Hello again! I'm back with the third and final review in my backlog of figures that arrived while I was still settling in to the new house!

Today we'll be looking at
Nendoroid Sengo Muramasa by Orange Rouge!
ITEM #740107

Sengo marks the fifth swordboy from Touken Ranbu to grace my tiny citadel! While I don't have a lot of exposure to the character (outside of his appearance in Touken Ranbu: Zoku Hanamaru), he's voiced by my favorite voice actor, Junichi Suwabe, so naturally I got attached to him right away. If you're wondering to yourself, "Why does he look so much like a mid-00s anime girl?", it turns out that he was designed by namaniku ATK - yes, the same designer behind Muramasa Sansei! I have no doubt that namaniku ATK was chosen to design him for this tongue-in-cheek joke, as he shares many design elements with her.

Even though he's one of the relatively newer swords, I was hoping for a while that he'd get a nendoroid--so naturally, I was over the moon when he was announced!

I think that's enough background - no emotional history or gacha salt this time (though I have tried and failed to get him in the game a few times...). Let's get to what you're all here for, which is a review!

Fair warning that this character talks about getting undressed a lot... I don't think it's bad enough to merit a nsfw rating on the article itself but? Consider yourself warned.

Here he is from the side! As you can see, Sengo uses a slightly different stand arm to account for his voluminous hair. I was apprehensive about this change at first (I had issues with ITEM #327207 in the past, who has a similar stand arm), but in general I didn't have any problems getting him on it and balanced.

From behind, Sengo's hair gives him a commanding presence! The end where it's banded together has a small joint, so you can change the direction of the ponytail if desired.

From the other side for good measure. The seam between his hair pieces is fairly obvious, but doesn't look too bad from the front. It's cute that you can just barely see his ear poking out from this angle...

Closeup on the top of his head, so you can see the various flyaways! The largest ones are attached with a small peg, so they can be removed or adjusted if needed. Honestly, I'm impressed Orange Rouge was able to sculpt hair this complicated and make it work.



Closeups on the chest-area details! As always, I'm impressed with Orange Rouge's level of attention to detail on Touken Ranbu figures. All the little gold accents and braids look good, despite the occasional sloppiness. In particular, the emblem on his belt buckle(?) is neat; I'd actually never noticed that his crest was visible there in the original art.

You can also see that his muscles have been sculpted even in nendoroid size....

Right out of the box, Sengo came with this flesh-colored piece in the loops where his scabbard should go. This piece was included to keep the loops' shape for transport, since they're made of a more flexible plastic. It can probably be discarded, but I plan to hang on to it just in case.

Closeup on the details on his stockings, as well as a slightly better look at the base! I like the many-handed design of his crest, and part of me wishes it showed up better on all my black furniture, haha...

Because it's slightly NSFW, I'm putting this next image behind a spoiler tag!
View spoilerHide spoilerhttps://static.myfigurecollection.net/upload/pictures/2019/08/18/2281868.png
I was surprised to see that Sengo's underwear is so.... racy!!! I was expecting a fundoshi, or maybe some regular-looking underwear, but! nope! that's definitely a pair of black panties!!!! Since he's a bit of an exhibitionist it of course fits his character, but.... Mister Muramasa sir!!!!!!

Anyway, now that that's out of the way... Unfortunately, my Sengo came with a few defects, which you can see in the pictures below:


Luckily, they're both pretty minor - top one is a smudge that looks like the paint was touched before it was dry. I thought the hair strand defect was a notch at first, but on closer inspection (just now while writing this) I've discovered that it was... actually just some stray glue or something!! It came right off. Welp. Wish I'd known that before taking all these pictures, haha....

Continuing on, here's everything he came with! The standard two extra faceplates, various sword parts, a bent leg, and a veritable plethora of extra arms. There were so many similar arm pieces that I'm not actually sure I ended up using all of them!

All in all, not as much in the way of accessories or props as other Touken Ranbu nendos I've bought, but definitely a lot of posing potential.

After removing the placeholder peg, it was pretty easy to get his sword in place. I thought this was a nice change from the usual sword attachment parts--because one of his poses involves holding the sword and sheath together, it wouldn't make sense to have it attach with a peg. I like being able to remove the sheath from the loops and thread it back in later; it's kinda fun!

Starting off with the default pose, based on his in-game artwork! It took a few tries to find the right bent arm. Sengo has articulation in both his wrist and upper arm, so he has a wider range of motion than you would expect.

"Huhuhu.... it seems you've undressed me."

Trying out the sort of smarmy grin face, along with the bent leg and drawn sword, to approximate his Awakened art! It's obviously not a 1:1 recreation (he didn't come with a damaged-outfit body, after all), but I was still able to evoke the feel of the pose!

https://static.myfigurecollection.net/upload/pictures/2019/08/18/2281873.png"Huhuhuhu... I see you're awfully interested in me."
Trying out the folded arms! In stark contrast to other folded-arm nendoroids I've had, Sengo's was easy to put together, and the parts fit together well. From the way his arms aren't quite interlocked, it almost looks like he's ready to strip his clothes off at any moment...

And now... trying out the serious expression, along with the blade-drawing parts! I was actually surprised they included these parts, since they're meant to recreate this illustration from Sengo's release. I'm really glad they decided to include those parts!! I love that illustration, and it was fun to recreate it in nendoroid form!

I ended up applying some effects to a closeup shot to see if I could bring out the feel of the illustration, too!! Aaah, he's so handsome when he gets serious!!! he's handsome all the time though

When I got to this end of the review, I found myself with a couple of hand parts I still hadn't used yet, despite having tried to recreate all the promo images. After another look at Sengo's illustrations from the game, I realized that there was one more pose I could make!

"Behold, the legend of the demon blade."

I was able to use one of the sword-holding hands to recreate Sengo's regular attacking pose! The sculpt of the fingers was what alerted me that this is what that hand was for--I wonder why there were no promo pictures for this pose?

Anyway, I think that's it for alternate parts! Now to have a little bit of fun!

"First off, please allow me to offer my salutations. After that, I'll strip!"

ITEM #287774's gremlin face suits him perfectly! He looks like he's more up to something than usual.... yes that's an actual quote from the game, i can't make this stuff up

For this next part swap, I ended up pulling ITEM #287726's spare parts out of storage... (pic nsfw!)
View spoilerHide spoilerhttps://static.myfigurecollection.net/upload/pictures/2019/08/18/2281877.png
"...huhuhu. You are interested in my undressed figure, are you not...?"

For a character that talks about stripping nonstop, I had to see how he looked with Raiden's naked body!!! he probably wouldn't be so shy about baring it all, haha.... It took a lot of doing to get his head on Raiden's body, but it was worth the effort! Oh Sengo, what are we going to do with you...

And now... I had to let him say hello to the other swordboys in my collection!

Kogitsunemaru: What's this? It seems another sword has joined our ranks.
Mikazuki: Oh, is that so? What nice timing. I've just awakened from my nap.
Sengo: Greetings. I am Sengo Muramasa. Yes, that so-called demon blade Muramasa. Huhuhu...
Kogitsunemaru: Er. Well--welcome! Glad to have you!!!
Mikazuki: I am Mikazuki Munechika. Well-met, friend.
Sengo: Honored to make your acquaintance. There's not a soul nor blade that hasn't heard of your beauty.
Kogitsunemaru: And I'm Kogitsunemaru. I'm little in name only.
Sengo: In name only, hm? Huhuhu... Let us strip, so that we may see whose blade is longer!
Mikazuki: Please do not do that.

Kasen: Oh my, another sword? My name is Kasen Kanesada. Pleased to meet you.
Sengo: And I am Sengo Muramasa - yes, the very demon blade of legend. Huhuhu...
Kasen: I... see. Tell me, Muramasa--do you like poems? I'm working on a few right now. Perhaps you'd like to join me?
Sengo: It would be my pleasure. But first, allow me to strip so as not to sully my clothes with ink.
Kasen: Er... must you?

Yasusada: Oh, hello there! You must be the new sword everyone's talking about. Welcome to the citadel. I'm Yamatonokami Yasusada, and I once belonged to Okita Souji.
Sengo: I see. I am Sengo Muramasa, the legendary demon blade. At present, I can't claim any legendary masters--but don't worry. It's not as though I killed my previous owners. Huhuhu...
Yasusada, pretending not to have heard that: Well, great! I hope we can work well together. I actually--have errands to run. Bye!
Sengo: Huhuhu... what a lively bunch this citadel has. I think I'll be right at home...

I had to put him next to one of my other Suwabe nendos, ITEM #512118 ! (I also have ITEM #236189, but he's in storage and quite difficult to set up, and I was already taking a long time with the shoot haha). It's a testament to Suwabe's talent that he can bring so much personality to all these different characters!

Here's where I'm displaying him for now, right next to the other Touken Ranbu nendos. My little citadel is coming along! (I'm planning to move that Gwendolyn figma in the future, when I have more swordboys for this shelf). Seeing them all lined up brings a smile to my face!

I think that just about does it for the review! And now, on to the scores:

Sculpting: Sculpting gets a 10! I was impressed with how well Orange Rouge managed to recreate his hair, and they even shrank his muscles down to nendoroid size...
Painting: Painting gets a 9. For the most part, it's very well-done. Appropriate metallic paint was used for the gold and jade accents, and the shading on his hair came out quite nice. However, I did notice some sloppiness in the paint lines in some places, and there was a definite smudge on his skirt.
Posing: Posing gets a 10 also; he comes with a wide variety of posing parts, and it's easy both to recreate the promo pictures and to be a little creative with your own poses. The extra articulation in his arms allows for more range of motion, too.
Accessories: Accessories gets a 7; for the fact that aside from arms, legs, and swords, he just... doesn't come with any props? Most of the other Touken Ranbu nendos I've bought included some kind of item that brings out their character. Yasusada came with his dango, and Kasen came with various writing parts. Mikazuki came with tea and an uchiko, and Kogitsunemaru came with his own Konnosuke... I know not all Touken Ranbu nendos come with special parts like that, but it was a bit weird to not find any props in the box--though, considering Sengo's only personality trait is that he likes to strip at inappropriate times, I'm not sure what else I would have wanted them to include, haha! maybe a naked body, or one mid-strip?
Enjoyment: 10! If you've read my reviews before, you know that I don't tend to buy figures unless I'm certain I'll love them, and Sengo Muramasa is no exception. He made a very handsome nendoroid, and I feel lucky to have him in my collection. Since I like all of his expression parts equally, I'll probably switch out his pose every so often too. He's fun to look at, fun to pose, and fun to play with--imagining him annoying the other citadel residents is entertaining in itself, and I can just hear Suwabe's "Huhuhu..." whenever I look at him.

Normally this is where I'd put some figures from the same franchise I'm looking forward to, buuuut.... I actually haven't been paying attention to Touken Ranbu lately? The language barrier makes it hard to play the game (even with a degree in Japanese!) and there haven't been any new anime, so for now I'm just kind of twiddling my thumbs. As far as existing swordboys I'd love to add to my citadel, though, I've been keeping my eye out for ITEM #464636 and ITEM #322189. I ended up liking both of them a lot thanks to anime adaptations (Katsugeki and Hanamaru, respectively) and I'm hoping they find their way to my little citadel someday. :')

Anyway, I think that'll do it for this review! Barring any surprise birthday arrivals or unexpected delays, my next review will likely be in October, when ITEM #604483 arrives... If you're interested, I hope you'll look forward to it! and I hope I don't regret it since the character didn't end up coming home in the game lmao

If you made it this far, thanks for reading!
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otakumama739ヶ月前#70300493Great review, agree 100% about what a great addition Nendoroid Sengo makes to any Nendo collection! You mentioned looking for new Touken Ranbu content. Have you looked into either the stage play or musical that TKRB has? If not, definitely do so because both the stage and musical adaptations BY FAR outstrip the animes in exploring content and sword lore. Both series are also active and ongoing. And Sengo Muramasa is a featured character in the musical arm of the franchise. Actually, Sengo Nendoroid's design was modeled after the characterization in the musical. If you think Sengo is interesting in the anime, he's even better in the musical!
Thank you for the recommendation! I hadn't actually looked into the live action arm of the franchise at all, mostly because I have no idea where to watch any of the content other than seeing it live in japan ;-; but I hadn't heard that there was so much story and lore in the musicals and stage plays, so now I'll have to see if I can find them!
Great review, agree 100% about what a great addition Nendoroid Sengo makes to any Nendo collection! You mentioned looking for new Touken Ranbu content. Have you looked into either the stage play or musical that TKRB has? If not, definitely do so because both the stage and musical adaptations BY FAR outstrip the animes in exploring content and sword lore. Both series are also active and ongoing. And Sengo Muramasa is a featured character in the musical arm of the franchise. Actually, Sengo Nendoroid's design was modeled after the characterization in the musical. If you think Sengo is interesting in the anime, he's even better in the musical!
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