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Very Happy and Blessed Greetings!
On this Wednesday before the Thanksgiving holiday, let me wish you all a safe, happy, and yummy day tomorrow, reflecting on those things that make this country and its people worth awkward binge-eating with people you only see once or twice a year! Let’s all keep political and religious talk to a minimum. Let’s all attempt to overlook the mind-bending irritations that you will undoubtedly have within scant seconds of relatives walking through the front door. Let’s all just be thankful for what we have, because honestly, it’s better than what the majority of the souls on this planet can imagine. The fact that we are in THIS group, with this hobby, and these interests, automatically dictates that we have it pretty damn good.
Back Story
When I first saw a promo for this figure, my mouth hit the floor, my eyes popped from my head, and wallet jumped off my desk and ran screaming down the hallway.

I didn’t know her name. I didn’t know if she was in a manga, anime, game, etc. I only knew that she was the embodiment of feminine confidence (something that I spent most of my photography career trying to capture), and I wanted to include her in my collection.

The price was a little daunting, but so was her availability (at the time). When I finally found a copy that was available, I jumped on it, even though the price was $220 (the highest I’ve paid to date). And when she arrived at my door, my hands were literally shaking like a leaf as I opened the box.

I included her in a review comparison early in my process, and someone was kind enough to graciously let me know her name wasn’t “YoRHa”! He really could have made me feel the fool, but I appreciate how kind he was, letting me know that she was actually an android referred to as “2B”. I still felt foolish, but that lasted for only about 14 seconds. She was on my shelf .. unbelievably .. and I simply couldn’t stop staring at her.

When it came time to take the shots for this review, my hands shook again, but I’m quite happy with the resultant photos. Even though they do her justice in many regards, nothing compares to the figure standing right in front of you. She is absolutely glorious! 2B would be my waifu, if I wasn’t so freakin’ terrified of her! LOL

I hope you enjoy!


YoRHa No. 2 Type B – Regular Edition – NieR: Automata -- ITEM #549472
Sculptor: Higashi Takayuki -- ENTRY #26832
Vendor: private MFC seller ($220.00 in October of 2019)

The Box
From the moment you see this box for the first time, to the completion of the product’s removal, you can’t help but notice the attention to detail, elegance, and professional packaging. I don’t think it could possibly get any better in regards to pairing the packaging to the figure – refined and classy while structurally sound.

The matte finish on the box is put into stark contrast in a few places where a glossy overlay in the printing process was used to accentuate a key design element (i.e. the name, the logo, etc.). The windows are huge and do a wonderful job at teasing the figure within (front, back, and top). I like the minimal use of text and the alternate color for the “fine print” – this is a box that spends far more time showcasing the figure itself, and less time screaming the name of the brand.

I particularly like the photo of the figure printed in glossy finish on the side of the box, setting 2B in an atmosphere in which she really stands out against the darkness of her surroundings.

http://www.happyakrz.com/anime/2B_standard/2B_standard_box_2_72.jpg http://www.happyakrz.com/anime/2B_standard/2B_standard_box_3_72.jpg http://www.happyakrz.com/anime/2B_standard/2B_standard_box_4_72.jpg http://www.happyakrz.com/anime/2B_standard/2B_standard_box_5_72.jpg

The blister packaging is tight and perfectly protects the main figure, as well as the enclosed accessories. There is a LOT of additional foam stripping and plastic protecting the paint job and more delicate parts.


The Figure
The figure comes with a very detailed assembly instruction sheet that thoroughly covers the introduction of the katana to the figure.


The base is simple and elegant with the name of 2B’s parent company engraved into the plastic. Though it is pretty basic as bases go, and maybe it’s just because of the figure that stands atop it, I find this base to be really classy and cool. I originally thought the figure’s name was “YoRHa” because of the base. :)

Two very stable metallic pins rise from the base and mount the figure firmly in place.


2B’s katana is beautifully sculpted and painted with amazing details, including a free-floating tassel at the end of the handle. To be able to slide the sword into 2B’s hand, you need to first detach the grip just behind the hilt – the seam is nearly invisible, and I wouldn’t have known the sword could break down if I hadn’t read the instructions.


2B’s head and forearms can be removed, and the forearms break down even further so that the feather bands just below her elbows can be adjusted to fit around her dress perfectly.


The remainder of 2B’s body comes as a single piece. The holes in the base of the feet (for mounting to the base), as well as the assembly points for the head and forearms are perfectly crafted, neatly trimmed, and fit immaculately.


Reviewer's Notes
Overall Sculpt
As stated above, 2B doesn’t just stand on her base – she commands amazing presence there, and once mounted is completely stable. The sculpt of her heels is breathtaking, even to the degree that the heels themselves are a glossy finish while the rest of the lower leg and thigh-high boots are a matte black.


Even when assembled without her deadly blade, 2B appears as quite an imposing figure. The boots have fantastic detailing in the typical folds at the knee and ankle, and even the seams are perfectly represented with some sense of the stitching apparent here and there.


The lacework at the back of the thighs is absolutely amazing!


2B’s dress is a wonderful sculpt incorporating intricate details and simulated movement around a figure that is stunning to behold. From the puffy sleeves, to the peekaboo oval in the bosom, to the open back, to the slit up the right thigh, complete with a beautiful bow of ribbon, the dress is all about accentuating her female form, while still allowing for the type of movement that 2B needs to survive.


The sculpt of her hands, including the gloves and feather bands below the elbow, are both delicate and powerful at the same time. When I look at this feature in particular, I have a hard time believing that such intricacy was achieved in such a small scale (though she’s the largest figure I have, it still boggles the mind to imagine how they achieve such detail at this size).


This is the only NSFW section of the review and involves 2B’s undergarments with accompanying photos. View at your own discretion!

View spoilerHide spoiler
I wasn’t sure if the designer and sculptor would have gone to great lengths to create as nice a set of undergarments and bum as the figure deserves, and then I remembered the “Deluxe” version of this figure allows the lower half of the dress to be removed, revealing the gorgeous bodysuit beneath. Though the front section of 2B’s ivory bodysuit is visible in the slit of her skirt, there isn’t a great way to view her “undercarriage”, but I did my best with the shots. The sculpt of her legs is perfect all the way up to her bum, and the presentation of her thong-like bodysuit is precise and sexy as hell!


The sculpt of 2B’s masked face is flawless, and the wave of ivory hair that floats down over half of it is both detailed and masterful. The headband she wears nicely offers an invisible seam to the top of her head.


When the katana is added for the full assembly, the figure stands out that much more in a threatening manner, and yet, even that addition carries about it a feminine quality to my eye. I don’t think of 2B being a berserker-type fighter (though I know from playing the game that she can get pretty intense). I think of her skills with a blade being more surgical, and something about this figure backs up that belief. It doesn’t look like a separate weapon to me – more of an extension of her arm that is used for messier work.


There isn’t much to say about the painting of this figure other than … perfection. There is not a smudge, a ripple, an errant mark … nothing! The mixture of matte and glossy finishes is stunning, and really stands out when the lights of the display case hit her.

The intricate painting (decal-work?) in the pattern of her dress is stunning, and it’s matched by similar detail in her décolletage and the back of her neck.


The color of her bodysuit and gloves are the same iridescent ivory, and in contrast to the overwhelming blackness of her wardrobe, the flash of the light color (as well as her alabaster skin-tone) is refreshing and well-balanced.


2B’s face is also adorned with a signature beauty spot that I’ve never noticed in the game, but it adds so much Va-Va to her Voom!! Delicate dusty-rose-colored lips, and a deeper ivory hair color are the perfect “topping-off” to this figure.


Overall Presentation
As I’m sure you’ve already ascertained, I’m quite taken by this figure. And then some.

As she is so much larger than all of my other figures, I currently have her standing behind a couple of smaller gals, but it won’t be long before my need for a second case is more pressing, and then she’ll probably get a shelf all to herself.

This is a figure that commands attention from across the room, and once you’ve made your way to stand before her, you simply can’t believe that something so powerfully feminine is just a piece of painted plastic.

She is worth every penny I spent, and I will never regret the impulse to add her to my collection.

As Ferris Bueller once said …

“It is so choice. If you have you the means, I highly recommend picking one up.” :)

2B is such a powerful character, I can’t really imagine putting her up against most of the other figures in my collection, but I’ve landed on a couple that have the same sense of feminine confidence, and both could kick my ass six ways to Sunday!

The first comparison is with Alisa – God Eater 2 - Alisa Ilinichina Amiella - 1/8 - White Swimsuit ver. (Alphamax) -- ITEM #689613

Not much to say about these two, side-by-side. I don’t think they’d be friends – in fact, I don’t think they’d have much to talk with one another about – but I think that the face-to-face meeting would be interesting just from a posing and posturing perspective. Both exude a powerful sensuality, but I don’t think it’s by choice on either part – it’s simply an aspect of their character that they have come to recognize and accept – a tool that’s just as deadly as the blades they carry.


The second comparison is with Mutsu – Kantai Collection ~Kan Colle~ - Mutsu - 1/7 (Amakuni, Hobby Japan) -- ITEM #194851

Again, the nonchalant sensuality that flows around these two figures is just crazy, and the fact that they’re both armed to the teeth somewhat makes their intrigue that much more tantalizing. For some reason, I feel like Mutsu and 2B would actually get along well (though I’ve not read or watched any KanColle, so I don’t know Mutsu’s actual personality). But something about her face sculpt makes me feel like she is curious and not intimidated by much of anything. I can’t necessarily see them sitting down to a cup of tea and cakes together, but I think they’d at least recognize each other’s unique prowess.


Lessons Learned
Be vigilant. Keep checking the ads, and when something pops up that you have really wanted, don’t waste any time!! Contact the seller – ask the questions you need to ask – get the financial stuff figured out quickly – and do your best to close the purchase so that you both walk away feeling like you got a great deal. A lot of sellers out there want to make sure that a prized figure is going to go to a good home, so prove that your shelf is the RIGHT shelf from the very first contact!

As always, please feel free to reach out with questions or comments! I love hearing from you all!

Until next time!
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hadalisii9ヶ月前#70909448i feel like this review could have been written by me, from the moment she entered my room in her box I have loved her. she is one of my favourite figures and i dont see myself ever getting tired of seeing her.
I *HIGHLY* recommend you check out her game, Nier:Automata. The soundtrack and story make the game so much more wonderful that i cant put it into words.
Amazing review and breathtaking photos that do her justice! :)

Thanks so much for the very kind words! I’m glad that my expressions of adoration for this figure are shared by you! :)

I’ve recently started playing the game, and you’re right — I love it! Great game play, awesome music, and the graphics are quite good. I like the confidence with which she walks. :)

Happy Thanksgiving!
i feel like this review could have been written by me, from the moment she entered my room in her box I have loved her. she is one of my favourite figures and i dont see myself ever getting tired of seeing her.

I *HIGHLY* recommend you check out her game, Nier:Automata. The soundtrack and story make the game so much more wonderful that i cant put it into words.

Amazing review and breathtaking photos that do her justice! :)
Nice review. I just got my DX edition a couple of days ago. :D
this figure is a really great example of how monochrome (or duochrome) figures don't have to be boring. she's black on black on black on a black base, with small accents of white, and she's STILL stunning. somehow her eye catches you, and you're definitely right, it's that powerful pose (and those boots!)

great review per usual, and i hope you have a happy and safe holiday with your family!