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Hello MFC!
This article has been a long time coming and has taken me quite a bit of time to put it all together, but today I would like to present to you my Haul from my trip to Japan in September 2019. This was my third trip to Japan so this time I was able to come completely prepared and had a strong game plan of where I wanted to go and what I wanted to do. I also went with a friend and it was his first time visiting Japan, so it was an opportunity to show him around and all my favourite Otaku hot spots and hidden stores!

On this trip I had 2 suitcases with a total combined weight limit of 40KG ( I weighed in at 39.8KG ) I also had my carry-on luggage which I believe the limit was 8KG ? I weighed in exactly at 8KG. On my previous trip I had to send a 10KG package back home and that was an absolute nightmare to organise, I didn’t want to deal what that situation again so this time I wanted to make sure I had enough space and weight to get everything I could!

There is a lot to go through, I have tried to break everything down into categories/series, I will do my best to talk about every item and if I remember where I purchased it from, I shall list that as well! A lot of this merchandise does not have a data entry here on MFC, I spent a few days on my return adding a lot of these items to the database ( especially all the SSSS.GRIDMAN merchandise ) but if there is something here that you can recognise that I couldn’t find the entry for I would greatly appreciate the link!

If you would like to see my previous Japan haul from 2018, you can check out that article here:
BLOG #40222

Without further ado, let’s get into my Japan haul for 2019!


________________ JAPAN HAUL – SEPTEMBER 2019 ________________

2 Suitcases, 40+ Kilos, here is everything in its entirety layed out on my floor. We have a collection of all sorts of different items, figures, artbooks, CDs, DVD+Blu-ray Box sets, T-shirts and lots of Acrylic stands. During my trip Acrylic stands were absolutely everywhere and I was very excited about this. I love displaying acrylic stands of characters alongside their figure counterpart, they make for some really clean looking displays. In my previous trip to japan in 2018, I started collecting Acrylic stands but only collected the ones I “ liked “, which ended up being a poor move on my behalf. As time went on the ones I was missing became increasingly harder to find to complete my sets, so you’ll see a lot of Acrylic stands during this loot post. After spending several days cataloguing everything, separating them by series and finding a home for them all, let’s take a look at everything bit by bit!


________________ SSSS.GRIDMAN ________________

Let’s begin by taking a look at what mostly takes up the bulk of the haul, my collection of SSSS.GRIDMAN merchandise. It would appear that SSSS.GRIDMAN is extremely popular in japan, there was whole walls of merchandise from the series in every store and each one brought something new and different that I hadn’t seen before. I basically went to Japan with no merchandise from the sderies what so ever and left with some amazing and wonderful items!


Before I started collecting anime figures, my passion started with collecting DVD Box sets of my favourite anime series. Theres truly something special about owning a Box set, they feature exclusive artwork, come with so many extras and is just a great way to support a series you enjoy! So one of the biggest items on my wishlist was the limited edition Blu-ray Box set of SSSS.GRIDMAN which I managed to pick up at Mandarake in Shibuya.


It’s an absolutely gorgeous set, the artwork featured on the box is just stunning! It comes with 4 volumes, each one has a specially designed slip case housing an art book and the Blu-ray disks themselves.

.Volume 1 - ITEM #893781
.Volume 2 - ITEM #893782
.Volume 3 - ITEM #893783
.Volume 4 -ITEM #893784


Next up I got whole bunch of artbooks, which I believe I got every single one from Mandarake in Akihabara. The one featuring Akane on the front holding the flowers is my favourite piece of art from the series. The book featured on the bottom “ Saito Kengo “ has some amazing illustrations of Rikka and Akane in an array of different outfits. I didn’t even see this Artbook originally as it was displayed inside a glass cabinet, but after bringing all the other artbooks to the counter the salesmen at the register pointed this one out to me and even hooked me up with the Animation works book to go along with it! The staff are so friendly and always go the extra mile to try and help customers out so never be afraid to ask for help! ( Both of these books I could not find a data entry for nor provide enough info to create an entry )

.SSSS.GRIDMAN Fan Book - ITEM #893841
.SSSS.GRIDMAN Uchusen Extra - ITEM #893847
.SSSS.GRIDMAN Heroine Archive Akane and Rikka - ITEM #863227
.SSSS.GRIDMAN Special signature to save the soul - ITEM #815363


Next up I found these 2 side stories manga/novels from SSSS.GRIDMAN. One for Akane and one for Rikka. Love the artwork featured on the front of these. I found both of these books by surprise in the Shinjuku ANIMATE store.

.SSSS.GRIDMAN Anthology side Rikka - ITEM #853941
.SSSS.GRIDMAN Anthology side Akane - ITEM #853943


Next I bought a set of 6 CD’s from SSSS.GRIDMAN. I bought all of these from ANIMATE in Akihabara which was their entire catalogue of GRIDMAN CD’s at the time! I believe I am just missing one CD ( The ED single ) but I couldn’t find that one anywhere! The CD’s all feature reversible cover art, the first 4 are character singles, the one featuring the whole gang running along with Gridman is the OP single while the last one is the Original soundtrack.

.SSSS.GRIDMAN Character song 1 - ITEM #893789
.SSSS.GRIDMAN Character song 2 - ITEM #893790
.SSSS.GRIDMAN Character song 3 -ITEM #893791
.SSSS.GRIDMAN Character song 4 - ITEM #893792
.SSSS.GRIDMAN UNION OP single - ITEM #893785


Next is the giant horde of Acrylic stands, there was such a wide variety of different Acrylic stands for SSSS.GRIDMAN I had such a fun time hunting them all down! The first lot here is the entire set of Acrylic stands that were available to purchase during the GRIDMAN Café collaboration. I found this entire set sold together at a small Suruga-ya Branch in Akihabara. It was the one right behind Mandarake and had a whole floor that specialised in Sentei/Kaiju series!

.GRIDMAN SHOW Hibiki Yuuta - ITEM #801843
.GRIDMAN SHOW Utsumi Shou - ITEM #801841
.GRIDMAN SHOW Rikka Takarada - ITEM #801838
.GRIDMAN SHOW Akane Shinjou - ITEM #801837
.GRIDMAN SHOW Anti - ITEM #801835
.GRIDMAN SHOW Calibur - ITEM #801832
.GRIDMAN SHOW Borr - ITEM #801831
.GRIDMAN SHOW Max - ITEM #801830
.GRIDMAN SHOW Vit - ITEM #801833
.GRIDMAN SHOW Gridman - ITEM #801828


These set of Acrylic stands are the ones I wanted the most and were the hardest to hunt down. I pretty much got everyone from a different store so it was a massive hunt to complete the set and even then I am still missing a few! The bases are reversible, you can either have the logo from the series being displayed or the other side formulates a collage of GRIDMAN if you combine all the stands together!

.Indor Acrylic stand Hibiki Yuuta - ITEM #781760
.Indor Acrylic stand Utsumi Shou - ITEM #781759
.Indor Acrylic stand Rikka Takarada - ITEM #781758
.Indor Acrylic stand Akane Shinjou - ITEM #781757
.Indor Acrylic stand Calibur - ITEM #781753
.Indor Acrylic stand Borr - ITEM #781752
.Indor Acrylic stand Max - ITEM #781751
.Indor Acrylic stand Gridman - ITEM #781749
.Indor Acrylic stand Gridknight - ITEM #859289
.Indor Acrylic stand Anosillus - ITEM #893850


This next Acrylic stand was one of my favourite finds, featuring all characters together standing in front of Gridman against a starry sky! I found this amazing gem in Suruga-ya in Shinjuku. The Junk computer Acrylic stand I found in a multi-floored store next to Radio Kaikan in Akihabara and lastly the 2 chibi stands of Rikka and Akane I found in ANIMATE in Shinjuku ( I thought these 2 would look perfect displayed alongside the nendoroids! )

.Group Acrylic stand ( No entry )
.Junk Computer Acrylic ( No entry )
.Chibi Rikka Acrylic stand - ITEM #781746
.Chibi Akane Acrylic stand - ITEM #781745


Next is something that I didn’t particularly think I would dive into and that’s the Kaiju side of SSSS.GRIDMAN, more specifically, the Soft Vinyl toys. Basically this figure of Ghoulghilas was everywhere during my trip and in absurd amount of quantities, 100s of them to the point where they were spilling out all over the floor. So I decided to get one despite its awkward shape and making it hard to pack into my suitcase ( he ended up coming on the plane with me as part of my carry-on luggage ) So he became a bit of a meme during the trip. I think I ended up buying him from SOFMAP in Akihabara as that is where they were all over the floor enmasse. Also at the same Suruga-ya brand that I found the Café Acrylic stands I found these Stands of the Kaiju themselves! Only missing a few now but hopefully they produce all the Kaiju’s in soft Vinyl to go along with them as well! I couldn’t find any data entries for the acrylic stands nor provide enough information to make my own.

.Ghoulghilas Soft Vinyl Toy ITEM #799477


And finally to wrap up the SSSS.GRIDMAN merchandise I finished the trip with getting the Nendorids of Akane and Rikka. Originally I was saving space in my suitcase for the Revoltech figure of EVA unit 08 from the 4th rebuild film but the TOKYO 01 EVA store didn’t get them on release, so I thought I would grab these 2 instead! I bought both of these from the official AMIAMI store in Akihabara.

.Nendoroid Rikka Takarada - ITEM #780980
.Nendoroud Akane Shinjo - ITEM #780978


________________ MONOGATARI SERIES ________________

My favourite series to hunt merchandise for while in Japan is from the “ Monogatari “ series. There is always such a wide variety of merchandise and I always discover things that I had no idea existed! Here is everything I got in a group shot.


I own all the Monogatari light novels released so far so my first call of business was to make sure I grabbed the latest two volumes from ANIMATE in Shinjuku, Amarimonogatari and Mazemonogatari.
Ononoki is my favourite character from the series so I was filled with joy to see she is getting more story arcs and a gorgeous new piece of art!

.Amarimonogatari Novel - ITEM #893886
.Mazemonogatari Novel - ITEM #893888


From Akiba Zone in Akihabara I picked up the limited edition copy of the Utamonogatari volume 2 OP & ED CD compilation. I also found this gorgeous badge set that was from the “Madogatari” exhibition, I found these at Suruga-ya in Shinjuku, as well as a cute Acrylic stand of Ononoki which is part of the 10th anniversary line.

.Utamonogatari CD - ITEM #846491
.Badge set ( No entry )
.Ononoki Acrylic stand ( No entry )


A bonus item that I didn’t know existed was this limited edition 10th Anniversary Monogatari FES book! It comes in this gorgeous hardcover box, features a book going through each character and interviews with their voice actor and it also comes with a CD! (Not sure on its contents). I found this in a glass cabinet on one of the middle floors of Akiba Zone in Akihabara. Also could not find a Data entry for this item either.


And lastly just some assorted merchandise I found while rummaging through Radio Kaikan! A clock based on Owarimonogatari, An amazing 10th Anniversary print of Shinobu in the “Ending artstyle” by Hajime Ueda and the last Shikishi board I was missing as part of a 4 piece set from an Ichiban for Tsukimonogatari!


________________ FINAL FANTASY XV ________________

With the Final Fantasy 7 Remake on the horizon, I knew that FFXV merchandise would be starting to phase out so this was my last opportunity to grab what I needed while I was in Japan. Unfortunately I didn’t find as much as I had hoped, but I did find 2 Acrylic stands I was missing ( Aranea and Ravus ) which I got in Suruga-ya in Shinjuku, a Postcard set from the Square Enix Café in Akihabara and finally, one of my holy grails, the Play arts kai figure of Ignis. Ignis and Prompto are the last 2 Play arts Kai figures I am missing in my collection and sure enough it appears these two are the hardest to come across. I was looking for these bad boys everywhere, then I finally found Ignis mint sealed tucked away at the back of Mandarake store in Nakano broadway. Just need to find Pompto and my Chocobro’s will be togerther at last!

.Aranea Acrylic stand - ITEM #559980
.Ravus Acrylic stand - ITEM #559990
.FFXV Post card set - ITEM #560754
.Ignis Play Arts Kai Figure - ITEM #346974


________________ MERCHANDISE FROM ARTNIA ________________

One of my favourite places to visit while in Japan is the Square Enix ARTNIA building in Shinjuku. It has the most amazing atmosphere and offers a wonderful experience for fans of the company and the series they produce. When I wasn’t dining at the restaurant I was drooling over the merchandise, here are some of the assorted bits of merchandise that doesn’t really fit into any other category. I got this insane Acrylic display of the whole gang from “The world ends with you “, as well as a cool Clear file! I was also lucky enough to find an Acrylic stand of Cloud from his Advent children attire (Cloud is always the most popular character and is hard to find anything related to him from official Square Enix stores).

.World ends with you Acrylic stand - ITEM #758163
.World ends with you clear file - ITEM #758624
.Cloud strife Acrylic stand - ITEM #691612


________________ NIER AUTOMATA ________________

Another series I am a big fan of is the Nier Automata series, I was lucky enough to get a bunch of merchandise on my previous trip to Japan so this time it was a clean up getting the things I couldn’t find initially. Plus finding some extra goodies along the way of course! Here is everything all together: One big find was a sealed copy of the Nier Orchestral arangment double CD set. I can’t quire remember where I found this, maybe Akiba Zone in Akihabara? But it was an amazing price and was super happy with that find.

.Nier Orchestral arrangement box set - ITEM #719055


Here is a closer look at all the badges that I found! The set of 6 yellow badges were merchandise sold as part of one of the Nier concerts, I found this set in Suruga-ya in Shinjuku. Also from the same store I found the entire set of these badges which I believe were only available at the Square enix café? I found all of these seperatly In a basket and hat to sift through everything to find them all! Super lucky!

.Nier Concert badge set - ITEM #570786
. Café Exclusive badge 2B - ITEM #570273
. Café Exclusive badge 9S - ITEM #570274
. Café Exclusive badge A2 - ITEM #570275
. Café Exclusive badge Pods - ITEM #570276
. Café Exclusive badge Pascal - ITEM #570289
. Café Exclusive badge Adam - ITEM #570286
. Café Exclusive badge Eve - ITEM #570288
. Café Exclusive badge Devola - ITEM #570278
. Café Exclusive badge Popola - ITEM #570280
. Café Exclusive badge Commander - ITEM #570282
. Café Exclusive badge 6O - ITEM #570283
. Café Exclusive badge Yorha Logo - ITEM #570291


When I was talking about Acrylic stand regret, these are the guys I mentioned. Originally I went to the SE Café and only picked up 2B, 9S and A2. As at the time they were the only characters that had Bring art figure adaptions so I could display the stands alongside the figures. Of course months later they announce figures for the rest of the gang which I specifically decided not to get due to them not having figures…So this time I made sure I got the ones I needed, Adam, Eve, Devola and…wheres Popola? She was sold out! So now I am just missing one, so close to completing the set!

.Acrylic stand Adam - ITEM #570298
.Acrylic stand Eve - ITEM #570299
.Acrylic stand Devola - ITEM #570301


And finally, the best thing as part of my Nier Automata haul was Exclusive edition 2P re-colour of the 2.0 2B Bring arts figure! This was the main reason I wanted to visit the ARTNIA store and was so happy that they still had some in stock!

.2P Bring Arts figure - ITEM #798379


________________ FLCL ________________

One series I was keen to find merchandise for was FLCL! With new seasons progressive and alternative coming out I was on the hunt! The biggest thing on my hunt list was the limited edition Blu-Ray box set which I ended up finding in Mandarake in Shibuya! The artwork is stunning and comes with a ton of extras! One of the weirdest extras though was the giant print featuring the gang from Progressive. Originally I thought it was Vinyl given the size of the packaging and shaping…but after opening it it’s just a print? I love the artwork but I definitely thought there was something “Inside “the packaging, just a piece of cardboard!

I also managed to find two small art books, one for Alternative and one for progressive as well as a limited edition Soundtrack box set! Really happy with these items and it’s just so great to see new merchandise from a truly incredible and influential series!

.Blu-Ray box set - ITEM #736347
.CD Box set - ITEM #732315
.Alternative artbook ( No entry )
.Progressive Artbook ( No entry )


________________ ASSORTED ACRYLIC STANDS________________

I found these 2 LLENN acrylic stands in the Shinjuku ANIMATE store! One to go with the Nendoroid and the other to hopefully in the future display alongside the scale figure featuring the same swimsuit outfit as the stand!

.Chibi LLENN Acrylic stand - ITEM #711424
.Swimsuit LLENN Acrylic stand - ITEM #788838

I found this really cool stand from “Tanya the saga of evil” film in Suruga-ya in Shinjuku! One regret I have is not getting the Limited edition Blu-ray box set for the film. It had only just released in Japan while I was there but I hadn’t watched the film yet so I decided to not get it. Of course once I got back from my trip and watched it I absolutely loved the film! I should have naturally anticipated I would like the film and just bought the box set while it was available!

.Tanya Movie Acrylic stand ( No entry )

And the last 3 are part of an interesting story: Our second day in Akihabara we just happened to accidentally stumble upon a “Promised Neverland” Café! Not only was it the first day of operating but we were also the first customers to be served! It was an awesome experience and they had a bunch of exclusive merch! I got the 3 main characters Acrylic stands as a memento and the 2 coasters were randomly handed out with your meal/beverage ( I didn’t get a great selection there haha )

.Promised Neverland Acrylic stands ( No entry? )


________________ MADOKA MAGICA________________

Next up I was able to find a few bits of Madoka Magica merchandise I was missing for my collection. I could not tell you how long I have been trying to hunt down the Nendoroid of Nagisa Momoe. I could never find the cheeky thing till I finally found her tucked away amongst 100s of Nendoroids in Mandarake in Akihabara. She was the last Nendoroid I needed to finish the set so I was super happy with that find. The other 2 items are empty Box sets. DVD’s and Blu-Ray prices in Japan are insane, and while the artwork and extras are always pleasant to have, the best part of the set is the Box itself. In some instances if you are super lucky you can find the Box’s being sold empty. Places like Suruga-ya are a gold mine for Empty boxes and that’s where I found these two in the Shinjuku store.

I already own a complete box set for the series but I never liked the box design (Just plain white with coloured circles similar to the design used for the series title screen). So I bought this empty box to swap the contents over into as I much prefer the colours and art on this one.

The box next to that is the limited edition box for the Madoka Magica film trilogy. I have been trying to hunt an empty version of this one for years as I already own all the volumes separately, so It was very satisfying being able to just find the box without having to re buy all 3 movies again just to get the box! And the art is just incredible, one side features Ultimate Madoka while the other is Devil Homura.

.Nagisa Momoe Nendoroid - ITEM #181103


________________ POKEMON________________

Another location I was lucky to check out was the Pokemon Café in Nihombashi! We had to book months in advance and it is absolutely worth it! Not only was the aesthetic of the place really fun but the food was incredible! So well presented and tasted great! But of course the best part was all the merch which I got plenty of!

The plush of Pikachu in the Chef outfit is exclusive to the Café, I also got a Café exclusive spoon as well as a Gengar glass! Originally I ordered a Gengar smoothie that used the same glass, I didn’t realise that if your order that drink you get to keep the glass afterwards! So that was a great surprise! I also got 2 badges which were random in which ones you get.

Across the way from the Pokemon Café is one of the official Pokemon centres! From here I just got myself a small pixel Sylveon pin and a T-shirt featuring all the Ultra beasts!
Further on during the trip we visited a second Pokemon centre, the “ DX “ store in Tokyo. While I didn’t believe it had as good as a variety of merch as the one next to the Café, they did have a bunch of Halloween merchandise! So I couldn’t resist the adorable plush of Pikachu in a Mimkyu outfit!

And lastly, the Ice-cream store “Baskin and Robbins “was running a Detective Pikachu promo! Where if you got one of the limited Pokemon flavours of ice-cream you got 1 of 3 different types of clear files! I got myself the electric Pikachu flavour that had popping candy and chocolate Pikachu heads inside! So to go along with that I was given the Pikachu clear file.


________________ BOX SETS________________

The next category of items are all DVD/Blu-Ray Box sets. I got all of these from a wide variety of stores as I did my best to hunt down not only the best prices but to find them empty if possible.
Along with the SSSS.GRIDMAN Box set, another Box I had high on my wish list was the Darling in the FRANXX box set! I got this beautiful set from Suruga-ya in Shinjuku on day one of my trip! This was a cheaper set as it doesn’t come with all the artbooks, but still came with each limited edition volume and the story book featured in the series!


Next up I found these 3 complete box sets. CANAAN I got at Mandarake in Nakano broadway and I had no idea there was even a Box set for this series! Love the remastered art on the box design. Another box I wasn’t aware of was the complete box set for BLOOD-C, I found this super heavy box set at Mandarake in Akihabara. Finally I picked up the Limited edition Steins gate Movie box set for only a few 100 yen! I believe I found this in a BOOK OFF store.


Along with the complete box sets I was able to find 5 empty box sets for my collection that all cost under 500yen! ANOTHER I got at SOFMAP in Akihabara. Brave of the 6 flowers from Suruga-ya in Shinjuku. Dangan ronpa 3 and EF tale of memories from a small store in Akihabara that had these boxes marked as JUNK ( I beg to differ! ) and finally the box for SAO Alicization at Mandarake in Nakano broadway. All really great finds and super cheap to add to the collection!


________________ EVANGELION________________

A trip to Japan wouldn’t be complete without a visit to the official Evangelion store TOKYO 01. My main reason for this visit was to pick up the newly released Revoltech of EVA Unit 08 from the 4th Rebuild film. It just so happened that it was releasing while we were in japan so thought it would be amazing to pick up on release. While my Japanese isn’t great…unfortunately the workers were not sure what I was on about, despite the entire store covered in posters advertising that specific figure and showing the release date was a few days ago. I went back a few times but each time I got the same result, eventually I worked out the shipment did not arrive? Im not really sure, but that being said I didn’t leave empty handed! So I picked up this set of 5 Acrylic stands of the main cast!

.Shinji Acrylic stand - ITEM #845610
.Rei Acrylic stand - ITEM #872332
.Asuka Acrylic stand - ITEM #872334
.Mari Acrylic stand - ITEM #872333
.Kaworu Acrylic stand - ITEM #845609


I also picked up this little acrylic diorama of Unit 01, Unit 02 and Mark 06 togerther! While it doesn’t seem to make a lot of sense in terms of the illustration, I thought it looked cool! I also picked up a small chibi keychain of one of the MP EVA’s. Every time I visit the TOKYO 01 store I always buy a key chain of one of the Angels to hang in my car as they seem to have different ones every time I visit. So this time I grabbed this cheeky looking guy instead!

.EVA acrylic display - ITEM #828236
.Chibi MP EVA ( No entry )


________________ SHINGEKI NO KYOJIN________________

One event I was very lucky to attend was the –FINAL- Shingeki no Kyojin art exhibition being displayed at the Mori Art museum. For us it was literally the FINAL exhibition as we went on the very last day it was operating. It was unlike anything I had ever seen and was one of the highlights for the trip! As a memento I picked up this huge book that basically has giant prints of all of the art featured on the front cover of every Manga volume! Plus some extra prints specifically created for the exhibition. And as a little extra I picked up a T-Shirt and a set of 3 badges to pin onto the shirt!


________________ GUNDAM UNICORN________________

Now I am happy to admit that I don’t know anything about Gundam, nor can I claim to of really watched anything to do with Gundam – but the 1/1 scale model of the Gundam Unicorn at Odaiba City is absolutely incredible! I highly recommend this to anyone visiting japan to check out, as well as the Gundam Museum/official store inside the department store right next to it! From the gift shop I picked up this ridiculous fork that has a god damn AXE on the end as well as a travelling bottle featuring some nice artwork of the Gundam Unicorm with Cherry blossoms around it!


________________ HOUSEKI NO KUNI________________

I went into this trip trying my hardest to find any random piece of merchandise from the “ Land of the Lustrous “ series…I was unsuccessful. I was looking for books, prints, keychains, CD’s, literally anything I could find I would take it but alas there was nothing. That is, till the second last day of our trip, even though we had been to Mandarake 5 days in a row, I stumbled upon this absolutely gorgeous print/cover. It was only 300yen so I bought it within a heartbeat. Once I got home and opened it I was surprised to find 8 empty CD’s slots inside?? So it must have been the caseing for a giant sound track collection of some kind? I have not been able to find too much information on this set so if anyone has any more info that would be greatly appreciated! For now it acts as an amazing backdrop for my Phos and Antarticite figures!


________________ OCTOPATH TRAVELLER________________

We are on the home stretch here! The last big group of merchandise I collected was from the Nintendo switch title “ Octopath Traveller “. It is still my number 1 favourite game for the Nintendo switch, I loved the atmosphere, the art and especially the incredible soundtrack! Thankfully merchandise for the series was still in full bloom at the Square Enix café and other stores!

I managed to pick up the Guide/artbook at Suruga-ya in Shinjuku, 3 soundtracks, a keychain as well as a postcard set from the Square Enix café in Akihabara and finally an awesome set of badges that were exclusive to the Square Enix café when the game was first released – got those as a set from Suruga-ya in Shinjuku.

.Guide/Artbook - ITEM #893925
.Keychain - ITEM #701328
.Original Soundtrack - ITEM #721326
.Break and Boost CD - ITEM #838882
.16bit arrangement CD - ITEM #893918

Badges – ( No entry )
.Postcard set – ( No entry? )


________________ SAYONARA O OSHIETE________________

To finish of this massive haul, I wanted to end with my favourite item that I got during this trip. An artbook from the series “ Sayonara o oshiete “. During my first trip to Japan I was incredibly lucky to find a copy of the original game boxed so I was overjoyed when I found this gem sitting in glass cabinet in Mandarake in Shibuya. Finding any piece of merchandise from the series is insanely rare, the original visual novel was first released in 2001 so it is nearly 20 years old at this point. The artbook is in perfect condition and will take absolute pride in my collection along with the game. I would love to add a data entry for this book and the other assorted pieces of merchandise but I simply do not have enough information to do so. Again, if anyone has any further information I would greatly appreciate it.


________________ CONCLUSION________________

That just about wraps up all the main merchandise I picked up during my trip! Thanks for sticking with it me this entire review and I hope you enjoyed seeing all the items I purchased.
If there was anything you saw during this article that you would like to see more pictures of or require more information, send me a message and I will help out in any way I can!

Hope you all enjoyed.
Thank you so much for your time,
Take care
- Ry

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No worries. I like it when there's an opportunity to introduce others to these sort of stuff. He has a twitter account where he posts a lot of illustrations - twitter.com/kengo1212.

I do take pics of my hauls during the trip itself. Thankfully with MFC, cataloging where/when I bought them is a breeze. I took a look at your IG and you seem to do a lot of figure photography. I'm trying to get better at that!

I hope you had time to enjoy the sights in Tokyo and the surrounding areas. Each time I visit it's always a balance between checking out the nearest Book Off/Mandarake or doing more touristy stuff. My last visit was over the New Years' period, so I got to attend Comiket 97 and a few other events. I want to go again soon once things get back to normal..

Yes, you take care too!

- Joel
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joelwuj5ヶ月前#77561073Really cool to see another massive Gridman fan. Good job picking up those books, the one with Akane and the flowers is like a collection of staff illustrations done post-production. There is actually another one with the same concept (not listed on MFC), but it was released pre-airing of the anime, titled "Gridman Starter Book". You can hunt it down if you like it :)
Saito Kengo is one of the animators for the Gridman anime and those were his fanbooks from Comiket 96. I hope they didn't set you back too much - aftermarket for these were crazy back then (sold for around 5k yen each when it cost 1k yen originally). If you want more of his comiket Gridman stuff, check out his C95 and C97 fanbooks - it's more of the same type of illustrations.
Still, that's a pretty impressive haul! I almost never have the time to recount my hauls from Japan as I'm more preoccupied trying to detail the sightseeing or pilgrimages parts, and even those I tend to take my time.
Nowadays I tend to buy less figures, and stick to limited time collaboration character goods, artbooks or CDs/Blu-Rays. It's just so much easier and cheaper to buy figures online, and this way they won't take up luggage space.
Keep up the good work!

Hello Joelwuj
Thank you so much for taking the time to write such a detailed and informative reply!
Thanks heaps for the information on the GRIDMAN books, ill see if i can hunt down more information so that i can add them to the database correctly. The illustrations from the Saito Kengo book are by far my favorites so its exciting to know there is more in the set! Ill be honest i cannot remember how much it cost me though.

At the end of each day i gather everything that i found on that day and take a photo. So when i look back at my photos i can get a sense of when i purchased the item and what particular store i might of gotten it from ( such as if theres pictures of Shibuya Mandarake on the same day as the group photo, i can assume i got it from there ).

And i absolutely agree, 90% of my figures i pre-order online. So unless its something super rare i cannot find online and i happen to find it in person, then ill grab it. Plus figures take up so much of your suitcase space! Merchandise is so much more fun to hunt for as most shops will have the same selection of figures.

Again, thanks again so much for your reply fellow GRIDMAN fan!
take care
- Ry
Really cool to see another massive Gridman fan. Good job picking up those books, the one with Akane and the flowers is like a collection of staff illustrations done post-production. There is actually another one with the same concept (not listed on MFC), but it was released pre-airing of the anime, titled "Gridman Starter Book". You can hunt it down if you like it :)

Saito Kengo is one of the animators for the Gridman anime and those were his fanbooks from Comiket 96. I hope they didn't set you back too much - aftermarket for these were crazy back then (sold for around 5k yen each when it cost 1k yen originally). If you want more of his comiket Gridman stuff, check out his C95 and C97 fanbooks - it's more of the same type of illustrations.

Still, that's a pretty impressive haul! I almost never have the time to recount my hauls from Japan as I'm more preoccupied trying to detail the sightseeing or pilgrimages parts, and even those I tend to take my time.

Nowadays I tend to buy less figures, and stick to limited time collaboration character goods, artbooks or CDs/Blu-Rays. It's just so much easier and cheaper to buy figures online, and this way they won't take up luggage space.

Keep up the good work!
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ChocolateSpider5ヶ月前#77559525This is a super impressive loot. I especially like the Nier Automata stuff. I tried to go there during my trip to Japan, but there was a snafu in getting there.
It was interesting reading this because I'm in the same boat as you relating to posting Japan loot article. I too went there in September 2019 and my posting of it has been super late because of assorted matters.
This must be a sign from the gods that we are going to be super besties. :3

Hey there ChocolateSpider!

Thanks for checking out my article!
Thats so awesome that you were there during the same time! I know its alot of work but i would love to see your article and what you managed to find while you were over there as well!! i tried to photograph everything as i was entering them into the MFC database but over time i forgot what i done and where things had gone so it took me so long to compile it all ( In the end i still missed a bunch of stuff haha ).

Haha new MFC besties! I am all for it!!
Thanks again!
- Ry
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solluxcaptor5ヶ月前#77556778I love reading these type of blogs, amazing loot! I've always wanted to visit one of those anime themed cafes, sounds like you got really lucky. Unfortunately when I was there it seemed like they were all booked up.

Hey there Solluxcaptor!
I'm glad my article was a joy to read! Depending on the cafe it's always worth booking ahead. The pokemon cafe is an absolute must and the Promised neverland was defentally a lucky find haha. When i went to japan in 2017, i really wanted to go to the Monster hunter bar. But i couldn't figure out how to book a spot online because the website was awful. So i took a chance and just went to the bar when it opened and talked to staff directly and they were able to book me in 3 days from then. So it never hurts to ask either! They are a very fun experience and highly recommend! ( Especially all the sweet exclusive merch! )

Thanks again!
- Ry

TVAngel5ヶ月前#77559390Fantastic loot! Especially the merchandise of OCTOPATH TRAVELLER. Such an amazing game. Also the evangelion and Evil Tanya is great ♡
Weren't you scared to transport all these goods? I would continually worry.

Hello TVAngel!
Thanks so much for checking out my article! Makes me so happy to see other Ocotopath fans out there! Such an incredible game! The only item i couldn't find while i was there was the Novel, i looked through a few ANIMATE stores but couldn't seem to find it, pretty niche i suppose!

Transporting it all can be really tricky, but i have a few different techniques to make sure everything is safe during transit. I always bring bubble wrap with me for more fragile items, and if i manage to buy empty DVD box sets i put alot of items inside the boxes to protect them! Or i just use clothes as padding and stuff. The hardest part is moving the suitcases around! 40KG+ worth of goods in 2 suitcases is very difficult to navigate with in the tiny bustling streets!

Thanks again for checking out and your question!
Take care
- Ry
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Rubysp5ヶ月前#77557125That's an amazing amount of loot you got. Thanks for all the photos!

Hey Rubysp!
Thanks for checking it out! Hopefully there was enough photos for you!
Take care
- Ry

OmegaWerrier5ヶ月前#77543581Nice to see the love for Gridman, it was a great show. Great loot, can't wait to eventually go to Japan too :3

Hello Omegawerrier!
So glad to see another GRIDMAN fan here! I absolutely loved the series, the art, the characters, the music it was all so fantastic! Would you believe when i was putting this all together i realized there was still stuff i was missing! There are some GRIDMAN items in the big haul picture that i forgot to photograph haha. So hard to keep track of it all!
I hope you'll be able to live out your dream and make it to Japan one day, it is such a beautiful country.

Take care
- Ry
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yakushining5ヶ月前#77542941What an amazing loot! It's great that you were able to find the Nagisa nendoroid to complete your collection and find a little HnK item as well! I also really like the Promised Neverland acrylic stands, they're very cute. Thanks for sharing, it was a joy to read :)

Hello Yakushining!
Thanks for reading my article! The HnK item was such an exciting find! It was just laying on a table in the corner of the room right near the cabinet of box sets that i had looked at 100 times! there's no way it was sitting there the whole time without me noticing it haha.
Arnt the Promised neverland stands cute!? Since they are all food themed i have them displayed in my kitchen!

Thanks again! take care
- Ry
This is a super impressive loot. I especially like the Nier Automata stuff. I tried to go there during my trip to Japan, but there was a snafu in getting there.

It was interesting reading this because I'm in the same boat as you relating to posting Japan loot article. I too went there in September 2019 and my posting of it has been super late because of assorted matters.

This must be a sign from the gods that we are going to be super besties. :3
Fantastic loot! Especially the merchandise of OCTOPATH TRAVELLER. Such an amazing game. Also the evangelion and Evil Tanya is great ♡
Weren't you scared to transport all these goods? I would continually worry.
That's an amazing amount of loot you got. Thanks for all the photos!
Import from Japan

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