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To LOVEru - Konjiki no Yami - 1/8 (Good Smile Company)To LOVEru - Konjiki no Yami - 1/8 (Good Smile Company)

The Golden Darkness Yami-Chan could not have been better made then this! I enjoyed the series ToLoveRu and found a liking to Yami-Chan. When I stood at a Showcase within a figure store in Akihabara, Tokyo, I made up my mind and bought it. Without regret!

This figure is made out of plastic. Kind of poor plastic, you have to handle it with great care, because you feel it can be easily broken. But nevertheless, you can see the love of the sculpturer with only looking at it. The figure is a complete model, only the right arm can be replaced with her "weapon arm", which is a very nice feature!

The Painting suits perfectly. Its just like she jumped out of the Screen. The beatiful yellow hair is the first thing you will notice when you look at this figure. So the expression of the Golden Darkness was perfectly matched.

This position is awesome. You can feel the thrill of a fight going on when you see her swinging hair, especially when you have the weapon arm equipped. Her clothes swirl around as well, which makes it for all perverts out there possible to get a glance on her panties (Yes, I saw them too, and they are white like they are supposed to be!).

The Figure comes with a simple round and black base, which is able to hold the figure stable on foot. No other useless decoration, but maybe a ToLoveRu Logo or sth would have been fine, maybe?

The packing was comparibly huge, which is needed, because like I said the figure is easily broken. But the design is very attracting. You can see pictures of Yami-Chan on it, without you look within the box being blocked.

I'm very happy to own this figure, because she is an eyecatcher! People come into my room, and the first figure they see is this one. Also I change her arm often, because I still don't know which arm I would like better on her.
Its fun to put her on different positions within my room.
You will enjoy her as well as I do, that I'm very sure of.

The handling must be with much care! Throwing her from 1 meter height might already be deadly for this figure. The arm exchange is very easy to do, so there isn't much to complain. Just be careful ^o^

To sum everything up, this figure is one of my favorites, because of its awesome looking! I would recommend everyone of you to buy it, if you can, even if the price is a little high, but it's definately worth it!
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