Figma, how much future has the line got?Figma, how much future has the line got?Ask MFC

So, throughout the years I've been out of the loop with figures, I regularly check for new GSC products but haven't bought one in a long time. This is mainly cause I get confused on WHO to collect. I'm thinking of going exclusively figma. In the last 5 years, there have only been 3 announcements that "wowed" me and want to collect (Elsa, Dva and Marina) immediately. Now in 2020, the last announcement that wasn't a re-release or variant was Soldier 76 back in mid-May.

I notice people have been really up in arms about the prices of current Figmas and the fact that half the new releases are from Fate is turning me off. I wonder how many years more Figma has. Especially how many years we have of more niche releases like Sekiro and Marina/Pearl (whom haven't even got a prototype yet)?

All I wanna know, really is how the demand for Figma has been in the last year or so? Are the
more niche Figmas selling? Is there life for someone who wants to collect Figma exclusively? Thoughts?
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In my case, Figma is one of my favorite action figure lines, and my very first original Japanese anime figure is a Tomoe Mami figma back in 2012 (and I still own her). Back at the time, I think figma is a very nice line of figure, given the quite nice QC, builds, and anime-accurate look. Given the 2000-4000's yen price range, I even think it's still affordable even for a little kid who can only save from an uncertain amount of money given by parents like me at the time. However, starting from 2014, I saw that figma's price range had been increasing steadily that almost no recently released figma back then had a price tag below 4000 yen. I stopped buying figma for several years because of this - I can't afford the figma was released starting from 2014 because of the price tag (moreover, I still haven't my own income back then).

IMHO, the excessive growth of figma price tag is really crazy. Given the (very) high price tag, (very) small number of accessories, and the QC that doesn't even has significant differences to older (2013 below) figmas, It doesn't really worth the price. Some of the recently released figmas even have almost same price range to scale figures (e.g 9000yen for figma Arthur pendragon). Another example, I can't even believe that Midoriya Izuku Figma which has very small number of accessories is often sold at around 70-80$ (converted from IDR) in my country, while my Tomoe Mami Figma is usually sold at 30-35$ (with her huge amount of accessories, notably the 6 musket riffles) on new, sealed, condition.

That is why I only stick to older, cheaper figmas, and fortunately, the older figmas' characters tend to appeal me more - and also prize figures as my 'sub-line' of figure collection. I know that famous franchises like Fate will be sold more, especially for posable figure like figma, but if GSC/MF continue this pattern, the figma would be absolutely labeled and change its standard as 'expensive' figure, instead of great-looking affordable figure
I really like Figma, but I can rarely afford it, especially when it comes to series like Fate and Persona. My Figuarts Sailor Moon collection did not come cheap, but at least I was able to find all of the ones I currently own for less than $70+.

If Good Smile/Max Factory can still make enough money off of the line, it'll probably continue for a while, but I've noticed that they don't put out quite as many a year as they used to...
Years ago when I first started collecting I would get primarily figmas and nendoroids. Mostly due to their cost since scales were so expensive. Now I can actually afford to buy scales so I have stopped collecting figmas and significantly cut back on my nendoroids. The price hike in figmas was one of my reasons to stop buying them. I had seriously considered the Sakura Miku one, but I was amazed at the price and lack of accessories. I could easily save up for a nice scale instead. Plus the size is small and I'm not much into poseable figures.
During a phase of my collecting I stopped buying full scale figures due to the cost so the Figma line came along at the right time for me back then.

I would not say that this line of products is going to stop completely but GSC have not really announced anything I want for some time, the only character I have bought of late is Emily and pre-ordered her in the cycle gear so I can use the body/bike with other characters but I hope GSC can rekindle some interest in the lines as Sakura Miku is one example that I pre-ordered.

So if they make some more originals the line may pickup in popularity again...
I like figma, the size is fine and I like the posability. But, GSC really works to limit my interest.

The biggest thing for me is who they choose to make; Fate, Miku, the figma styles and Western figma they're making don't appeal. The increase in price and decrease in accessories and QC only further limit my interest.

Even then, with the lines I like, such as "Arms Note" and "Little Armory" I'm not going to buy every one they make, and if its really expensive, I might just wait, see if it goes on sale later on.

I can think of figma I would like to see made and that I'd buy (More GFL and Azur Lane, for example) but with how GSC handles figma, they'll either never come out or I'll have to wait years.
For me, it`s my main line. I LOVE articulated figures. Over the years I collected Sh figuarts, Mafex, Marvel Legends, DC Icons, Hot Toys, Macfarlane, Neca... and I can say Without a doubt that figma is my favorite. Although its true that lately the quality and lack of accesories it`s been a rock over their shoulders, still they are the best at what they do. You won`t find any other company making anime articulated figures as good as figma does. Their face sculpts are simply the best.
The Figma line has been struggling for a few years already. Once in a while you'll hear people talking about how the line is dead, and then GSC comes and announces 3 Figmas at once.

The Action Figures market is an odd one. Lines such as S.H Figuarts are certainly popular, but given the same character, I'll pick the Figma over the Figuarts any day; it's exactly what I did with the Card Captor Sakura one. I guess the lower price tag definitely helps SHF, but I would hesitate to consider price as the only factor against Figma. Was the Figma line ever popular? The first years of the line saw a healthy amount of variety and licenses, but many of those characters were not exactly action-oriented, and the resulting figures were kinda boring. Many of them are sold for dirt cheap in aftermarket.

I would hate for the line to disappear though. I still like action figures, I love the Fate Figmas, and some recent ones such as Erwin. But then I see BNHA Figmas in Bargain Bin, and I start thinking that the market just isn't interested in figures with joints after all... And later I see SHF's Marvel and DBZ figures resale prices and I don't even know what to think anymore.
ddarko2ヶ月前#79558400Figma looks very appealing when you see the product photos. But, when you get them in your hand, they are super underwhelming. The size is too small, and given the price they charge for the accessories you get, you cannot help but feel duped.

This in a nutshell.

But based on my observation, this line is probably going to be around for a very long time. If there is no demand for it, I highly doubt they can pump the price pedal that hard.
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I own only one 1 (Ryuko Matoi), and thats mainly because it was more of an impulse buy at a convention I was at. Its way overpriced for what you get and the size of the figure.

I've stuck to figures that are stationary from then on. Also, you don't get all those spots/gaps on non-figma figures where you can see all the ball joints and gaps on the figure which I really don't like, ruins the look of the figure to me.

If they can get the prices of figmas in $30-40 dollar range I'll consider them more often, but as it sits, no.
Figma looks very appealing when you see the product photos. But, when you get them in your hand, they are super underwhelming. The size is too small, and given the price they charge for the accessories you get, you cannot help but feel duped. On top of that, they really do not have much shelf presence given their small size. That would at least be OK if the figures are all the same size in the Figma line. BUT, nooooo, they come in different sizes and have nothing to do with scale as well. On top of that, Figma figures don't retain value too well if you open the package too, unlike with scales.

So as someone who briefly got into collecting Figma, I think someone who invests in Figma exclusively would be making a bad choice. They could spend that money on a pre-owned scale that will have much more shelf presence.

That being said, I do think they did release some gems, like the Saber 2.0. So those are worth picking up, especially if one is into toy photography.

In general, I think the line will die! Their nendo line will probably be the sole survivor :D
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