Hello MFC ! I was just waiting for my last package to arrive and it did so I can post this mini haul!

I kind of overspent Late April, Early May but I'm fine with that especially since I can say something that not many collectors can say...I MANAGED TO BUY MY GRAIL! And we'll talk about him in a few !

I do get some charming finds on depop and mostly recently I spent $20 for a huge stationary set!


I actually bought it for..well..
ITEM #742997
ITEM #743002
ITEM #827134

You get the picture. The erasers are amazing and I've already started using the Campus planner!

Lace Market
I'm into lolita fashion! It's one of my other hobbies outside figures but I managed to find my dream dress at a seriously amazing price!!



This is Angelic Pretty's Little Twin Stars Cosmetic OP in the white colorway. Truly an adorable dress.
ITEM #718232

Jumpshop / Mercari JP

Okay. So I saw ITEM #1147833 and ITEM #1147831 and I just HAD to buy them. So I placed two mercari jp purchases for them via my proxy and then combined it with my Jump Shop order of ITEM #1199298 ITEM #1199274 and ITEM #1199269 as well as two items not on MFC: a Bakugou and Midoriya mask case and pocket tissue holder.




I love everything in here and the plush ID holders are so fucking cute I wanna take them everywhere with me...

Yahoo Shopping
So while wistfully looking around for my grail, ITEM #460687, like I have been since I first realized they existed, I was just giving up until...I saw it.

A singular Yahoo Shopping listing. For ¥35,000.

Now if you know anything about this figure you damn well know he goes for so much more than that. $500 $600 sometimes pushing the $700 up to $1,000 price tag. It felt like fate had finally took me into its graces.

I have never rushed to place an order so quickly. I sent my payment to my proxy and they usually are very quick about orders. So I waited. Waited. Nothing for a few days. I had worried it sold out, amongst other thoughts. I contacted them and they said they had an error and would try again.

They sent me the confirmation email and I about broke down. D.Gray-Man is my favorite anime, Allen being one of my all time favorite characters. I just started collecting in 2018, even in 2019 I barely had funds to justify any large scale purchases. When I found out about them preorders closed long ago, the aftermarket was insane.

These DGM figures will forever be my grails.

Allen arrived at their warehouse and in justification that I just wanted him after so long I shelled out $120 for shipping. It would have been totaled out at $400 if I went seamail but again, I waited so long to find him I just didn't care about the price.





He just arrived today and I am in complete and utter awe. I love him so dearly and I really don't have a spot for him so he's blocking Yae and Rita at the moment...sorry!

Thank you for taking the time to check out my loot post ;_;!


congrats on the grail! i had the allen figure in storage for a bit and after taking him out again a day ago it felt a bit underwhelming, i even thought of selling him, but posts like these remind me how lucky i am to even have him at all. the rest of your loot is also great!
Broserpina The magi-cooliest✧
Grail get!!
congrats for getting your grail!
Congrats on Allen! DGM is one of my absolute favourite series and this Allen is one of my faves too! So glad you were able to get him with that horrible aftermarket
omg dream dress and grail all in one loot post!! Congratulations on finally getting Allen, that figure of him is absolutely fantastic.
Congrats on
Congrats on finding your grail, that's wonderful!!!
keter Anomalous Precure!
Woah, congrats for getting Allen for so cheap considering his crazy aftermarket prices!

It's sad that Aniplex rarely make re-releases...
yakushining your Highness
nice haul. congrats on finding your grail too, i could feel your excitement just by reading, he looks amazing!