Weekly Blog #3: Nendoroid Yukina Minato ReviewWeekly Blog #3: Nendoroid Yukina Minato ReviewReview

Hello again everyone for week 3! This week I'll be reviewing nendoroid Yukina Minato by Goodsmile from "Bang Dream! Girls Band Party!". I received this one as a Christmas gift from family, and it is one of the newer additions to my collection.


To start things off here's a picture of her with her box! I live how Goodsmile seems to be more consistently making special patterns on their newer nendoroid boxes for each character based on their series and characteristics. For instance on the Yukina box we get a nice purple accent color with patterns similar to Roselia's stage dress on the sides, along with the rose. Unfortunately i do not have a good picture of this, but the extra bit of characteristic detail really is appreciated! (Especially if you like me and seemingly most collectors, don't throw out the boxes despite how much extra room they take up.)

Here's a picture of her in her standard cover pose resembling that of her "Onstage" in game art card. Typical of goodsmile, the attitude of the pose is captured amazingly well in chibi form, and the cuteness factor is scaled up by 10.


Speaking of cuteness, here's her cute expression when she reacts to anything cat related. Yet again the nendoroid form factor only makes poses like this even better!

(No wonder Roselia covers A Cruel Angel's Thesis in the game, it's abbreviated to C.A.T)

Additionally here we have Yukina in some slightly more dynamic poses with her singing expression. A variety of parts are such as additional hand and arms, as well as a microphone and stand, are included to make a variety of more dynamic singing poses possible! I personally love the energy and variety of these posies that can be achieved with these parts.

Now on to evaluating the more technical aspects of the nendoroid. Like most nendoroids, the paint job is not perfect, with slight imperfections (mine has this weird line on the top of the head), but nothing that should be considered a deal breaker by any means. In fact they did a great job with the more detailed parts of Roselia's stage dress, particularly the Rose headpiece and the ribbons on the outfit. Furthermore the expressions are painted perfectly, and the hair has a nice gradient to it. Another thing worth mentioning with my unit is that this was the easiest nendoroid to pose that I have ever had the pleasure of posing. No stupidly stuck joints, back pegs, or stubborn accessories that make me feel like I have to apply enough force to break the darn thing. Setting up and posing this nendoroid was simply fun.

All in all, if you're a fan of Roselia, or even Bang Dream! in general, I can undoubtedly recommend this nendoroid, and I'm super excited for what looks like a full Roselia nendoroid line in the future with the announcement of nendoroid Sayo at Wonfes!

Thank you for reading my blog! Check in next week to see my review of nendoroid Okabe Rintarou (or rather Hououin Kyoma!) from Steins;Gate! Due to an unexpected haul from a convention I attended this past weekend I will instead be reviewing Goodsmile's 1/8th Makise Kurisu, also from Steins;Gate, and giving a brief overview of the rest of my haul!
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Easy to pose


While I'm not too familiar with Bang Dreams! series I think Yukina is cute; I quite like her rose hair accessory along with her purple side mini ponytail.

Thanks for the review!
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