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SEGA premium prize figure Astolfo--reviewSEGA premium prize figure Astolfo--review

Hi again everyone! I know it's been awhile, but honestly, lately I've been kind of lazy and have just been assembling my figures and immediately displaying them.. D:.
Maybe I just haven't felt compelled to do a review?

At any rate, I just received my Sega prize version of Astolfo, and due to sadly how bad it is, I felt compelled to do a review.

I saw this figure awhile back, and wanted to preorder him immediately. I couldn't find him for months (I was even to the point where I was ready to rely on AmiAmi's preowned section), and then someone on here pointed out he was on Ninoma. I immediately preordered him, because the prototype one looked so nice. The pose was nice, and the colors were nice. I also had good luck with Sega figures before, as my Luka, Mordred, and Gudako figures were all perfect. I has been excited to get him for a long time, and yesterday, and he finally arrived.

His box was nice. It's really easy to look at, and he stands out well against the colors.




Sadly, the image on the box is not exactly what the figure is inside, quality wise.
Upon opening my figure, I saw there were VERY noticeable places where there was paint that was out of the lines, and transfer. I except a few flaws, as it's a prize figure, but honestly, it was like they didn't care when painting him.


This is not the best lighting, but it does show the really bad paint/sculpt he has really well. (It wasn't intentional, but it works). He does look a bit better in standard lighting, but I would guess that's because it's somewhat hidden. It does show his base well too, though, which is actually pretty nice. Usually prize figures have boring black or white bases, and they did at least put his name on it and made it see through. It's actually a bit better than some scales I have.


Here's his face up close. It actually looks pretty good, but for some reason, he just looks off at the angle that isn't the one on the box somehow. Not enough to ruin him, but he's definitely made to be displayed one way. This picture also shows they kind of gouged a spot in his hair, which is a shame. This is one of the places that looks the best, but it's a pretty obvious gouge.


Here's his hair up close. They sculpted it it pretty well, but there is a very noticible paint chip on his armor, and his bow looks a bit sloppy.

More examples of paint that is where it doesn't belong.

Here he is from the side. This angle would actually be a good one (the sculpting and paint actually look pretty good on that side), if it wasn't for the area under his boot. I have zero idea how the white from his boots would smear that badly on his stockings.

Up close view of the paint smear.

Here's his cape. I'm not too surprised by the fact the red is mildly out of the lines (it's a prize figure), and if it wasn't for the horrible smearing on his stockings this angle would also be pretty good.

Here's a view of him cape side. This would actually look great if it wasn't for the really obvious seam. It isn't obvious here, but..

Take a look at this image. It's really obvious here, and is very noticeable in person.

I know, I'm probably going to get flack for pointing out the flaws, I'm going to be complained at for critiquing it because it's a 'prize figure', but I have quite a few prize figures. NONE of them have paint this bad, and I've never seen a seam that obvious. As far as prize figures go, this is pretty bad. Which is unusual for Sega, given my other prizes from them being perfect. He's passable, and I like him the most out of the Astolfo prizes available, but they really need to not be so sloppy/lazy in the future.

Sculpt: 4/5. The sculpt itself would be fine if it wasn't for that seam. That seam is actually pretty bad, but it doesn't take that much away from the figure.

Paint: 2/5. Every complaint I have pretty much relates to paint. There are so many flaws that aren't minor that I can't give it a higher rating. That paint smear on his stockings is not small, and takes away from the figure.

Base: 5/5, it's pretty nice for a prize. It's nothing special, but it looks nice.

Enjoyability: Probably something like 3/5. I like him, but the bad paint does take away from the figure. I'm really upset by the paint being so bad, as he's bigger than most prizes, and the actual colors are a lot better. I love the color of pink they used for him. And his eyes look nice (I'm a fan of Aruko/Arco Wada's style, and love having her version of Astolfo as a figure). But I can't give this more than a 3.

Overall, if you find him for cheap, or you can guarantee you will get a better one than me, get him (make sure the person has photos). He's not worth $20-$50 (depending on if you're at a con), but he might be worth $10/AmiAmi's used prize figure price.
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yeaaah this is the reason i was nervous to order him. he looked really beautiful from the official pics but i started to worry once seeing the paint job, luckily i got him in good condition. but its not too fun ordering something that might look bad when you get it v-v
Looks like you got a real bad paint one. I also bought him and he pretty good. I have a little bit of the white paint on his black stockings but mine is hidden by his boots. Other than that no super noticible paint flaws for me.

My biggest issue is the seams on the cape, I wish it was just one piece and don't know why it isn't, and that seam is so hard to photograph
He has a good sculpt, it's a shame they failed on the painting. I also find the face a bit off... looks better on the box art (or maybe it's just better from the angle they used on the box).

I like that you pointed out the things you didn't like. A review should help people decide whether they want to purchase one as well. I think people have a good idea now what to expect if they order this prize. Definitely not up to Sega's usual level of quality.

Thanks for sharing ^^
I don't think you should get any flack for pointing out the flaws. I've seen (and owned) prize figures that are gorgeous, without using "it's a prize figure" as an excuse for shoddy work and QC. Honestly, I let out an audible "ooh, geez" at that paint on the stockings in particular. What a shame.
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