Hello again! Following on from yesterday's review, it's time to take a look at the second item in my November Amiami order!

Today we'll be looking at
Nendoroid Kasen Kanesada by Orange Rouge!
ITEM #604403

Been a little while since a swordboy last joined the citadel! One day I'd like to have a whole bunch of them, haha...

When I first started playing Touken Ranbu, I wasn't really sold on Kasen from a design standpoint. I ended up picking Hachisuka as my starter sword, and didn't really give Kasen a second thought for a while. Then I watched Touken Ranbu Hanamaru, where Kasen makes an appearance early on. Needless to say, he grew on me like a weed--I think it was this shot in particular that won me over:
What a nerd!!
Anyway, once the fully-painted prototype for this nendoroid was revealed, I decided to just go for it and buy him, haha! It was a bit of an impulse buy, but in the end I'm glad I got him! He's so cute, wah.

Anyway, let's get on to what you all came here for, which is a figure review!!

Getting Kasen set up for these pics took a bit of doing, as the stand arm has to go through a hole in his cape to get to his back.

Here's how he looks from the side! I noticed that there's a very noticeable gap between the front and back hair parts from this side, which at first I was a little bummed about--but then that gap quickly became my best shortcut for getting the two pieces apart, haha.

From the back! The sculpting on his hair is just fantastic. It's so fluffy!! From this angle you can see that his cape is articulated, too.

From the side! You can see some of the details on his armor. There's also a small amount of articulation in his ahoge, allowing you to angle it different ways.

Close in, you can see that even tiny details have been rendered with great care. The flower on his cape is a nice touch!

Here I'd like to point out the cape print details, which you can just barely see when the cape is on!

Another closeup shot; I wanted to showcase the little ties on his armor and the decal work on the belt. So many little details! I'm consistently impressed that nendoroids can shrink even fine details down to such a tiny size.

Without the cape, Kasen seems much more relaxed! It's also much easier to pose him this way, haha.

Without the cape on, you can more easily see details from behind. He has a very small butterfly shape on his obi, and just under his hair is printed another Kasen crest.

Close in... you can see that even the bow on his neck has been included!!! So small!!

Here's how the cape looks separately, too. It's so beautiful, I almost want to display it by itself, haha!

Here's everything that he came with! The standard two faceplates, both drawn and sheathed swords, a smattering of arms and hands, and a couple of fun accessories. I'm most excited about that tiny calligraphy set!!

What I noticed immediately when I set to work posing him is that it's extremely hard to negotiate around the cape when posing, both for arm movement and for getting him back on the base.

First... a pose based on his default pose! He's really cute with his hand up like that!!

As with many other Touken Ranbu nendoroids, you can pose him with his sword sheathed at his side! For some reason, attaching the sword is always pretty satisfying...

In this shot I'd like to bring your attention to his wrist! His sleeve is falling away just slightly, revealing a bit of his underclothing at his wrist! I'm impressed they thought to include something so small!

"As a sword of culture, I will not lose to mere warriors!"

Next up... a battle pose!! Somehow... he looks even more beautiful when he's focused like that!

However, due to the fact that most of his bent arms were intended for other poses, it can be hard to pose him in a way that looks natural for battle.

And now.. he's back at the citadel, enjoying a nice book! Kasen is a fan of elegance, aesthetics, literature and poetry, so of course he'd come with something to read!

I do wish he'd come with alternate hair parts to display him with his bangs up, though... (i like that look for him better, haha)

"Ah, master! I was so absorbed in this book, I almost didn't notice you'd returned. Welcome back."

"Hm....What should my first poem of the New Year be?"

Now messing around with the calligraphy parts! Combined with the battle expression, he looks like he's thinking hard about what to write!

The shikishi part was a little fiddlier than the other parts, and I had to be careful not to knock it out of his hand when putting him together.

"Fufu. How elegant."

Ah, looks like he's finished writing! The satisfied, closed-eye expression has somewhat limited use, but it really brings out his character!

Now, let's play around a little with expressions!

ITEM #287710's relaxed face remains perennially good! He looks so calm and relaxed!!

I tried out ITEM #464633's smiling face on him too, and it looks great! Though it does make him look quite a bit younger...

"Hey!! Be careful, or you'll soil our clean laundry!!"

Once again, ITEM #166487's angry face is a show stealer!! He looks like he's scolding the younger swords for roughhousing too close to the laundry he worked so hard on...

Yasusada: Oh!! You must be the newcomer that master told us about. Welcome! My name's Yamatonokami Yasusada.
Kasen: Oh, I've heard of you! You're one of Okita Souji's swords!
Yasusada: Yep, that's me!
Kasen: Good to meet you. I am Kasen Kanesada, a famous sword of the arts who loves elegance.
Yasusada: Heheh, if you love elegance, you'll fit in well here!

Yasusada: Everyone, the new sword arrived! This is Kasen Kanesada!
Mikazuki: Hm? He's here already? I haven't had my nap...
Kogitsunemaru: Good to meet you! It's always nice to have another sword in the citadel!
Mikazuki: Indeed. Please make yourself at home here.
Kasen: Fufu. You two seem to be swords of culture as well. I think we'll get along just fine.

Here's where I'll be keeping him! I couldn't decide between the book part and the calligraphy parts, so I compromised and did both. My little citadel's population has increased again! One day, I hope to dedicate this whole shelf to swordboys, heheh...!

Alright, now that the bulk of the review is done, on to the scores!

Sculpting: This one gets a 10; I was very impressed with the sculpting on this one. His hair is appropriately fluffy, and the tiniest details are rendered faithfully.
Painting: Painting gets a 9; while the paint is very impressive in some places (the bluish sheen on his hair, the tiny decals) in other places it seems a little bit messy.
Posing: 8. He came with a variety of parts to allow for creative poses, but his range of motion is severely limited with the cape on. It's also difficult switch out parts with the cape.
Accessories: Another 8 here; while I LOVE the calligraphy and book parts, I was still a little bummed he didn't come with the option to put his bangs up....
Enjoyment: 10; anyone who's read my reviews can tell you that I don't usually buy a figure unless I know for sure I'll love it. He may not be my top swordboy favorite, but Kasen is extremely cute and adds a touch of elegance to my shelf. I'm happy to have him as a part of my citadel, and I'll be looking forward to taking pictures with him in the future!

Overall, Kasen is a solid Touken Ranbu nendoroid. He looks great on my shelf with the others, and I think he'd be a great fit for any saniwa looking to add a little elegance to their collection.

While I'm always keeping my eye out for new Touken Ranbu nendos, I'm particularly excited for ITEM #740107, whose prototype was shown last AGF. Sengo may be a bit of an oddball, but his seiyuu is one of my favorites, so of course he's made my list of top favorite swords, haha! I can't wait to see how he looks with paint! I'm also looking forward to seeing how ITEM #740117 comes out, as he was my starter sword.

That about does it for this review! My next review will likely be in a few weeks, when ITEM #675925 comes home! I hope I'm not out of town when he arrives...

If you made it this far, thank you for reading!
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I'm the same way; as he eventually grew on me as well! The painted version looked so good, I just had to get it. And I'm glad I did, the hair gradient is gorgeous!
yakushining your Highness
ahhh he's so cute! i have to pick him up soon, i'm in love with his book and calligraphy accessories! thank you for the review ^^
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