コメント Sakurai's Figures in the Pyra and Mythra video

  • The Pyra and Mythra figures were the highlight of his collection! Overall his collection is really cool too, cultured man. Sakurai also said that he has figures of unreleased characters hidden in a locked drawer...:0 wonder who they are?
    I saw that too and deadass couldn't believe Sakurai was a man of culture! He chose Pyra over Mythra though so that's where our similarities end cause it's obvious Mythra is best girl. Got the second fighter pass ready and am just waiting for Mythr/Pyra to release any moment now as I was one of the few who had them on my most wanted list. Also had Joker and Byleth on my most wanted so I've been getting W's left and right. Also thanks for the sauce on the Zero Suit Samus figure. Great work my dude.
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