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It's been awhile, friends! Snapped a few shots from my most recent HLJ warehouse shipment!


A big ol' box!


HLJ is always very skilled at the art of package tetris, I'm always so impressed! I also didn't take a separate pic of the Quintessential Quintuplets clear file - but it's there on top!

Dororo was such a great show! Couldn't resist this Nendo. ITEM #805988


Zombie Land Sakura (with Truck-kun) ITEM #872596


Another basic bitch Taito prize. I missed the original version of this winter figure and had kind of thought about picking it up, but I'm glad I waited, b/c I like this recolor better! ITEM #894014


I LOVE Goblin Slayer (I've actually gotten behind on the LN, but I can't wait for the movie!) Cow Girl!! ITEM #777234


I really enjoyed Shield Hero, and love love love Raph! So of course I had to get Koto's gorgeous version! ITEM #806092


This last one was kind of an impulse buy. I had preordered Utau before, and then cancelled, and then she was in stock so I decided to snatch her up. ITEM #617147 She seems like one of those figures that people like, but kinda flew under the radar, but will end up skyrocketing b/c she isn't the type to get a re-release. Time will tell!


In other figure news/thoughts, I'm waffling on this Emilia. ITEM #929485 She is just SO gorgeous, but SO expensive. AND HUGE. Am I ready to make a poor financial decision?? I have a little bit of time to decide .... I don't like the Rem figure (and there are so many other Rems to choose from), but the Emilia is just so striking. Where would I even put her?? argh!

Speaking of Rems, I'm still waffling on Kitty Rem ITEM #845671 I was kind of waiting for TOM to have a coupon or more points back, but wtf, TOM .... COME ON!!!
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I agree, HLJ always packages things really well. Great haul! That Emilia figure you are considering is pretty spectacular.
I envy your Teto. ♡ They did a amazing job on her first figure! I'm in the same boat for that Emilia figure too. Will she get a re-release eventually? Or am I being too optimistic? ^_^'
Nice haul. HLJ private warehouse is so useful for combining shipping.

I love Goblin Slayer as well. I have a while more to wait on my Cow Girl from TOM. So psyched that Phat announced Priestess ITEM #946014 \(^o^)/

I also got Kotobukiya Raphtalia. She is outstanding!

Emilia looks amazing, but that price and size... Kitty Rem looks great too. I have so many Rems already, I should probably pass on her ^^;
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