コメント Completed Sailor Senshi Child Ver. GK Figure set the Movie

  • Absolutely amazing! I really enjoy seeing GKs come to life.
    I love your work. It's always fun to see the time and effort you out into the kits you get, because I sure as hell don't have the talent or patience to do these.
    Chloe-tsundere The louise otaku
    Wow so awesome!! Well painted ^^ I'm sure you get a buyer, I'm not one to check videos :p sorry

    Sailor mars in that yukata looks best in my opinion and I like the glitter letters
    bomhat Eugeo is Love, Eugeo is Life
    omg this is soooo cute
    Wow! These are old! I succeeded in collecting a few of them years ago but never built it. You did an absolutely stunning job on them! L-O-V-E-L-Y!

    Their eyes are beautiful, like jewels (and original character design).

    BTW Rei rocks in that kimono!
    Lol, I just finished watching this video. They look wonderful! I think I like how Serena looks the best of the figures <3

    I've been doing some figure customizing lately, and following your videos to get some tips and tricks as I do it~ I know customizing isn't the same thing as GKs, but the tips are helpful regardless!
    njdrawscomics Webcomic Artist
    Very impressive work! All the details you added especially that base are really well done.
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