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[NSFW/18+] Daiki 1/6 "F-ism Shojo"[NSFW/18+] Daiki 1/6 "F-ism Shojo"

This article is not suitable for people under 18.
I'm over 18

Today, we'll be reviewing one of my favorite 18+ figures, and one of my favorite figures overall, Daiki's "F-ism Shojo". You already clicked through the 18+ disclaimer, and so you know that many of the shots below are NSFW...

About the character: This figure depicts an original character designed by the well-known dojinshi artist Murakami Suigun ENTRY #19772. Like many dojinshi artists, Suigun has found a niche and they stick with it, as most of Suigun-sensei's illustrations feature raven-haired characters, uniforms, and bondage themes. This particular character was the cover subject of the 20th(!) volume of F-ism, a series of dojinshi CG illustrations.

This particular character seems to be a favorite of Suigun's, as she (or another character that happens to look very much like her!) appears in a number of works, including ITEM #672345, ITEM #865109, ITEM #672251, and ITEM #672343.


The asymmetrical front window is an interesting choice. This figure includes an alternate torso part to enable the character's castoff feature, and so that extra flap of cardboard keeps the alternate torso out of sight.


One side panel features a very pretty illustration of Shojo-san. Despite the rather intense bondage theme of the figure, she looks so happy! For figures like this one that have lots of optional parts, I like to keep the box on display, and so the full panel of artwork is a big plus. Also, despite the fact that this is an 18+ figure, I like how the artwork is not in-your-face ecchi.


The other side panel features a shot of the figure itself.


The back panel features shots of Shojo-san from various angles.


The box insert features a very striking monchrome blue rendering of the source artwork. Interestingly, the source artwork features one feature that did not make it into the finished figure - in the illustration, Shojo-san appears to be wearing some sort of nipple clamps, but the figure does not include such an accessory.


The blister is neatly organized and sturdy. You've got the figure itself, the alternate torso part, an alternate faceplate, and some additional accessories.


Because she is not a small figure and because of all the extra parts, the box is correspondingly large and heavy. The box measures 33 by 22 by 18 cm and the package weighs just over 750 grams.


Well, it's there.


It's a fairly blah base, but on the plus side, the grey color does match the character's eyes, and the four pegs on the base do keep her very stable.


The figure's pose attempts to realize the source illustration in 3D, so let's have a look at her.







The pose is a faithful recreation of the source illustration, but it does have a few quirks. Because of the way she's looking over her shoulder, she is "meant" to be viewed from a very particular range of angles. Additionally, because she's looking over her shoulder and leaning backwards ever so slightly, she does look a little awkward from certain angles.

One other thing I like about the pose is that you are free to weave a narrative around what is happening. Does she have a partner in this bondage adventure, or is she engaging in some sort of solo play? With the way she's looking over her shoulder and smiling, you could also imagine that she's looking in the mirror!


Overall, this is quite an ambitious figure and generally speaking the overall quality of the figure is quite good, although there there is one potentially huge issue on the sculpting front - more on that in a moment.

One of my favorite things about this figure is her pretty face. The grey eyes are a very interesting feature, and given the bondage theme of the figure, her little smile is also quite intriguing.


I kind of like the way she looks from this angle, with her long raven hair splaying around her, and if the figure is displayed below eye level, casual onlookers might not even notice the rope harness.


One small complaint is that because of the way she's peering over her shoulder, she looks slightly awkward from this angle.


I hadn't really paid too much attention to this before, but the tie on her seifuku top is really shiny!


One thing with which Daiki did a really nice job is the sculpting of the rope harness. The rope really does look more like fibers than plastic, the ropes do not just melt into her body, and the sculpting of the knots is very well done.


Shojo-san has an alternate torso that can be swapped in, and I found that neither of the torso parts would quite align perfectly with the rest of her body. Because of the way she's meant to be viewed, this part of the figure will typically not be seen, but all the same, a little better QC would have been nice to see...


I like all of the creases and folds in the skirt.


Sometimes these spots where the subject is grabbing onto an article of clothing don't look terribly realistic, but I think Daiki did OK on that front.


I like the shading on her body. In particular, I like how you can see the detail on the backs of her knees and the way her thighs transition into her glutes.


The harness also incorporates a crotch rope, and the rope keeps her mostly covered up down there.


Daiki did a good job with Shojo-san's shoes. The trim on the shoes is nicely sculpted, and I like how the soles are flat black while the tops have a shiny finish.


Display Options/Castoff----------9/10

I like figures that have a number of different display options, and Shojo-san has a bunch.

Her skirt is removable, but her top is not; rather Daiki includes an alternate upper torso part. Disassembling the figure is pretty straightforward.


The simplest castoff option has her still wearing her seifuku top, just without the skirt.


Again, I really like the sculpt of the rope harness.


Shojo-san with the alternate upper torso swapped in. Note that her arm is positioned differently when the alternate torso is used so that she's no longer grabbing for the non-existent skirt; that is a nice subtle feature!


Her upper torso from a slightly different angle.


I like Daiki's choice for her breast size - not too big and not too small, consistent with her slim physique.


She is a very slim young lady, and note that you can see a suggestion of her ribcage.


We saw this before when her default torso was used, but despite my best efforts I simply could not get either torso part to fit perfectly flush with the rest of her body. It seems like the pegs that hold her torso parts in place are just simply too large, and from reading her MFC page it appears that some people have taken to carving the pegs down to get a perfect fit. Because this flaw is not readily apparent when viewing her from the intended angle, I'm not prepared to take such drastic measures, but all the same Daiki's QC should have been better here.


The default crotch rope can be swapped out for an alternate part as well. The attachment point is well-concealed!


She's not really meant to be displayed without the crotch rope, and as a result she's not too detailed down there, although she is not Barbie doll to be sure.


The source illustration has the rope harness strapping a dildo/vibrator in both...possible places...and the alternate part realizes this feature. Note that the dildo/vibrator parts will simply butt up against her body once installed.


I was concerned that squaring off the toy parts and having them sit against her body would not look realistic, but it turned out fine. However, since the vibrators do not have flared bases, I wonder how secure they would be when held in place like this...


Shojo-san also comes with an alternate face part.


The two different faceplates, the two upper torsos, the two skirt options, and the choice to use the toys or not gives a total of 16 different display options. This particular one is a little unconventional, but I kind of like it!


In some drawings of the character, Murakami Suigun has her wearing a ball gag, and so I borrowed one from one of my other figures to see if it would work. Can you identify the figure the gag comes from? Answer behind the spoiler tag...


View spoilerHide spoiler
The gag belongs to Rika Shiraki ITEM #1072.


Scale Comparison

At its tallest point, this figure spans approximately 10.75 inches (27.3 cm) and because of the way she's tilting her head slightly, it looks like Shojo-san would be about 11 inches (28 cm) tall. 1/6 scale would maker her 5'6" (168 cm) tall, and so I'd say she is at the large side of 1/6 scale.

Two of my favorite bondage girls. Q-Six's Rie Kawai ITEM #319503 is a very large figure (1/5 scale), and you can see how Shojo-san compares.


These two make an interesting dom/sub pair. Rocket Boy's Kurone ITEM #464770 is a large 1/6 scale for comparison.


The seifuku theme is of course a moe staple. Native's Shojo S ITEM #25420 is 1/7 scale, and you can see how the Daiki figure compares.


These two also make a very interesting pair. Both Shojo-san and Kanna Yuzuki ITEM #549591 have a certain girl next door quality to them, although Kanna gives off a rather aggressive vibe while Shojo-san seems much more meek and submissive (which is sort of the point). Skytube's Kanna is 1/6 scale.


The bondage theme and the black hair makes these two pair nicely. Native's Nana Chigusa ITEM #42096 is 1/6 scale, and you can see that Shojo-san may look a little bit larger than the typical 1/6 scale sitting on the shelf.


Overall verdict and enjoyment----------9/10

Arguments for: The figure is an accurate duplication of the source illustration, Shojo-san is very pretty, lots of possible display options from mildly NSFW to full-on 18+, large scale, and it's interesting to weave a narrative about what exactly she's up to.

Arguments against: The pose will make her look a little awkward from certain angles, a bit more QC could have been used to ensure a better fit of the torso parts, and I suppose the bondage theme and the toys might not be to everyone's taste.

Overall, this is quite a neat figure, and it's one of my favorites. She is so pretty and I like how there is a whole continuum of display options from mildly ecchi to full on 18+. In her default configuration, one might not immediately recognize that she is an 18+ figure. It's not a perfect figure to be sure, but it is a very ambitious one with all of the display options, and I like the figure enough that I preordered the next Murakami Suigun Daiki offering ITEM #806375 and I'm interested to see how this one ITEM #804068 will turn out!

Availability (as of this writing)

Sold out new.

This figure was released about two years ago, so she is long sold out new, but she doesn't seem terribly difficult to find through the usual pre-owned channels. My memory and a quick scan of Mandarake confirms that she's been selling in the 10000-13000 yen range secondhand. This figure was also available as a limited exclusive through AmiAmi that was bundled with an acrylic plate ITEM #596229 and there is a variant ITEM #632951 of the figure which tweaks the color scheme (in the variant, the character's eyes are purple instead of grey and the ropes in the bondage harness are red). Both the version with the acrylic plate and the color variant seem to command a small premium in price (about 2000-3000 yen) over the original release.


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Happyakrz (8日前) #71268221I love how this figure has a beautiful presence and an almost playful nature. I like how you can't necessarily tell right away that she's bound in a rope harness. And I feel like it might almost work as a completely safe character to display on a shelf where young adults might see it (as long as the angle and position is correct). After all, I wouldn't necessarily be displaying it in its most "raw" option.
So I'm left with a dilemma -- buy the beautiful figure that opens me up to a raised eyebrows here and there, or stay safe for now with rated PG13 figures.
Your review was outstanding! Thanks!

I've got her displayed (with the skirt and with the default torso) on a shelf just below eye level in a case with her looking over her shoulder, and at a glance you don't really notice the rope harness.

If you like the general style of Murakami Suigun, this figure ITEM #806375 might actually be a good choice, as its default display option is just about 100% SFW, but she also has an 18+ castoff option.
Fantastic review! I've been eye-balling this figure for a long time and going back and forth about whether the purchase would be instantly regretted. I've not really delved into the purchase of any ecchi figures yet (though I have a couple that can be displayed in a topless or nude manner). I guess I'm equating ecchi with an overt sexuality displayed or at least heavily implied.

I love how this figure has a beautiful presence and an almost playful nature. I like how you can't necessarily tell right away that she's bound in a rope harness. And I feel like it might almost work as a completely safe character to display on a shelf where young adults might see it (as long as the angle and position is correct). After all, I wouldn't necessarily be displaying it in its most "raw" option.

I hate to say this, because I TOTALLY believe in artistic freedom, and have ZERO problem with nudity or sexuality or personal expression -- it's all SO important, but I wish that perhaps an alternate version of the figure could be offered -- something a little more tame perhaps (without the ropes and accessories). This is a gorgeous sculpt of a really beautiful figure, and I'm sure that there would be plenty of sales to make the investment worthwhile.

Then again, I get annoyed when buying music and having to wade through the "safe" vs. "explicit" versions of songs out there. I want to hear the words from the mouth and heart and soul of the writer -- don't candy-coat it and make it safe because some people might be offended by the perfect words that inspired the writer.

So I'm left with a dilemma -- buy the beautiful figure that opens me up to a raised eyebrows here and there, or stay safe for now with rated PG13 figures.

Your review was outstanding! Thanks!
h0ppR (8日前) #71241076Nice review! I actually just got this figure new from a local shop. They don't move a lot of copies fast and I get lucky finding "old" figures new there. My only disappointment with this figure is that they didn't replicate that opened mouth smile that she has on the artwork. The expression that the sculpt has isn't really the same.

I also got this figure from a small shop, and that type of local shopping has many benefits, one in particular is that since they don't move mountains of inventory sometimes you can find figures new that have been released for a while.

You make a good point about the design of her face. Her face is very pretty and Daiki did a good job duplicating the pose into 3D, but I agree that neither face part quite duplicates the feel of the source illustration.
Nice review! I actually just got this figure new from a local shop. They don't move a lot of copies fast and I get lucky finding "old" figures new there. My only disappointment with this figure is that they didn't replicate that opened mouth smile that she has on the artwork. The expression that the sculpt has isn't really the same.
BHEITHIR (9日前) #71222540Thanks for your thoughts & review!! Now i regret reserving her.

Thanks for the comment.
victorviper (9日前) #71195316
It seems like all figure collections eventually get more 18+ over time. It's just a matter of time :).

ITEM #806375 this one is cool but i don't know if i would end up getting it. i suppose it's the overall aesthetic of this character and that i feel like you have to look to find the nsfw parts, like if you just glanced at it you might not think it was what it was. and you're probably right about the 18+ over time thing x) who knows what my first 18+ figure will be!
Thanks for your thoughts & review!! Now i regret reserving her.
galablue (9日前) #71179676thank you so much for reviewing this figure. this is probably the only 18+ figure i have actually had my eye on. as soon as i saw her i really just loved her overall appeal and i hope to have her on my shelf one day when i'm brave enough to actually pull the trigger on an 18+ figure.

Interesting that this would be the only 18+ figure you are currently watching. Do either of these figures ITEM #804068 ITEM #806375 have any appeal to you, given that they are from the same artist and the former figure appears to be the same character?

It seems like all figure collections eventually get more 18+ over time. It's just a matter of time :).
Cloudberry (9日前) #71153003Nice review! I enjoy reading your 18+ reviews and you definitely have high standards for figures.
As for the figure itself, the only thing that bugs me is how one of her hair is near her mouth; it just feels like it's blocking the view of it. Either way, I like this fig and occasionally is on my radar for pickup. I like theme and if I had to display her, I just keep the skirt on for the extra 'naughtyness' of it
I'm quite surprised about the bondage rope/toy part; I always thought you had to change out her lower body to 'insert' the toys. Changing out the rope to give an illusion there's a toy in it is smart.
Also, I actually like the ball gag on her, it looks fitting for the theme.

I hadn't really noticed that stray piece of hair until you mentioned it. At first, I thought maybe it was that way in the source illustration, and it was just a case of "2D didn't translate perfectly into 3D", but I guess Daiki freestyled a little there.

The toy solution worked out better than I thought it would. I had my doubts when I saw the squared off ends of the toys, but the effect is convincing enough that they are...located...where they are supposed to be. Swapping out that piece of the rope harness is also really easy, so that's a plus.

I was surprised how well Rika Shiraki's ball gag worked on this figure, although the green color always has struck me as being an odd choice.
vgadict (9日前) #71152988Great review! I'm not generally a fan of those ropes, but the overall posing and appearance of the figure is very appealing.

Daiki really did do a good job of translating the source illustration into 3D. I'm very interested to see if they'll do the same with ITEM #806375, as that is also a fairly ambitious figure.
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