Big loot! Astolfo, Final Fantasy, Resident Evil, Strike WitchesBig loot! Astolfo, Final Fantasy, Resident Evil, Strike WitchesLoot

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Hello MFC and welcome to another group loot of DRAKA and me! This loot was received in the before times, in August 2019. As it's a very varied loot, not everything might be up to everyone's tastes so the below chart can make it easy for you to skip to the subject you want by ctrl+f'ing. To be sure I marked the whole blog NSFW for ecchi material and the real explicit content will be in spoiler.

This package included:

Items for Draka
- Astolfo
- Futanari goodness
- Otokonoko cuteness

Items for myself:
- Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles
- Dragon Ball Super
- Chrono Crusade
- Strike Witches
- Resident Evil/Biohazard
- Hello Kitty to Issho!
- POP/ElectroagneticWave
- Moetan

That's correct! No Baccano! items for me this time. I had originally planned to get this mousepad ITEM #338474 , but my proxy was not fast enough on obtaining it...oh well, I hope to find it for sale again one day!

The Package


We received this very compact box from Suruga-Ya!


But compact does not mean there isn't much in it! Enjoy this sneak peek of what is to come!

Astolfo for Draka

After the success of obtaining Fullscale's Astolfo ITEM #672586 Garage Kit, Draka was excited to bid on more!


He found this very affordable and cutely posed Astolfo Garage Kit ITEM #835664 by Windaria! It was very cheap for a very limited release, so we knew something would be off, but we decided it was worth the gamble!


I could already see from a distance that the quality of the resin was...not that good. It seemed like quite some fixes would be needed before any actual work on this kit could start.


The included photo gives off a very retro GK vibe, even though this release is only 2 years old. The pose of this kit is very cute though, it reminds me of a lot of this doujinshi cover ITEM #827190 , I don't think there is any actual 2D artwork it was sculpted after.


As for the cast...where do I even begin... This is going to need a lot of prep work. Even if the cast was more decent, the sculpt is just very...amateurish. So much 'hidden leftover material' in the hairpiece and some pieces just look like clay slapped on there without any details.





This is probably the weirdest thing I have ever seen on a GK. I can't imagine sculpting something like this myself and not wanting to flatten it out (maybe the sculptor was on a very heavy time constraint?). Makes me really weary to get another kit from this circle ever again, even though they have this wild Touhou x Strike Witches GK (I don't think it's in the database): View spoilerHide spoiler

And now for the NSFW part of this GK: View spoilerHide spoiler


Jep, all the detail is there! And I must say...this is the smallest member I have seen on Astolfo so far, but hey! As far as I know this might be the only Astolfo GK with this kind of fanservice!


And for the people doubting the authenticity of this item...here is the Type Moon license sticker, yes, someone approved getting this item produced...

Futanari goodness for Draka

As everything from this part is straight up 18+ material of ladies with something extra, I have fully put it in spoiler, enter at your own risk: View spoilerHide spoiler


First up was FutaKuri ~Futanari Clinic~ ITEM #868259 , about some very special nurses~


The material on the inside is very straight to the point.


I like the character design sketches in the back!


Next up, another one from the same circle: Futanarix Touhou Mayohiga Hen ITEM #582967 .


Very tempting ladies for sure~


But also here, this circle their work quickly gets to the point.


The sketches this time at the back are set-ups for scenes.


Next up we have this very nice futanari gal, from a doujinshi called Futanari Kyokon Kurogyaru ni Gyaku Anal Fukujyuusaserareru nante... ITEM #868257 , which has a title meaning something along the lines of "Well endowed futanari gal is going to be subject to reverse anal...".


She is very well endowed, I was actually taken aback a bit when I looked through this doujinshi, haha!


I was surprised to see this part (in English!) at the back. I'm afraid a lot of Japanese artists assume that people from outside of Japan buying these, are buying them for resale or for scanning.

What is also interesting is that it mentions that no resale is allowed, but we bought the book second hand from Suruga-Ya, so the Japanese sellers also don't really pay attention to it. Man, I feel a bit guilty now...


The last one in the futanari loot is Futanari! Oshioki Time 3 ~Shounen Saichoukyou Hen~ ITEM #431936



I was surprised to find that quite a lot of the pages inside are a bit more slow and cute (maybe I was a bit influenced by the other 3 futa doujinshi's their heaviness, though)!

Otokonoko cuteness for Draka



I am so in love with the artstyle of this doujinshi...it's like seeing an otokonoko gyaru version of Panty ENTRY #5059 ! The doujinshi is Gal Bitch Shonen no Insei ITEM #722950 .


The book is about a male student in an all boy's school that has a 'deal' with his school director that allows him to dress as a girl to school.


This book is also very enjoyable for the more SFW pages! Such teasing expressions~

The gym teacher is fed up with this special treatment and they make a bet together... View spoilerHide spoiler


Let's just keep it at: The gym teacher has a lot of stamina.


Cute character design pages! And I'm sad about that tattoo design not getting into the final version.

Now for the next doujinshi, everything is completely NSFW and very out there: View spoilerHide spoiler


The title is Tou-san to Boku to ITEM #868213 (Dad and Me), let me just say that these kind of themes are absolutely not the stuff I'm personally into, so I'll just drop the pictures for the people who are:




I'll drop a very innocent preview page of the next one, but for the actual contents, open the spoiler! It's the Otokonoko Heaven anthology titled Bijiri Hamerare Pansuto Otokonoko ITEM #868242 , which combines a lot of well known artists their works. View spoilerHide spoiler



If you remove the soft cover, the front cover beneath it shows a sketch version of the cover artwork.

And now for a various artist medley:




Most stories are otokonoko x otokonoko, which can be quite rare to find!

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles

I'm a very big fan of Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles, and my experiences in finding merchandise from it are very mixed. There either seems to be a big bulk of items at once available, or nothing for a long while. This time I managed to get two books I've been wanting for a while.


The first one is Crystal Chronicle Hajimete no Boukenki ITEM #835710 ("Crystal Chronicles for the first time", very cute title!), which is a strategy guide book.


The inside of the front cover has this cute Moogle and cow, where I am really curious what the cow is thinking about...my Google Translate translates it to "Fast and clear, I'm sorry!", hrrmm... MITSUNA translated it: "I want the Miasma to clear up as soon as possible." Very deep thoughts for a cow!


The first page of the book is my favorite artwork from the franchise, so this book was starting off good!


It is a strategy book for the game in the most literal way, I just buy these to see if there is any new artwork or maybe a tip I don't know of yet.


I always have a giggle when I see this 'secret' explained.


There are very extensive pages about the different races, which I really enjoy!


The other book is the official guide book it's first edition ITEM #835714 (which comes with a different cover from the later editions).



This book is a breakdown of what happens at every exact spot (enemy encounters, treasure etc.) in every level.


There is also some more general information in there, such as explanations about the weapons.

Dragon Ball Super


You might remember from my previous loot blog BLOG #45598 my slight disappointment when I ordered this strap of Zen-Oh-sama ITEM #651537 and ended up getting a very similar one: ITEM #601528 . Anyway, I have luckily received the correct one this time!

My husband and I used them as 'friendship bracelets' for a while during the time we lived apart: He had his Zen-Oh on his desk in Finland and I had mine at the same spot on my desk in the Netherlands.

Chrono Crusade


I found this Chrono Crusade pencil board ITEM #650820 for sale that I never saw before, so I grabbed it! I also have a soft spot for the merchandise with the 'misspelled' name (Chrno missing the first 'o').


The backside is also very nice! I think I will use this item as a backdrop for my Chrono Crusade display shelf.

Strike Witches

I just had to pick up these two cute items~


This very nice Sanya strap with mobile cleaner ITEM #835723 .



I also picked up this Luciana t-shirt ITEM #835721 with a very neat design, the colors are so nice! This is a 'men's free size' which can be a bit of a gamble, but is luckily for me not as wide as other 'free size' shirts I have gotten from Japan!

Resident Evil/Biohazard


It was a bit expensive, but I ended up not being able to resist this T-Virus keychain ITEM #115634 !



I'm very glad I did not skip on it, the material feels very high quality!


For a while I displayed it together with my Chris Nendoroid, but I've got some other ideas for future displays with this item, I think I want to have it hanging from the top of a shelf.



Now this item I've been wanting for a while and I was very happy to pick up for an affordable price: The model kit of the Cerberus MA-39 ITEM #835718 . This item was originally a pre-order bonus in Japan when you pre-ordered Resident Evil/Biohazard 0 (my personal favorite in the franchise).

Some more fun backstory I found out while researching this item: The original idea was that there would be a Biohazard Creatures Premium Model Kit line, where a lot of the enemies would be added to it, with their development code as the numbering (for Cerberus this being MA-39). Unfortunately, only this one was made and the line did not continue. If Capcom their idea was to keep on giving these as pre-order bonuses, they seem like quite complex and high production value items for such a bonus, so maybe that's why!


I was very happily surprised with the quality of the details in this kit!


It's a bit hard to get this on camera through the plastic, but there are a lot of gory details!


The base looks nice as well! I'm very excited to start working on this one!

Hello Kitty to Issho!

Continuing with feeding my Shizuku collection!


I found a very unique item: A tumbler ITEM #407208 with a very nice artwork of Shizuku!


It can be very easily disassembled for cleaning. I'm not sure if I want to take the gamble, but I would think the inner cup is dishwasher safe.



This artwork is so cute~ I'm going to display it like this in my Hello Kitty to Issho collection!


After the success of Mikan's bedsheet ITEM #262097 , I have also picked up the Shizuku bedsheet ITEM #262095 from the same line!


The artwork looks soooo good! Very high quality printing!



I picked up a doujinshi from ElectromagneticWave that I did not own yet: Caramel Frolic ITEM #345492 , filled with Touhou ENTRY #72 illustrations.


It covers a wide range of Touhou characters in POP's cute style!


These are my favorite designs and pages! But oh man, do a lot of characters have similar posing in this book...


I saved the most rare item I have bought for myself as the last item of this loot:


The Garage Kit version ITEM #28907 of the well known (and well loathed) prepainted Clayz version ITEM #57566 .

As someone that owns the prepainted version myself and was disappointed with her quality, I was very interested in getting the Garage Kit version!


It was advertised with the box damaged, but I did not expect this to be old mold (?) damage...egh.


Luckily the contents are all in good condition! I like how it includes a lot of beginner information about building a GK, such as cleaning, sanding and pinning the parts.



The casting of the resin looks very good, a lot more details are captured in the resin than on the PVC figure PICTURE #1882582 . They really did you dirty on that PVC figure, Ink...

As for how I will make this figure look, I've got a couple ideas:
1) Make her look as much like the prototype figure as possible, which mainly means she will have more pastel-shaded coloring than her prepainted version. I'll try to create something that surpasses the PVC alternative, while keeping true to her original look.
2) Give her (almost) opposite colors, as this is my first (and maybe only I will have) Garage Kit of Ink in her traditional magical girl outfit, I might not get this chance again. I'm thinking a darker skin color, either very dark of very light hair color, the main color of her outfit being black etc.!
3) Mainly inspired by this very good blog BLOG #45262 , I have been thinking of making her a gyaru, making her everything but pure, making her L E W D. I'll go completely over the top, make fake nails for her, lots of makeup, tattoos and so on!

I have a really hard time to choose between these three types (or maybe someone has a good idea for a 4th idea!), so I have made a poll about it at the end of the blog.

The complete loot

In every picture I talk about the items from top to bottom, left to right.

Astolfo for Draka:
ITEM #835664 Fate/Grand Order - Astolfo (Windaria) Garage Kit

Futanari goodness for Draka in spoiler as it's heavy 18+ : View spoilerHide spoiler
ITEM #868259 Doujinshi - FutaKuri ~Futanari Clinic~ (Musashido)
ITEM #582967 Doujinshi - Futanarix Touhou Mayohiga Hen (Musashido)
ITEM #868257 Doujinshi - Futanari Kyokon Kurogyaru ni Gyaku Anal Fukujyuusaserareru nante... (Aimaitei)
ITEM #431936 Doujinshi - Futanari! Oshioki Time 3 ~Shounen Saichoukyou Hen~ (Oshirukokan)

Otokonoko cuteness for Draka in spoiler as it's heavy 18+ : View spoilerHide spoiler
ITEM #868213 Doujinshi - Tou-san to Boku to (Seki Sabato)
ITEM #868242 Anthology - Bijiri Hamerare Pansuto Otokonoko (Mediax)
ITEM #722950 Doujinshi - Gal Bitch Shonen no Insei (Gujira 4 Gou)

Everything Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles:
ITEM #835710 Strategy Guide - Crystal Chronicle Hajimete no Boukenki (Shueisha)
ITEM #835714 Guide Book - First-Edition (Square Enix)

A loose Dragon Ball Super item:
ITEM #651537 Zen-Oh - Dragon Ball Super Ultimate Deformed Mascot Burst 30 - Swing (Bandai)

A loose Chrono Crusade item:
ITEM #650820 Chrono & Rosette Christopher - Pencil Board (Movic)

Everything Strike Witches:
ITEM #835723 Sanya V Litvyak - Mobile Cleaner - Strap (Chara-Ani)
ITEM #835721 Luciana Mazzei - Sega Lucky Kuji Strike Witches 2 - T-Shirt (SEGA)

Everything Resident Evil/Biohazard:
ITEM #835718 Cerberus - MA-39 - 1/12 - Premium Model Kit (Capcom)
ITEM #115634 Keyholder - Blue (Capcom)

Everything Hello Kitty to Issho!:
ITEM #407208 Minase Shizuku - Tumbler (Eikoh)
ITEM #262095 Minase Shizuku - Bed Sheet (Eikoh)

A loose POP/ElectromagneticWave item:
ITEM #345492 Art Book - Doujinshi - Caramel Frolic (ElectromagneticWave)

A loose Moetan item:
ITEM #28907 Pastel Ink - 1/6 (Clayz) Garage Kit

And as promised, for every new blog I upload, I'll fix an old one. I have decided to fix up this earlier loot blog with mini reviews:
Big group loot with mini reviews! Items from Naruto, Dark Souls, and more! BLOG #42217

I hope you enjoyed checking out this loot, see you at my next blog!
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How should I paint my Pastel Ink Garage kit?

50%1) Try to make an improved version of the prepainted figure
21%2) Make her colors as opposite as possible
29%3) Make her a lewd gyaru


Taralen3ヶ月前#78414783I was eyeing that GK as well but man seeing the pictures up close, that is some absolutely rough casting. It's also weirdly discolored already which is strange considering it's not even that old. Lol That's going to take an immense amount of work to make it look right.

I actually think it's not discolored, but the actual color of the resin? I once had a thai resin bootleg and it looks and feels very similar.

Anyway, I told Draka that at best I can make this look like prize figure quality. Even when fixed up the sculpt itself is not super professional. However, I'm going to try my best. (๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵)

victorviper3ヶ月前#78417319It will be interesting to see your work on that Ink GK. That Astolfo kit, my word. Cleaning that up will be almost like re-sculpting the figure from scratch!

Considering this circle/sculptor seems to be active for 10+ years it is so weird to see this result. He will be a lot of work. I'm looking forward to work on both GK's!
It will be interesting to see your work on that Ink GK. That Astolfo kit, my word. Cleaning that up will be almost like re-sculpting the figure from scratch!
Taralen Elf Hoarder
I was eyeing that GK as well but man seeing the pictures up close, that is some absolutely rough casting. It's also weirdly discolored already which is strange considering it's not even that old. Lol That's going to take an immense amount of work to make it look right.
darkfader3ヶ月前#78343574Very nice loot. More traps/Astolfo is good. I hope the GK will work out. I only like futa on lolis, hehe. Fumikane Shimada and POP art always good. I also got that Touhou book somewhere.

Eventually I'll blog about the GK so if it's succesfull or not...the happiness or sadness will be shared here. xD

Yeah I was slightly disappointed in that Touhou doujin, but POP is always good. :) Currently eyeing to hopefully get ITEM #944593 soon!

Thanks for liking the loot! :D
darkfader ⱠØⱠł₵Ø₦
Very nice loot. More traps/Astolfo is good. I hope the GK will work out. I only like futa on lolis, hehe. Fumikane Shimada and POP art always good. I also got that Touhou book somewhere.
leetshoe3ヶ月前#78328412Oshioki Time is one of my favorite doujins

I think this is so far the only doujin Draka got from it, which is your favorite? :)

SebastianLover3ヶ月前#78328546Oh man, Chrono Crusade. I haven't seen that around in ages. Same for Biohazard. You're making me so nostalgic for my high school days lol. I'm that user with the shit-ton of Astolfo GKs lol so naturally I'm intrigued by the Windaria one. I initially passed on it in the last WonFes since the sculpt was kind of wonky, but his sculpted junk is making me second guess my choice. But, I don't really have the skills to overcome all the flaws so maybe it's for the best.

I still pick up a couple of Chrono Crusade items every year, but it's hard to make choices in what to pick sometimes, as I've had some very disappointing items. Such as an item labelled as an audio drama, only containing a short radio advertisement it's audio...at least the box is nice I guess. I would say the Biohazard fandom is still pretty active, even with the RE3 Remake being a bit disappointing. I guess not much people talk about Biohazard on here, hrm.

Well...if you also find it for cheap, I guess it's worth it for an Astolfo with such fanservice. I'm really expecting to fill and sand the whole thing to such an extent the basic resin will not be much visible anymore. ^^'' I also had to laugh about 'sculpted junk'. xD Going to remember that naming for future purposes LOL.
Oh man, Chrono Crusade. I haven't seen that around in ages. Same for Biohazard. You're making me so nostalgic for my high school days lol. I'm that user with the shit-ton of Astolfo GKs lol so naturally I'm intrigued by the Windaria one. I initially passed on it in the last WonFes since the sculpt was kind of wonky, but his sculpted junk is making me second guess my choice. But, I don't really have the skills to overcome all the flaws so maybe it's for the best.
Oshioki Time is one of my favorite doujins
Chloe-tsundere3ヶ月前#78327046Yeah i voted for the gyaru option too as i really love gyaru :)
Maybe i will make the exception yeah dunno yet. Im good with tabe koji gyaru gals atm ^^ plus got my eyes on this doujin (Nsfw) ITEM #766314 spotted on surugaya

Ooh~ Looks nice! :)

Eri-channn3ヶ月前#78328068Ah those Dojins, I see you are a person of taste as well lol. Nice haul!!

They're Draka's stuff, though! Although we do have a lot of overlapping tastes. I mostly like the otokonoko goods he gets. :)

galablue3ヶ月前#78328075Crystal chronicles my favorite final fantasty. I actually might go ahead and play it with my little bro like old times :)

Aww, that's cute! :) And same for me, Crystal Chronicles will forever be my favorite! A while ago my proxy was too late in grabbing ITEM #215888 , I hope to find it again!
Crystal chronicles my favorite final fantasty. I actually might go ahead and play it with my little bro like old times :)
Import from Japan

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