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Hello everyone

Thank you for reading this I have a question about a figure namely the fire force Arthur Boyle figure. I love the style of Fire Force and already have 2 figures from the series.

I was interested in Benimaru and Arthur. Normally I order nearly everything through amiami. I thought I wanted to do this with Arthur as well until I found out that the exclusive is him without his hood (showing his trademark hairstyle). I found a place where I can get him with pay later, but that shop (nin nin game) has a shaky reputation. This version also costs 30 euros more. So now I'm having doubts about what to do..

Thank you for helping me decide,hope you all have a nice day!

Ps: benimaru is easier since it's just a different expression with him and not all to noticeable.

Edit: if possible say why you picked a particular option in the thread
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What should I do about the Arthur figure

19%-Buy the standard Arthur on Amiami
50%-Buy the exclusive arthur on Nin Nin Game
17%-Recommend me another store with pay later in comments or message for the exclusive
10%Archonia is an option!
4%Don't buy, it's Koto


I came across him today on Otaku Square, a Dutch shop (afaik) but also an MFC partner:
With bonus!
3 Guesses which vote I added :^)
I don't know where are you from but we have in spain frikinime (Arthur with bonus 129,95 euros and Beninaru with bonus 139,95 euros and free shipping but only ship to spain) and globalfreaks (a few more expensive but with the bonus too both, they ship out of Spain) If you are from Europe but not from Spain I think is the best option. I think if you dont buy Arthur with bonus maybe you could regret later because change a lot. Benimaru is almost the same.

Also I buy almost all my figures on nin-nin since a year ago (after have so many problems with nippon yasan) and they solved all my problems quickly (refund money for broken figures on shipping,let me cancel some figures exceptionally, etc..) Best packaging from all stores I bought. Prepaid taxes shipping so you don't have to deal with customs later. Very good prices (at preorder) and discounts (5% cash back) I don't know why have shaky reputation but is a 10/10 store for me.
anywhere with shaky reputation is no go for me. probably can find someone who is able to buy from Koto and send you. tat may translate to extra cost though
Have you also considered the after market for these figures? I always see a lot of Koto figures on Mandarake with the bonus included.
I did order once with nin nin and everything went fine and currently I have another PO with them so I think you will probably be fine if you order with them.
I would just go with the version which makes you the happiest because that is what this hobby is all about....... right?

just in general for whoever reads it:
pro tip for nin nin games - contact them through their twitter dm to get a quicker response (worked for me at least).
As a Dutch collector I suggest Archonia as webshop. They sell it with bonus parts. They are expensive. But shipping fees and VATS make it also expensive if you buy from Asia. Good luck.
Never liked how Koto made their faces domestic exclusive on their shop, so you are paying Japan sales tax just to get the face - and they do it all the time... It should be included as part of standard releases... Only get it if you planning to keep the figure for a long time.

I say just go get the standard version from cheapest reputable shop possible like BIJ only if you are okay living without it. It is because since Koto only does extra face for first runs and not during re-runs.

And NNG does not have the greatest reputation; I wouldn't trust an important order w/them and would not do any upfront payments with them longer than paypal buyer.
My experience with Nin-Nin has been mixed, leaning towards negative honestly.
I ordered the Furyu Rem and when it arrived it was so tightly stuffed into the shipping box that the figure box ended up being pretty damaged. I'm not one to really care too much for boxes but since it was a present it was pretty disappointing.

My partner recently ordered from them too and has had a much worse time. The figure just didn't get shipped despite paying for a shipping option for it to arrive before Christmas (it still hasn't arrived ) and their customer service is just terrible. He couldn't get into contact with any one for ages with their new system in place and had to dig up an old customer service email to get a response. It was then given priority shipping, given how late it was, but now currently there's no update on the tracking :/

That's my experience and you can read the recent reviews on here for others stories but ultimately id use them as a last resort if its a figure you really want and can't get it any other way.
Honestly, I say get the exclusive because, in my experience, the exclusive Koto versions go right up in price.
I wouldn't order from Nin Nin Game. IDK how expensive the shipping from Amiami is and if you have to pay VAT for it once it arrives at your country. Figuya might be a good alternative: figuya.com/en/p...

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