) in the plane that goes from the inner corners of the eye to the nose (if that's a stylistic choice ignore me). If it's not too difficult, try to make the transition smoother. Also for the hair, while putting individual pieces is good to help create shape, using a tool (even a toothpick or plastic knife will work) to sculpt in strands will add extra dimension without adding bulk.

    As a side note, I'll try to put a little bit of a tutorial ( I'm not very good at those) on hair/clothing sculpting when I make the next update blog on my custom sailor moon figure (part 1 BLOG #40797 ) Hopefully a visual aid can help a bit. :)

    Hopefully this helps, can't wait to see the result.
    Yeah there is even sculpting videos on YouTube like this channel: www.youtube.com...

    Also my random tip is that you'd have easier time if your figure has clothes on. You can hide some seams then. This can be just a plain black/white shirt. Don't know if your character allows this but yes.

    Good luck!
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    I agree with tharglet. A making of works in two ways. Not only do you show how you made something. People with knowledge about sculpting can give you better tips if they see the steps you take to make your figure.

    My respect is high for people that have the courage to do and show their DIY projects. I would really be interested to see more about this figure. :D
    Most books I have for sculpting make a kind of skull first then add on the cheeks, nose, eyes, muscle by laying on more material. I also see this technique on youtube from sculptors.

    With a scale you're getting into armature territory, bulk up material with tin foil.
    I don't have a lot of knowledge on the subject myself yet but here is something that I wish I knew when I first started trying to make my own figures.:
    -if you want to be able to separate two parts of the figure after sculpting them, use lip balm
    example: separating the front hair part from the face in order to paint the eyes more easily:
    1. sculpt the face, and prebake it a bit; 2. rub lip balm on the area that will touch the hair 3.sculpt the hair on top of it; 4. put both in the oven, the lip balm will melt with the high temperature and allow you to separate them once they are out of the oven
    Having your figure split in several pieces will help a lot when painting

    You might also want to check out this website, it has A LOT of info: www.glassattic....

    Sorry if you already knew about this technique, and good luck! I'm interested in seeing the result!
    If you're up for doing it, I'd recommend taking "making of" photos. People love making-ofs around here, and I wouldn't personally let the end result being not to your satisfaction put you off - it is fun watching the creative process. And it'll give you something to look back on, whether you share it or not :).

    Not a sculptor myself so don't have any tips in that regard! There's some other blogs around here of people sculpting and doing GKs, so maybe have a browse of the articles section for useful info.
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