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To people collecting for a while, what are 5 things you wish you could tell yourself in your earlier years of collecting. If you wanna go into details that'd be sicc. Also are there any things you'd like to tell yourself now?

For me I'd say

1. You don't need doubles. What do you actually need doubles for.
2. You don't need that keychain that's like $20+
3. You don't need to buy things you know you won't display.
4. Where are you going to put that?
5. That figure doesn't even look that great why do you want it.
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I wish I had another hobby or started a creative hobby such as painting or drawing . Imagine how much money I was able to make if I were able to draw marvel or dc comic hero in professional way ?
FlyingToNowhere1年前#58651885Haha, beat me to it!
1. Don't start.

2. Don't buy that figure.

3. Yeah it looks good and you'll like it, but it's a waste of money, space, and time.

4. Seriously, just don't.

5. You'll thank me later.
buy less cheap figures that you only kind of want and go for the more expensive ones you really want... still working on that lol
For me the top three are:

1) Don't buy when you are feeling down, regret will make you feel worse later
2) Don't buy nendoroids, yes they are cute but you will box them all later
3) Same goes for figmas, they look cool on the screen, but they are too small for you to appreciate.
1) Dont stack figure boxes on top of each other horizontally because some blister packages dont properly protect the hair on the figure when the box is stacked that way and the hair on the figure will be damaged.

2) If you dont have enough display space in your house and you have the figure boxes in a corner somewhere stacked on top of each other its better to put them inside of moving boxes and store them in a climate controlled storage facility (preferably in the 2nd or top floor), it may sound expensive but ive had figures, posters, and books get damaged from a water leak in my house and I havent been able to track down replacements for some items. I have been renting a climate controlled storage facility for about a year now and I pay around $100 a month for it but its worth it to keep my stuff safe.

3) Spice and Wolf stuff ALWAYS goes up in price, it might sound like its expensive but if you dont buy it now then you will have to pay 3x or more the price in the aftermarket.

4) Always check your figures for paint defects and broken parts as soon as you receive it, the box may be in perfect condition but that doesnt mean the figure wont have a paint defect or maybe a broken piece inside of the blister package.

5) Dont wait too late to pre-order stuff because some stores close pre-orders even 5+ months before release and then you will have to pay aftermarket prices if you want the figure (this happened to me with ITEM #331558 who shot up in price right after release) but I hadnt seen the series yet when the figure was released and I didnt want to buy a figure for a series that I might not have liked after I watched it. After I watched the series I loved the character but it was already too late to order the figure and now its worth like ¥50,000.

6) Posters, clear files, bath posters, etc bend over time with the heat if you dont display them, keep them somewhere safe either in between two pieces of cardboard so it wont bend or in a picture frame that you intend to display it in and put the picture frame inside of a moving box. One other option is putting it inside a hard poster tube and keeping the poster tubes inside a box.
1) For the love of Ameterasu, learn from your mistakes and be more careful! You had your General Grievous' arm broken. You had a Darth Vader's head breaking. Those were only 6-10$, you're gonna collect things that costs 10x amount of money, so be careful with them! (Still managed to break Figma Kirito's arms, swords, figma Ram's arms and 3 of my prize figures)
2) Research! This isn't Star Wars anymore, where you run into the mall or the 'Star Wars shop' and grab the latest Clone Trooper figure. This time you got a shitton of companies making all kinds of figures who might or might not look good together. Don't buy the first Asuna figure just because 'hey it's Asuna, one of my favorite characters'
3) Don't settle for the prize. That figma is only 5000 HUF more expensive than the prize and I know you want that so save up that money for it and buy that one, the one you actually want!
4) Wait at least a week before you buy anything related to a new show you have just seen. When the 'honeymoon period' fades away you might easily find yourself in a situation where a figure is already on its way to you with your wallet being thinner, but you suddenly don't even really want that figure.
5) Just because it's free, it doesn't mean you need to take it. They are from a series you never even heard of! Should have bought that Winry Rockbell gachapon instead. Sure it might have cost a few $ but at least you's have a chaacter you actually know and like.
EXTRA) Avoid facebook and social media besides reddit. Just trust me on this one, it'll make your life way less stressful. Oh and enlist into the Japanese studies when it comes to university. You'll love it.
EXTRA II) Summon more on the Brynhildr banner in FGO. You'll have leftovers after Void Shiki and Bryn will become one of your favorite characters so please summon more, she doesn't return for 2+ years!
Just buy what you want NOW instead of LATER because the aftermarket is unforgiving!
Not so much what I would tell but what I would ask:

"1998 to 2018, 20 lost years of GK and figure collecting, *what* were you thinking!?'
Aside from one series I used to like, I don't really regret anything I've bought, but...

1. Buy the whole set. Even if there's only two or 3 Keychains or plushies that you want, it's cheaper to buy the set and sell the rest later.

2. Please don't buy any HxH merch. You're going to regret it later and that series is going to bring bad memories for you.

3. AmiAmi and the preowned section is your best friend, start there first.
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