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My first experience buying some figure stuff (I mean model kit)My first experience buying some figure stuff (I mean model kit)

I think I would like to tell you about my first experience In this hobby... Sorry if it's booring and bad, this is my first article.

2016 when I was 3rd grade of Junior high school I always wondering if I would buy a Kamen rider's S.H.Figuarts someday, and I have a lot of money that I think it will enough to buy one.

Then, my uncle take me shopping at a mall. And accidently I found a nice hobby shop. I saw a lot of toys there, like Kamen rider transformation belt (DX), Gunpla, Lego, hotwheels, yokai watch's toys, star wars plamodel. But I didn't find what I looking for. I thought they also sell a SHF, but they don't.

And I saw a nice HG gundam stuff, I never expect that the price is so cheap. Then, I decide to buy one. But I confused what should I choose between Hg lightning zeta and hg mcgillis schwable graze and I choose LIGHTNING ZETA as my first Gunpla. (This my first impulse buying experience also).

Then when I home, I built it with my uncle. It feels hard at first. But it's extremely fun also, I'm so happy when we made it.

What a good memory.
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Very nice story, Thanks for sharing!