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ATTN: this is tagged as NSFW due to the subject matter.

Previously, I posted some articles that examined trends in the scales of PVC figures. This is part 4 which examines the scale trends for nopan figures.

As I was writing this article, I realized it was getting really big - so big that it probably could have been split into a few more parts. Rather than make this series drag out further, I've included spoiler tags to allow showing or hiding extra pictures and details for each of the examples. Hopefully it helps make the article easier to view.

The data being used was collected between mid-October to early November 2019. Any updates to the MFC database since then are not reflected in this analysis.

Although there are several other scales (1/20, 1/12, 1/3, etc), this article focuses on 1/8 through 1/4 scales which comprise the majority of scale figures. There are also several entries in the MFC database that omit scale or release date, and as a result, those figures are not included.

Note 1: My use of the term "nopan figure" in this article means that the figure can be displayed without panties (lower undergarment). Either the figure doesn't have any, they can be cast off, or they are pulled down far enough to expose the crotch.

Note 2: Figure photos in this article are from the MFC database. The chart image was created by me.

Nopan figures revisited
In January 2019, I posted an article (BLOG #41939) that examined data for nopan figures. The first chart in that earlier article showed the overall growth trend in nopan figures, but it didn't examine the trends in scales over the years. Furthermore, the data for 2019 figures was incomplete, and it also omitted some older nopan figures that have since been identified. After collecting the data and writing articles on cast off figures and scale trends, it is time to revisit nopan figures.

Scale trend of nopan figures
This chart shows the overall scale trends for nopan figures:

When I created this chart, I was shocked at how even the upward slope appears between 2009 to 2017. There was one small dip in 2013, but then the growth returned to the original trend line the following year. Compared to the scale trends for similar years shown in the part 2 (BLOG #44189) and part 3 (BLOG #44346), the overall growth in nopan figures during those years was extremely consistent.

However, when looking at the individual scales, it shows a lot more fluctuation. If just 1/8, 1/7 and 1/6 scale figures are considered, there was a definite decline in nopan figures released in those scales from 2009 to 2011, which is similar to what the charts in parts 2 and 3 had shown for overall figures and cast off figures. The main difference here is that a number of larger scale nopan figures were released during those years to which made up the difference.

During the past 15 years, there appear to be 4 distinct phases:
    2005 to 2009: Early growth
    2009 to 2013: Scale transitions
    2013 to 2018: Steady growth
    2018 to 2019: Accelerated growth

Let's take a closer look at each of those periods, along with some example nopan figures to see what may have contributed to those trends.

Phase 1: Early growth (2005 to 2009)
This period coincides with the early boom in cast off figures. During this time, the majority of nopan figures were 1/8 scale. Most of the cast off figures being produced merely allowed the figures to be displayed topless, and often their panties were part of the mold and did not support cast off. However, some early cast off figures did allow the underwear to be removed. There were also some figures that didn't wear any panties. Here are some example nopan figures from this time period:

Example 1/8 scale (2007)
Queen's Blade - Nyx - Excellent Model - 1/8 - P-4 (MegaHouse) ITEM #426
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This Nyx figure was one of the many Queens Blade figures released by Megahouse during this early boom period. By the time this figure was released in late 2007, Megahouse had previously released a few other cast off figures, and their quality was steadily improving. In some regards this was perhaps their most ambitious cast off figure. The detail on Nyx is better than some of the earlier QB figures. Her demonic tentacle wand (called Funikura) is rather unusual for the period as are the long feather-like attachments on the top of her dress. This was also one of their first figures to feature a high-gloss finish. The resulting shine makes her red dress, purple gloves and stockings very eye-catching. However, that red paint proved to be somewhat of a problem as some of the pictures in the database show that it can mark the figure when her outfit is removed. Casting off her dress reveals a very shapely and elegant body sculpt with nicely shaped breasts. Similar to a few other QB figures, she doesn't wear any panties, but there is no anatomical detail below the waist.

Example 1/7 scale (2007)
Lala Poplip Pipiruno Pipiru Paparemmo - 1/7 (Orchid Seed) ITEM #3042
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This figure was released by Orchid Seed in 2007. Prior to this, they also had released a few cast off figures as well as at least one other nopan figure (ITEM #1128). However, I chose Lala as an example 1/7 scale for this period since she appears to have been a more widely released figure based on ownership numbers and the number of photos available in the database. Her outfit is a simple space bikini, and her body sculpt is very well proportioned. Parts of her hair are also nicely detailed. Unlike most figures of this era, she features slightly more anatomical detail with a very clearly defined pudendal cleft. I recently bought a variant of this figure (ITEM #8646) released in 2009 and she looks great for a figure that is over 10 years old.

Example 1/6 scale (2007)
Original Character - Tenshi-san - 1/6 - Golden Hair Ver. (Daiki Kougyou, Yamadaya) ITEM #8742
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This 1/6 figure was released in 2007 by Daiki Kougyou. The outstretched wings make for an eye-catching character, but the rest of the figure is somewhat lacking. Her outfit is minimal and appears semi-transparent. However, once her top is cast off, a seam on her shoulder becomes noticeable. Also, she lacks any anatomical detail below the waist. Her high-heel shoes can be cast off as well, but then the pegs can be seen, and the angle of her feet looks strange. The color of her hair and wings appear to be the same shade of yellow with no highlighting which makes it look like they cut corners during the painting process. Overall, it's not a great figure, but it is representative of the few 1/6 scale nopan figures produced in this era.

Phase 2: Scale transitions (2009 to 2013)
These years coincide with the economic downturn of the Great Recession and the eventual recovery. During this period, the 1/8 scale fell from being the most common scale for nopan figures. In 2010, 1/6 scale took over as the most popular, and has remained the most popular scale for nopan figures ever since. In 2012, 1/8 briefly fell as far back as 4th place behind 1/7 and 1/5 scale. However, in 2013 1/8 scale briefly returned 2nd place.

Meanwhile, some figures were also released in larger scales such as 1/5 and 1/4.5 during this time frame. The temporary growth in those larger scales during the Recession years seems to be a bit of an anomaly. I suspect that the development time for these larger figures takes longer than smaller scales, and these figures may have already been in development with sufficient funding before the recession started.

Here are some example nopan figures form this time period:

Example 1/8 scale (2011)
Demon Squeezer - Diabolus Inclinatus Desdemona - 1/8 (Embrace Japan) ITEM #46172
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This figure is based on the cover art from a doujinshi by Soushi Hirose. The figure was originally supposed to release in 2010, but there were manufacturing issues which caused a recall, and the corrected figure was finally released in 2011. For more info see www.succubus.ne...
The figure stands out for a few reasons. First, her bright orange hair is very striking. Second, her pose and expression are appealing. Her thong and breast covers can be cast off. Like many other 1/8 scale nopan figures of this era, they added just enough anatomical detail to show a pudendal cleft, but they didn't go much beyond that.

Example 1/7 scale (2009)
Ousaka Kotone - Creator's Collection - 1/7 (Native) ITEM #5917
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This was released in 2009, and is one of the first nopan figures released by Native. It's also one of the earliest Tony Taka figures. Releases like this helped Native gain notoriety for adult figures, and helped establish Tony as a prominent figure artist. Nowadays Native is known for adding anatomical detail to figures, but in this case, the detail is minimal, which might be partly due to the pose.

Example 1/6 scale (2010)
Bible Black - Saeki Kaori - 1/6 (Daiki Kougyou) ITEM #41764
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Daiki Kougyou released this figure in 2010. The figure is notable for including both very detailed genitalia and also an anus. Prior to this, very few companies had attempted to include this level of detail. One notable exception was Giga Pulse ENTRY #7632 but the accuracy of their figure's anatomical details often left a lot to be desired. By comparison, this Saeki Kaori figure's anatomy appears relatively accurate. Furthermore, she's not wearing panties, and anyone viewing her from behind at just the right angle can catch a glimpse of those lovely details. However, there are some problems with this figure. The seam lines on her outfit are very obvious. Once her shirt is castoff, it can be very hard to put the outfit back together. Also, it appears some people had problems with paint transferring during the cast off.

What about those 1/5 and 1/4.5 scale figures?
Most of the 1/5 scale figures released between 2009 to 2013 were by a single company: Okayama Figure Engineering ENTRY #8092 (aka OFE). For those who aren't familiar with this company, suffice to say they tend to make very lewd figures with detailed anatomy. Most aren't even cast off - just straight nude, and their poses and accessories are usually sexual in nature. One of their tamer figures is the following:

Example 1/5 scale (2012)
Kaichou no Iinari! - Misato - 1/5 - Sakurairo ver. (Okayama Figure Engineering) ITEM #107785
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On the one hand, she might be preparing dinner with that leek, but based on the other item she's holding, it looks like she has other plans for it. Like other figures by OFE, she has detailed anatomy. However, the painting on the figure is subpar. For example, the buttons on her sweater could have used a different color, and holes in them should be darker. Instead it looks like they just lazily painted all of it the same shade of pink. On the other hand, the coloration and shading on the body is fairly good. I guess they expect the viewers to look there and overlook the sweater.

Meanwhile all of the 1/4.5 figures released between 2009 to 2013 were from A+ ENTRY #21478 and most of them are made from polystone or polyresin rather than PVC. Here is an example:

Example 1/4.5 scale (2012)
Ikki Tousen Xtreme Xecutor - Ryofu Housen - 1/4.5 (A+) ITEM #104121
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The leggy high-kick pose combined with the larger scale makes this figure standout. Casting off different parts of her outfit allows her to be displayed topless, skirtless, nopan, bottomless, or full nude. However, the level of anatomical detail seems somewhat lacking considering the scale of the figure.

Phase 3: Steady growth (2013 to 2018)
During these years, the 1/6 scale established a strong dominance as the scale of choice for nopan figures. The number of 1/8 scale nopan figures dropped significantly. After recovering from a slight dip in 2013, 1/7 scale remained relatively flat. Meanwhile, there were a few releases in 1/5.5 scale, and larger scales. Overall, nopan figure releases enjoyed a steady growth during this time.

Here are some example nopan figures from these years:

Example 1/8 scale (2013)
Original Character - Fairy Tale Figure vol.4 - Glass Slipper and Cinderella - 1/8 - Gold Crown ver. (Lechery) ITEM #116622
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Since Lechery began releasing figures in 2012, they've offered a large number of nopan figures including this Cinderalla version made in 2013. The figure has an interesting pose, and some have joked that it looks like she's trying to use her shoe as a cellphone. However, I think she looks much better without the shoes, and then her pose looks like she's merely dancing barefoot. One interesting detail about this figure is that her tiara is real metal. She also has a very interesting necklace with faux stones that sparkle in certain lighting. The slightly translucent outfit gives her a soft wispy appearance. Unfortunately, her hair has some mold lines and its painting is somewhat mediocre.

Example 1/7 scale (2014)
Oyakorankan - Kamishiro Kotone - Skytube - 1/7 (Alphamax) ITEM #183921
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Although Alphamax began releasing figures back in 2008, they didn't release their first nopan figures (ITEM #100075, ITEM #107758) as part of the Skytube figure line until the 4th quarter of 2012. By the time this figure was released in 2014, Alphamax had established themselves as one of the leaders in cast off and nopan figures.

This Kamishiro Kotone figure is exquisite. Her hair is amazingly detailed. Even the pattern on her panties is very intricate, and it's almost tempting to leave them on. However, she's even more beautiful when cast off, and the level of anatomical detail that Alphamax gave her is remarkably good for 1/7 scale. The fuzzy carpet on the base and large pillows complement the elegant and refined style of this figure very nicely.

Example 1/6 scale (2015)
Collect1 - T2 Art☆Girls - Gin no Sharin no Kishihime Arianrhod - 1/6 (Dragon Toy) ITEM #236412
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Dragon Toy has been creating some fantastic nopan figures since 2012, and this release from 2015 is yet another terrific figure. The detail on her outfit is very good. Her battle bra and thong can be cast off to reveal her beautiful breasts and detailed anatomy.

I love her pose. Meanwhile her shocked expression is rather curious. What led up to this situation and why is she standing that way? It seems worthy of a caption contest.

Example 1/5.5 scale (2016)
Koikano x Aikano - Tenkaki Hinata - 1/5.5 (Daiki Kougyou) ITEM #397066
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Most of the 1/5.5 scale figures in this era were released by Daiki Kougyou. Although they are larger scale, many use poses with the girl kneeling so the figure ends up not being overly tall. This figure's loose fitting clothing is quite appealing. When cast off, her gorgeous figure and lovely breasts are on full display. She also features somewhat detailed anatomy but her pose tends to hide that even when she's fully cast off.

Phase 4: Accelerated growth (2018 to 2019)
As previous article parts 2 and 3 showed, figures are currently undergoing a period of increased growth. However, the growth rate for nopan figures exceeded the overall and cast off rates by a significant margin:

    Overall figures (840 figures in 2018 to 1020 figures 2019): 21% increase
    Cast off figures (125 figures in 2017 to 167 figures in 2019): 21% increase
    Nopan figures (96 figures in 2017 to 147 figures in 2019): 53% increase

Those numbers reveal a shocking explosive growth for nopan figures! Since 2018, nopan figure releases increased at roughly 2.5 times the growth rate of figures overall, including cast off figures. That increase isn't an accident. Figure companies can see what types of figures sell well, and then they align their offerings accordingly. This implies that the popularity and demand for nopan figures is surging!

Also surprising is that the growth in nopan figures is being seen across all scales. Even the nearly dead 1/8 scale saw a huge increase jumping from 3 figures in 2018 to 12 figures in 2019. 1/7 scale nearly doubled from 16 in 2018 to 29 in 2019. 1/5 scale jumped from 7 to 17 and 1/4 scale increased from 3 to 10. The 1/6 scale increase from 64 to 76 almost seems lackluster by comparison, yet it's the most 1/6 scale nopan figures ever released in a year.

Here's a look at some of the recent nopan figures that are helping fuel this recent explosive growth in popularity:

Example 1/8 scale (2019)
Original Character - Creator's Collection - Sarah - 1/8 (BINDing, Native) ITEM #676104
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This figure is the companion figure to ITEM #676105. If BINDing keeps making 1/8 scale nopan figures that look this good, it could help fuel a resurgence in the popularity of that scale. The body looks very natural and the breasts aren't too big which is sometimes a problem with other bunny girl figures. The colors and finish on the figure looks great. Her tender, inviting pose is very appealing, as if she wants you to come closer and be with her.

Example 1/7 scale (2019)
Original Character - Creator's Collection - Magic Bullets - Ade-Sugata III - 1/7 (Kalmia Project, Native) ITEM #713863
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Kalmia Project began making figures in 2016. Their most recent figures have featured various bondage themes including this one. It includes changeable body parts for the lower body and face, but is technically not cast off since she can only be displayed nude. Some owners have reported problems with the finish, and lack of paint detail. It's surprising to see such relatively poor nipple coloration and lack of anatomical detail for a 2019 release, especially in 1/7 scale. Just based on those photos, a viewer could easily mistake this figure as a release from the late 2000s.

Original Character - Skytube Premium - T2 Art☆Girls - Jin-Lian - 1/6 (Alphamax) ITEM #548307
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There were so many good 1/6 figures to pick from for an example, but I chose this one since it features a lot of customization options including alternate body parts for the face, arms and lower body. It even features some adult toys. She can be displayed as a tame SFW figure with her all of her clothing on to various states of undress, or ultimately lewd using the toys. Her dress looks stunning, and its rear peephole is clearly designed to encourage displaying her nopan style. Alphamax set the bar extremely high with this figure, and it will be intriguing to see which upcoming figures will be able to top this.

Example 1/5 scale (2019)
Reika wa Kareina Boku no Maid - Reika - 1/5 (Lechery) ITEM #605389
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Lechery has begun to offer some 1/5 scale figures including this one. Unlike many previous figures produced in this scale, this one features a standing pose which means she will likely tower over many other smaller scale figures in a collection. The pose is interesting and having her hold the red string is a very faithful recreation of the original art. However, I actually like the figure better with that removed. When she's fully cast off, she looks stunning. The sculpt and details are very impressive. Even her toenails are painted which seems rather uncommon in figures; smaller scales don't tend to support details like that.

Example 1/4 scale (2019)
NekoPara Vol.1 Soleil Kaiten Shimashita! - Vanilla - Character's Selection - 1/4 (BINDing, Native) ITEM #604593
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BINDing made a pair of 1/4 scale NekoPara figures released last year (this one and ITEM #604589), and these figures proved to be extremely popular. Portions of their outfits are made of cloth which is something that hasn't been done much with PVC figures in recent years. In theory, this should make it easier to cast off the outfits. Removing the outfit reveals Vanilla's small breasts and detailed anatomy. With her delicate features and beautiful sculpt, it's easy to see why this was such a popular figure. It's appealing even for those who may not be fans of catgirls or the NekoPara series.

Trend projections
Based on the historical data since 2005, it appears very likely that the growth trend of nopan figures will continue. The big question is whether the increased rate observed in 2019 (~53%) can continue. I have doubts that it can for a few reasons. First, the figure companies have not announced a sufficient number of upcoming nopan figures to meet a 50+% increase over last year. They still could, bit that seems unlikely. Second, although there seems to be increased interest among collectors for nopan figures, it's seems unlikely that the market will be able to buy that many new figures so quickly. Even with more collectors entering the market, the combined disposable income among collectors isn't likely to continuing growing over 50% per year. Rather, 2019 might end up being a unique year where there was a huge surge in growth for nopan figures, but in upcoming years that growth may start tracking more closely with overall figure growth. Recently that overall rate was ~21%, but even that rate of growth may not be sustainable.

Meanwhile, with the current rate, it seems that the releases of nopan figures could overtake and exceed cast off figures, but that is unlikely since it would require a significant number of nude or pantyless non-cast off figures to be released. Based on the known figures due to release in 2020 and beyond, that doesn't appear likely. Rather, it is more likely that a larger percentage of future cast off figures will also be nopan figures, and their subsequent growth will begin track more closely. This could also mean that the dreadful era of moldy molded panties may finally be coming to an end, and figures will no longer be confined to wearing permanent underwear!

Collector Considerations
It is very likely that 1/6 scale will continue to be the dominant scale for nopan figures. The recent surge in smaller scales like 1/8 or 1/7 may be appealing to older collectors that have other figures in those scales, but the trends for both of those scales has been declining and will likely continue to shrink further in future years. Meanwhile, the larger scales like 1/5 and 1/4 are showing some growth, and it is unclear if that trend will continue in future years. However, the number of figures released in those scales is still relatively small compared to 1/6 scale, and it will be a long time before another scale displaces it.

Final thoughts
This concludes my examination into the scale trends of figures. Hopefully this series was informative. I don't plan to do any more analysis type articles, at least not for a while. Instead, I am hoping to do some reviews of older figures.

Finally, I want to give special thanks to all the members that have uploaded pictures and data for the figures. Without your efforts, this article series would not have been possible.
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galablue6ヶ月前#74544984I think it's interesting that nopan has increased more than cast off has, because I'd assume that nopan would be much more of a niche market. But if I'm correct, all (unless no clothes originally like some of those earlier ones) nopan is cast off but not all cast off is nopan?
As my previous reply showed about about 14% of the figures capable of being displayed nude are nopan but not castoff. For example, figures that are nude or ones that simply don't wear panties yet can't be cast off would fit into this category.

galablue6ヶ月前#74544984I think my favorites off of this list are ITEM #46172 (would love to display her, what is the base like?)
This figure and the alternate color version (ITEM #78464) have a very simple circular disk base. There's another figure of the character (ITEM #233043) that has a much more elaborate base.
I think it's interesting that nopan has increased more than cast off has, because I'd assume that nopan would be much more of a niche market. But if I'm correct, all (unless no clothes originally like some of those earlier ones) nopan is cast off but not all cast off is nopan?

I think my favorites off of this list are ITEM #46172 (would love to display her, what is the base like?), ITEM #676104, and ITEM #713863.

Great informative article as usual!
I did a quick comparison of the numbers used for the pie chart in that other blog (BLOG #42433) versus the current numbers, and this is what I found:

Using data from February 2019
56% Cast off but not Nopan
31% Cast off and Nopan
13% Nopan but not Cast off
(In the earlier article, these were rounded to nearest 5% and listed as 55, 30, 15 percent)

Using data from January 2020
53% Cast off but not Nopan
33% Cast off and Nopan
14% Nopan but not Cast off

Much of the difference between the two data sets are new figures from 2019. This confirms that more of the newer cast off figures support nopan display.
Cloudberry6ヶ月前#74257593Interesting read. I always thought nopan figures were the same as cast-off figures...
There is a significant overlap, but there are distinct differences. I'd previously discussed this in a prior article (BLOG #42433 in the section titled "Correlation between Castoff and Nopan figures").
Interesting read. I always thought nopan figures were the same as cast-off figures...
funwari7ヶ月前#74112646An issue figure manufacturers contend with is the appearance of cast off parts themselves. A figure that doesn't look good when cast-on will probably be a dealbreaker for some. 1/6 scale is the perfect scale for this, since the figure is large and the removable parts won't seem too bulky (I assume there is a limit to how thin they can make individual parts).
Both the appearance and and ease of manipulation are likely factors that push cast off toward larger scales. At very small scales, the garments can look over-sized, plus they can also be more fragile and harder to fasten/unfasten at smaller scales. Scales of 1/6 and above seem to handle this better. However, at even larger scales, detail can become a more obvious issue (e.g. PVC may look too much like plastic instead of cloth, etc), which may be a reason for some of the recent 1/4 scales like those Nekopara figures opting to use real cloth.
An issue figure manufacturers contend with is the appearance of cast off parts themselves. A figure that doesn't look good when cast-on will probably be a dealbreaker for some. 1/6 scale is the perfect scale for this, since the figure is large and the removable parts won't seem too bulky (I assume there is a limit to how thin they can make individual parts).
I see alot of familiar figures there and my nopan section of my collection kinda reflect these trends XD
Great Figures, Amazing Service, Fantastic Price!

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