Wonder Festival Winter 2020 + Akihabara LootWonder Festival Winter 2020 + Akihabara LootLoot

So it’s been a bit of a hectic week with lots of both excitement and disappointment about the Wonder Festival offerings. I had decided to make sure I attended 2020 Fuyu around July last year, so I would have to accept whatever came my way.

This was my second WF. The first, 2 years ago, I was drastically under-prepared for, showing up at opening time with my 3 year old in a stroller and wife in toe. This time I made sure to be early and alone with adequate hands free to carry the bags of sweet figures I would be purchasing. As far as exclusives we’d seen during the lead up, all I wanted was Funnyknight’s Nazo no Heroine X ITEM #941238, plus any other cool items from the dealer halls.
With around an hour until doors opened, I hit the back of the line and realised I had f**ked up.

I should’ve predicted from my comiket adventures that our Japanese friends que like bosses when there are exclusives on the line. From this moment I knew that Heroine X was no longer on the cards.
Doors opened at 10am on the dot and we began to death march in small groups around the perimeter of Makuhari Messe. As you near the entrance, the fool proof ticketing system of “hold up your guide books” is employed.

Definitely wouldn’t work in any other country, haha!

Even though I knew that by 10:30, Nazo no Heroine would be long gone, I made a b-line towards the Aoshima booth to confirm for myself.
After breaking my heart, I moved on to check out the industry booths and as I passed Aniplex, I noticed they had a small amount of Zero Two still available at Y18800!! This was an amazing win, as Nippon Yasan had screwed me on my preorder, and in Akiba prices have inflated to over Y26900.

All the industry booths have been well covered by folks with proper cameras so I’ll spare you too many of the iPhone shots.

My must-buy standouts of the show would be GGO Asuna by Alter, E-Stream’s Emilia, and Koto’s 3 Oregairu figures.

Let downs are no new Raphtalias or Sakurajima Mais announced, as I’m not 100% happy with any of the current ones.

Anyhow, I moved on to the final 2/3rds of the show, which I do wish there was more actual coverage for. It’s insane how many talented folks are out there. These Dark Souls figures were my pick of the lot and I would’ve purchased them all if the stall hadn’t already been cleaned out.

There were also a number i resellers there too, and I had the time of my life digging through tubs of unboxed Transformers, finally settling on a pricey Botcon 2016 Tigatron and a couple of other Beast Wars.

There were still a number of Nendoroid Natsuki Subarus left at the GSC booth on the way through, and with zero line I decided to drop the 5000 yen.
Glad I did, because the Akiba prices are 9000 yen+!

The next day, my family headed to Disney Land and left me to my own devices in Akiba. It was at Lanshinban’s Akiba Zone store that I managed to find a solitary Nazo no Heroine X, for a markup of course. I weighed up my options and the non-limited version without the hood and glasses would cost around the same price by the time I factored in Aussie GST and EMS shipping, so I called an attendant over to the showcase and pulled the trigger.

Having spent part of 2019 watching the Monogatari series, I grabbed Alter Shinobu and Sengoku on the way to the counter.

This lead to a spiral where I picked up GSC Makise Kurisu from Mandarake Complex, Kotobukiya Tsutsukakushi Tsukiko from Radio Kaikan, GSC Hanekawa Tsubasa and ToyWork’s Kuroneko from Traders and Nendoroids Raphtalia, Naofumi and Sakurajima Mai from Volks.

The next day I stopped off at Nakano Broadway to add more Beast Wars and Bellfine’s Kirigaya Suguha to the tower.

That brings my aforementioned tower to where it is today. Having to get onto the floor to take this picture has made me realise I messed up! Haha

2 more weeks left of my Holiday, so will have to see what tomorrow brings.
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you can pickup boxes from convenience stores eg family mart or 100yen stores or buy them. Pad a few layers of styrofoam and check in at the airport (if you're worried as them to stick a fragile sticker on it). I've brought back numerous figs that way and it's pretty good so far.
Lyncfs7ヶ月前#75686271Just curious how are you going to bring home all your figures? Are you going to put them in carry on or ship in your luggage? I'm traveling to Japan in April and was contemplating bringing a medium size suitcase, but I was worried the figures would get damaged in transport unless I hand carried, limiting how many I could buy.
Will take a large box or 2 as carry on, the rest will be checked in. I have a large 81cm suitcase. :)
Just curious how are you going to bring home all your figures? Are you going to put them in carry on or ship in your luggage? I'm traveling to Japan in April and was contemplating bringing a medium size suitcase, but I was worried the figures would get damaged in transport unless I hand carried, limiting how many I could buy.
Dat haul! Cool you could get Zero Two for such a good price. My favorite of your pickups is GSC Hanekawa.

I too was surprised by the lack of new Raphtalia at WonFes. I'm guessing we'll see more as S2 and S3 air.

I'm glad that Kotobukiya is making more Snafu figures, but still no Hachiman... The new Iroha looks nice. I was thinking of maybe getting her to go along with Koto's first Yui and Yukino (which I prefer to the new ones), but those are summer uniforms and the new ones are winter.
Awesome loot! Expecially with the srp priced Zero Two!
Seems like such a fun experience, thanks for sharing! :D I hope to attend a Wonfes one day.
gundamuk Lewd, but never uncouth...
Impressive stack as others noted before me. I was at WF too so seeing the lines again gave me a little PTSD. Good luck with the return flight back.
galablue7ヶ月前#75621761Alter Sengoku is my favorite figure I own <3. So glad you got to pick it up.

I can see why! She’s simple yet her body language is expressive enough to evoke the character perfectly.
Moribundead7ヶ月前#75619152Just how much money do people usually bring to an event?
I brought 200,000yen just in case, but only spent 34,000. If you do garage kits expect to spend more!

Thunderr7ヶ月前#75619489This haul was great,especially the Raphtalia and Naofumi Nendoroid. I also love that Zero Two figure that you bought from Aniplex. It's definitely one of my favorites that I have so far and it's nice that you got it cheapter than what it goes for right now :). I expect more of these in the future :D. I also have a question: How is the quality of the figures from Funny Knights?
Haven’t unboxed her just yet but will be able to answer that soon!
laurenk4187ヶ月前#75605884Damn, that's an impressive stack! Good on you that you were able to get ITEM #941238 in the end. Just out of interest, how are you planning to get them all home?Mikeowu7ヶ月前#75616646What a stacks hahaha.. I’m planning to go to Tokyo next month for figure hunting too. Yaay! With that much item will you use DHL/fedex to send them home?

They’re all coming on the plane, somehow *heavy breathing*
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