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August Loot-0 for 3 with 3 strikeouts...August Loot-0 for 3 with 3 strikeouts...

In baseball, an 0 for 3 game is not something one looks forward to, and in this hobby, neither is seeing 0 of 3 preorder items in a given month release on schedule. That's what happened to me this month, but fortunately two of the three items got pushed back to September where I had nothing already ordered. Thus, that gave me some room in my monthly hobby budget to track down some choice preowned finds.

The figures in this month's loot range from not at all NSFW to somewhat NSFW to 18+. I've arranged them in increasing order of NSFW-ness, and anything 18+ is behind a spoiler tag, so be advised of that...

For August, I originally had planned on receiving ITEM #464603, ITEM #464770, and ITEM #582603. Unfortunately, Marie Rose got pushed to October, Rocket Boy's Kurone is now scheduled for September, and signs indicate that Lilith will probably be September, too. Since I'd pre-paid for Lilith, and my September was previously empty, I went on the hunt for some preowned finds. Collecting a box of loot from AmiAmi and a box from Jungle (both of which arrived on the same day-that's always fun!) as well as a couple of finds from a local bookstore and a local comic shop, we've got the following pile of loot.


First, let's have a look at the non-figure goods. I'd been wanting to read the Gantz ENTRY #168 manga, since I liked the anime and only a small percentage of the story was covered there. Unfortunately, since the manga spans a massive 37 volumes, many of which are out of print and hard to find/expensive, I had put the task of collecting the manga on hold. However, Dark Horse is now re-releasing the English localization in omnibus form, so the first omnibus volume was an instant buy.

Every now and then, it's fun to find an uncommon media item out in the wild, and such a find this month was a Strike Witches soundtrack CD ITEM #51092. It wasn't very expensive, and it's not the sort of thing you run across every day (at least not in the US); since Strike Witches is one of my favorite series, I figured I'd better grab it.


Until I went through the MFC database to figure out what I had bought, I didn't realize how many Strike Witches music CD's there are! This one is a rather interesting hodgepodge of music from various Strike Witches video games together with some songs from the first anime (notably a number of versions of Bookmark Ahead with different VA's singing). It makes me feel kind of old to realize Strike Witches has been around since the Playstation 2/Nintendo DS days :).


The first figure in this month's loot is an ancient prize figure of my favorite character, Sega's "Spring Breeze" Asuka Langley Soryu ITEM #8993.


It had been a while since I'd gotten an Asuka figure, and this one was very cheap (700 yen), so it was a throw-in item. The figure definitely shows its age (the rather clumpy sculpt of her hands and the very plain skirt for example), but it's kind of a cute design and the figure shows a more laid back and carefree side of Asuka than we usually get to see, so I'd say I got my money's worth :).


The next figure in this month's loot is an item that inexplicably took forever to find its way onto my shelf, Max Factory's Hatsune Miku in her "Mikuzukin" module ITEM #198011.

I'd never really paid too much attention to the package design, but the box is quite cool, with the dark green and black colors!


The wolf on Miku's head is so cute :). Also, Max Factory did such a good job with all the little details and accents on Miku's dress!


I don't know what possessed me to not get this figure when she was new, as this is one of my favorite Miku modules, it's closely linked with one of my favorite Miku songs (Clover Club) and IMO Grizzry Panda ENTRY #51842 is one of the best sculptors out there in terms of being able to bring out Miku's cuteness. However, all's well that ends well, since now she's home :). Miku immediately went to the #1 spot in my review queue, so please look forward to a review of this figure before too long.

Speaking of wolves, next we've got a figure about which I couldn't quite make up my mind, Kadokawa's Holo the Wise Wolf ITEM #630948. When it was first teased, there was some controversy about the fanservicey nature of the figure and I was initially on the fence about preordering Holo. My indecision was due to the fact that she did not pre-sell out at AmiAmi (which, together with some of the complaints about the figure's concept suggested a possible price drop), but Holo figures have had a tendency to get expensive post-release, and hence my dilemma. I ultimately opted not to preorder Holo, but in the back of my mind I hoped that I would not later regret this decision. Seeing some user photos coupled with the fact that I did not own a Holo sold me on the figure, and so when AmiAmi had an A-grade preowned Holo for 12000 yen (slightly less than her original price), I figured now was the time.


At first, I thought the "spicy wolf" text on the box was a rather clever pun, but after reading "merchant meats", I realized it was probably unintentional :).


Given the nature of this figure, I found the following text on the back of the box sort of funny...


She's such a lovely figure! Holo is very tough to photograph, though. Because she's holding out her arm, care must be taken to get her face properly in focus, and it was quite difficult to light her properly. Because of her fair skin, my usual lighting setup totally blew out all the fine details of her body sculpt, so it took me a few attempts to tweak the lighting and get some photos I was happy with.


I kind of like the way this photo turned out; I was going for a warm feel, and I wanted the various details on Holo's upper body and stomach to be apparent, and I think this "test" photo was successful enough on both fronts.

I didn't expect Miku and Holo to complement each other so well! Red Riding Hood meets the big, bad wolf :).


When I first started collecting figures a decade or so ago, all the figures I bought were fairly modest. After a couple of years, I started buying the occasional beach figure, and it was not until the last couple of years that I embraced the idea of displaying 18+ figures. This means that I missed out on a lot of Native's ENTRY #7676 earliest offerings, and so the last item in this month's loot is an early Native figure, Shoujo S ITEM #25420.

A few months back, I picked up Shoujo S's companion figure, Shoujo M ITEM #11740, and I love how the two packages complement each other!


S refers to "strawberry" and M refers to "maid"; what were you thinking? ;).

Even though this is an 18+ figure, a couple of the things I like best about the figure are Shoujo-san's pretty face, her rather coy expression, and the huge ribbons in her hair. I was worried that the strawberry wouldn't want to stay in her mouth, but it seems fairly secure once it's attached.


I'd passed on this figure for a while since there is really no way to display her in a non-NSFW fashion, but if she's displayed backwards, she actually looks pretty good, and the 18+-ness of the figure is not immediately apparent when she's so displayed.

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The dish of strawberries, the tube of condensed milk, and the chair are all very neat accessories, too, although the dish with the strawberries ultimately went back in the box, as it tips over and sends the strawberry piece tumbling out at the slightest touch. Now, having also added ITEM #29312 to my collection a few months back, I now have 3/4 of all the Naruko Hanaharu figures made!

View spoilerHide spoilerhttps://static.myfigurecollection.net/image/victorviper1535329934.jpeg

I kind of like how Shoujo S and Holo look together, and despite the fact that Holo is nude, Kadokawa IMO did a good job in not over ecchifying the figure!

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So, despite all the delays, it still managed to be a pretty good figure month. That's it for August's loot, and as always...



This month's poll is a simple one.
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What's the best figure from this month's loot?

  • 1%Sega's "Spring Breeze" Asuka.
  • 39%Max Factory's "Mikuzukin" Hatsune Miku.
  • 48%Kadokawa's Holo the Wise Wolf.
  • 12%Native's Shoujo S.
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Ah, that sounds bad with your pre-orders being pushed back. I only got 2 for September (ITEM #675943 and ITEM #600025) and their release dates are coming really soon, so I hope both are on time and can get shipped together.

Nice to read about the Gantz omnibus, because I am interested in this series, but had the same problems you describe with the original release!

Your Strike Witches CD is a cute find, I really like the artwork on there~ And yes, there are so. much. CD's from Strike Witches! I doubt I'll ever get to collecting them all, but it's interesting to check on them in the database here whenever I see an previously unseen one for sale. :)

And you finally got Mikuzukin Miku! :D Looking forward to your review on her~ About not getting the figure earlier, I vaguely remember we talked about this figure before and you said something in the design was holding you back at first?
Criscokid (4ヶ月前) #39417402So far this month I'm 0 for 8 and will likely go 0 for 10. September could be pretty wild.

That's sort of the reason I have an unofficial policy to stick to no more than 2-4 preorder figures per month. Delays happen so easily, that the next thing you know, you've got a dozen items coming out in the same month.

I prefer to get smaller loots at regular intervals, as opposed to tons of stuff all at once. For the latter, it's tough (at least for me) to sort of properly savor all the items in a loot if it's going to be a gigantic chore just to get everything unboxed and put away!
So far this month I'm 0 for 8 and will likely go 0 for 10. September could be pretty wild.
Rajke (4ヶ月前) #39395722Nice loot. :D That Asuka figure is a great find. Despite her age she looks well made.
Holo is also a good looking figure. That is one i consider buying myself but haven't made that decision yet.

A lot of the Sega prize Asukas are hyper-common, but that particular one, while not rare by any stretch of the imagination, seems marginally less so; I don't run across it every time I make the rounds of AmiAmi/Mandarake/Jungle. It's a neat concept (next spring, when the flowers are blooming, I'll have to take her outside and photograph her), and the biggest knock on the figure is that she's quite small (about 1/9) relative to most of the other Sega Asukas out there.

I'm a little surprised that Holo has not appreciated in price. Her MFC user rating is quite high, and it is Holo after all. Even though it looks like plenty of people bought the figure, I wonder if the manufacturer didn't make a little too much supply. I also wonder if, once Holo starts to disappear in peoples' collections, maybe her price will increase.

In any event, Holo is a pretty great figure, and if you like the character, I'd recommend her. I've got her displayed as the centerpiece of one of my shelves, and she totally draws the eye away from all the other items on that shelf!
Hoshiyo_Rina (4ヶ月前) #39394020FINALLY someone also recognizes the talent that Grizzry Panda has! Thank you hahahaha!!

I really like Grizzry Panda's work. This ITEM #464629 Miku is fantastic, and this one ITEM #331518 is on my "to get eventually" list. One of my delayed figures from thus month ITEM #582603 is also a Grizzry Panda sculpt, and I have set my expectations pretty high on that one!

I like how Grizzry Panda's sculpts really bring out the cuteness of the characters. The common element in a lot of Grizzry Panda figures seems to me to be just a little bit of roundness in the faces, which softens their look and adds a moe feel.
Rajke Ca fanatic
Nice loot. :D That Asuka figure is a great find. Despite her age she looks well made.
Holo is also a good looking figure. That is one i consider buying myself but haven't made that decision yet.
FINALLY someone also recognizes the talent that Grizzry Panda has! Thank you hahahaha!!
solluxcaptor (4ヶ月前) #39392112The Asuka is really sweet and I adore that Holo figure, so beautiful!! Nice loot!

It's nice when people appreciate the classics :). I'm keeping an eye out for one of these Sega prize Asukas ITEM #672703; the classic plugsuit with the slightly moefied take on Asuka is quite neat.

Holo did turn out really nice, and she's quite an eye catching figure. Really the only issue with the figure is that her base is really, really, plain.
The Asuka is really sweet and I adore that Holo figure, so beautiful!! Nice loot!
victorviper (4ヶ月前) #39390266ITEM #29312 might be the best of the trio. Orchid Seed did a really good job with that figure!
yep, shes the one i want the most haha
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