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"I know everything you are going to do. even before you do!"

Hello MFC! Today I thought that I may break the mold here by reviewing a figure from a long time ago. And I don't just mean a couple of years ago; I mean a long, long time ago. Let's travel back to Winter of 2003 to give you some background behind this figure of such an perculiar character!

Capcom Fighting All-Stars was a cancelled fighting game that was in the works during early to mid 2003. Featuring a handfull of some of Capcom's beloved fighting game icons such as Ryu and Chun-li from Street Fighter, to some of their unsung heroes such as Akira and Batsu from Rival Schools, it was quite well the dream game for Capcom fans at the time. But unfortunately, after several unsucessful beta testings in Japan, the game got cancelled.
Aside from featuring 3D-graphics and an original story taking place in Final Fight's Metro City, the game was also to feature three original characters to play as, each with their own attack code and emblem; Rook, a slender man of a fair build with a wind-attack theme and the emblem called "Fallen Angel." D.D., a robust man of tanned complextion with a thunder-attack theme and the emblem "The Goddess of Thunder." And last but not least, our girl Ingrid; A mysterious and petite girl with a sun-attack theme and the emblem called "Enteral Goddess"

During the game's beta testings, Banpresto decided to announce prize figures of two of the playable characters, Ingrid and Chun-li, as a part of their DX line-up of figures. They eventually released in UFO Captures in July of 2003, a month before the game's eventual cancellation.
This is the only prototype image I could find of the figures online. This image does tell us alot about the intentions of this sub-series, such as it was made to promote Capcom Fighting All-Stars and that if you look closely to the box of this figure, Chun-li wasn't intended to be apart of this line up. I wish she wasn't though, I would love to have some merchandise of D.D. Especially of his alternative costume, but no! We must have more Chun-li crap!
Remember what they took from you...

Background aside, let's get onto reviewing the figure.
THE REVIEW: INGRIDhttps://static.myfigurecollection.net/upload/pictures/2021/03/11/2657608.jpeghttps://static.myfigurecollection.net/upload/pictures/2021/03/11/2657609.jpeghttps://static.myfigurecollection.net/upload/pictures/2021/03/11/2657610.jpeghttps://static.myfigurecollection.net/upload/pictures/2021/03/11/2657611.jpeghttps://static.myfigurecollection.net/upload/pictures/2021/03/11/2657612.jpeghttps://static.myfigurecollection.net/upload/pictures/2021/03/11/2657614.jpeg
The box itself is quite something. It uses a fair amount of assests used in magazine articles about Capcom Fighting All-Stars, and some other images such as Ingrid's side of the box featuring what I can only assume is a painting of an Aztec god or ritual. Something like that. Very in-tune to the characters' background.
I got to say, for something that came out in 2003 and costed me 30 AUD on an eBay auction, it's not that bad. Not that good, but not bad. I like the attention to detail such as the ruffles in Ingrid's skirt, the shinning strands of of her silver hair and the bronze detail of her hair accessories featuring her emblem. Even with not much colors to use, they manage to make her look mostly accurate to her promotional illustrations by Kita Senri. Only downsides to her, is that her face looks off. And the colours themselves are a bit unbalanced. Did I also mention that inserting the pegs in were a pain in the ass because the holes are quite far apart from each other.

Now, to end things off with a size comparison with little Ingrid.

Thanks for reading!
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mimikyuus3ヶ月前#93845787I love reviews of older figures, it's quite interesting to look at how things were back then! Her sculpt has quite a bit of detail, that's cool. And I didn't know the promotional art was by Senri, they're one of my favourite Fire Emblem artists! :D
Yeah. The only reason I made this review is because when I was browsing Japanese google images and English google images, I notice a lack of reviews for Ingrid. I saw one or two for Chun-li on the japanese web, but aside from that, nothing. The images that where available for Ingrid where low quality, about 300px at best, whilst Chun-li had fairly high quality images (I think about 1000px last time I check?)
Also, Kita Senri did artwork for Capcom and SNK back in the day before she did stuff for the Tellius Fire Emblem games I think! Can't wait to see how that Ike scale turns out!
Ah the lines on her dress are so well done! That doesn't even happen much these days, I almost want to buy her myself despite having no ties
I love reviews of older figures, it's quite interesting to look at how things were back then! Her sculpt has quite a bit of detail, that's cool. And I didn't know the promotional art was by Senri, they're one of my favourite Fire Emblem artists! :D
setokaibaswife ♡ Seto Kaiba's Wife ♡
Wow she is lovely! Thank you for making this review!
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