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Hello again MFC,
In case you haven't seen my recent reviews, I'm working towards a goal of reviewing all my scale figures. This will be my 10th scale figure review (out of currently 18 scale figures). It's taking me a bit longer than I thought to get through each review, but we'll get there eventually. Today I'll be looking at a 1/8 scale Leafa from Sword Art Online by Kotobukiya ITEM #178922

This was one of the first figures I got when I really started getting into figure collecting, she was relatively cheap preowned on AmiAmi (at the time), was a character I liked from one of my favourite shows, and she has a unique base and pose.

A quick 360 in the spoiler
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She is one of three 1/8 scale SAO girls by Kotobukiya, the others being ITEM #126835 and ITEM #229216, all three of which have (what I think are) really cool bases. I hope to have all three side by side in my collection one day (just missing Sinon).

She has a cute face and nice expression. I like the hand waving, it feels very friendly.

The outfit looks nice, nothing special but solidly done. I find her ponytail (and hair in general) to feel a bit blocky, would have been nice to see a bit more detail, maybe some more individual strands of hair.

I love the pose of this figure, it really feels like she's sort of floating and just lightly touching down on the tree with one hand and foot.

A very unique and interesting base, and honestly one of my favorite parts of the figure. Water ripple, wood and vines, what more can you ask for?

Despite being a 1/8 scale she doesn't feel particularly small since she's in an elevated position.

A few size comparisons:
Alongside ITEM #521298
Alongside ITEM #144414

Overall I am happy with this figure. It's honestly nothing exceptional in terms of quality, but the cool base and pose are worth it for the right price. To be completely honest I don't think I would say she is worth the current aftermarket prices I'm seeing of 13000Y+, but when I bought her a few years ago for about 9000Y it felt like really good value. She's not among my favorite figures in my collection, but I am very happy to have her, especially as an SAO fan.

Thanks for reading! As always feel free to let me know what you think! Until the next review!

BONUS: an edit I did
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That Leafa figure is nice. :)
Great review, thanks for reviewing! The base is such a creative idea and ties really well with the setting of ALO. Leafa looks super cute here, and the edit you did is awesome! I can't wait to see your next review!
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