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My Japan vacation: the odds and endsMy Japan vacation: the odds and ends

Hi there,

In this blog I’ll cover the parts of my Japan vacation that were either too short to fill an article, things I just find worth mentioning and things I bought but didn’t mention.


So I just arrived in Tokyo and one of the first things I planned to do was getting an anime calendar for 2019. For that I went to Animate in Ikebukuro where I also succeeded last year.

In front of the store there was this small To Aru Majutsu no Index III truck:

It was selling some small merchandise, like acrylic stands:

By the way, I did succeed in finding a calendar: I got one from Yuragisou no Yuuna-san:

A bit of an unusual format, with bimonthly sheets in a cellophane holder that has a hole on top so you can hang it on the wall. Not the most sturdy of solutions, but we’ll see.

I also was able to see the anime movie Zoku Owarimonogatari (the latest part of the Bakemonogatari series) in a Toho theater at Okachimachi (near Akihabara) on the last day it would be shown there:

Unfortunately, that movie was 2,5 hours long without a break, so due to sanitary reasons I had to miss the last 15 minutes. However, the part that I did see was well worth it.

Next time I’d better get a smaller drink….

Then one day I was a bit early for a certain store where they sold cardboard boxes (for shipping stuff), so to kill time I walked around in the neighborhood and saw this samurai version of Darth Vader:

and a Stormtrooper kabuto decoration set:

Well, it’s creative, that’s for sure (albeit a bit on the expensive side).

I went one day to the Mishima Skywalk (a first class tourist trap, but never mind) and in the souvenir shop, I saw these T-shirts:

I wonder if Adidas knows about this…

When I went to Osaka, Suzuki was putting their new Jimny up for display in the central station hall of Shin Osaka (quite a spunky little jeep):

And in another spot there was this salmon pink Daihatsu Tocot city car:

Now that’s a color…

In Osaka, I have this tradition of going to Oude Kaas: one of the very few Dutch restaurants in Japan. The Japanese owner worked as a chef in Amsterdam at the Okura hotel and could therefore understand and speak some dutch.
It is quite small; it has only 8 seats, but the food is excellent. After asking nicely, I took a picture of the seating arrangement:

I also went to Kokura, were there was Aruaru City near the station: a building which houses Mandarake, Animate, Melonbooks and a few other anime-related stores.

When I entered, there was a modest exhibition of Zombieland Saga art work next to artwork from the Fate franchise, and I was welcomed by 2 pop-ups of Nikaidou Saki and Minamoto Sakura (2 of the main characters from Zombieland Saga):

Inside, there was a showcase with production art work of the latter series:

You were not supposed to photograph it, but I stood just outside and zoomed in a bit.

Anyways, I got myself this mini acrylic stand:

Minamoto Sakura in a santa outfit. Who said that zombies couldn’t be cute?

One of my other goals this vacation was Ryuumon falls near Utsunomiya. The waterfall was quite a beautiful spectacle and very picture-worthy:

In Kyoto, I went to the Kyoto Railway Museum (very nice by the way), where they had this replica of an old-fashioned toy and candy shop:

Inside it looked very nostalgic:

I recognized those aircraft gliders all too well…

During Hatsumode (new year’s day), there were lots of traditional food stalls (yes, the same ones you see in anime) with a few of those carrying signs with misspelled English words:

Amazake: for real men.

As for other stuff I bought: I got these mini gachapon machines out of a gachapon machine (yo, dawg):
They really work too, as they each have 6 mini capsules. Talk about gachaponception…

At Melonbooks were these R18 gachapon machines where you could get mini wall scrolls, measuring about 10 x 14 cm. I liked the type of used illustrations (wink,wink), so had a go at it a couple of times and these were the ones I got (a bit NSFW):
View spoilerHide spoiler http://i68.tinypic.com/e5gu1v.jpg
Since it was from a gachapon machine, I got the top and bottom left one double, so if anyone is interested in those 2…

Furthermore, I got the Yuragisou no Yuuna-san manga vol. 1-13:

Here are a few other manga that I bought (mostly as reading material during train rides):

The top row are one-shot manga, the bottom left one is about one of the main characters of the anime Bakuon! and the bottom right one is volume 4 of Akebi-chan no Sailor Fuku, which is a series with a unique cutesy but detailed art style that I found very pleasant to look at and read.

A few Kantoku illustration booklets (doujinshi format):

And to try it out I bought a few one shot light novels over the course of my vacation, so I would have something more to read during train rides:

The bookstore would provide them with blind covers (you even had a choice of 10 colors), so no worries there.

In case you want to know the titles, translated in English they are something like this.
In clockwise order from top left:
“Houjou-san, who has a goodwill percentage of 120% will do anything if it’s for my sake…”
“She’s an online girl, but is it really not okay to fall in love with her?”
“Demon king battle royale; even though you have zero magical power, can you become the strongest demon king?”
“Even though she is a love comedy god, can she get in the way of my own love comedy?”

Oh Japan, with your long light novel titles that basically sum up the plot...

They are actually not bad at all and the illustrations are a nice bonus. Of course, if manga is what you are used to read you’ll have to get used to the format, but I somehow kind of like it. And I know some Japanese, so I can even mostly follow the story without getting lost.

Also, they are smaller than manga, so they are easier to carry along.

Well, that concludes what I had in store for this blog. The next one will be of my final day in Japan.
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Chloe-tsundere The louise otaku
Dit is miss beetje raar maar ik kan je blijkbaar geen pms sturen of comments (ben geblockt denk ik? Dunno iig staat er not allowed) ik kan alleen daarom hier reageren.. voor 3 euro is akkoord voor de mini wallscroll :)

Als je me unblockt kunnen we per pm verder praten of comments..
Chloe-tsundere The louise otaku
Ohh nice loot and interesting places as usual!

Hmm i might be interested in buying a mini scroll if costs arent too high.. bottom left one

The candy shop reminds me of dagashi kashi so much really nice!

Amazake seems nice sadly im no male XD

Love waterfalls! <3 added to my list hehe

And that dutch shop looks nice too. Guess if i get homesick i juat visit that shop
Honestly kinda regret not getting any 18 plus gachapon while in japan, but either way when I used up all my extra in one machine in akiba I just got three of the same buttons so maybe I could have afforded one ^^"
Very nice mangas and light novels ^^
Daihatsu Tocot city car looks like a futuristic version of Fiat 126p.
That Fujides shirt and your comment

>I wonder if Adidas knows about this…

cracked me up XD
Fallen-Cloud (2ヶ月前) #48173555
May I ask how long you've studied Japanese? I'm at a bad N4 level and could get by when it comes to tourist related things (asking directions, buying stuff, going out to eat, taking public transport, that sort of thing) but I want to at least get to an N3 level before I take a vacation in Japan. I'm too interested in the culture to be satisfied with understanding the bare minimum.

Actually, I did self-study in that regard: partly with a number of course books and partly with a course on the computer that involved pronounciation.
I'm nowhere near proficient though, but since I'm not a talkative person that wasn't much of an issue. Also, as I'm not one of the youngest anymore it is harder to retain what you have learnt, so I should do some refreshing.
I wasn't familiar with that N-grading system, so I can't say what my grade would be, but apparently it's used by the JLPT; I took a peek at their site and saw that there were sample questions for the different grades, so that might be fun checking them out.
Oh wow a Dutch restaurant in Japan, that's cool! I live quite close to the Netherlands, so shopping trips there have been a constant in my life. That would definitely have made even me feel a bit like home.

I really adore that old school candy shop area. So cute! The waterfall looks nice, that area must have a great calming atmosphere.

May I ask how long you've studied Japanese? I'm at a bad N4 level and could get by when it comes to tourist related things (asking directions, buying stuff, going out to eat, taking public transport, that sort of thing) but I want to at least get to an N3 level before I take a vacation in Japan. I'm too interested in the culture to be satisfied with understanding the bare minimum.
Dido (2ヶ月前) #48171713I didn't know there was a Dutch restaurant in Osaka! When I'll be visiting Japan again I'll definately visit it thanks to you sharing this ^^
It is located less than 10 minutes by foot from Senrioka Station in Osaka.
I made a video on Youtube where I walk from Senrioka to the restaurant:

link to video
I didn't know there was a Dutch restaurant in Osaka! When I'll be visiting Japan again I'll definately visit it thanks to you sharing this ^^
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