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Hello again, MFC! Welcome to my review of the Wings inc Cardcaptor Sakura Rocket Beat ver! I've really been looking forward to this figure for a long time (well, since she was announced), so I'm thrilled to finally have her. And equally thrilled to be able to write this review.

I've been a fan of Cardcaptor Sakura for a long time, since the dub came to the US. I loved the TV series, and have even read the original manga twice (which I never do ^^;). I never thought about figures of her one way or the other, until I saw GoodSmile's Stars Bless You figure at Anime Central the year she was released. I was in awe. I had seen scales before that one, but not one that had a base that was that beautiful, and that was so detailed. Sadly, though, I could not afford her when I saw her, as my job only allowed me to afford either just her, or multiple items, not both. So I had to pass. Sadly, even to date, I still have to pass. I just never have that much leftover money, and honestly, I don't think I'll ever have her. There are always other figures I want to buy, and most of those are more important to me than this particular figure is now. Plus, there's that new one coming out. I don't think I'd have room.
At any rate, I just decided to deal with the fact I'll never have this figure. A few years later, they announced the Hello Brand New World one, and I preordered it immediately. It was just as pretty to me as the Stars Bless You one, and I had to have it. The Rocket Beat one was announced shortly after, and was in development hell for forever. It kept changing prototypes, but never went up for preorder. It didn't look like it would ever go up for preorder, but it did. What felt like an eternity after being painted, anyway. :/.

Fast forward to this year. The Brand New World figure finally gets a release date, and I'm really looking forward to the invoice. Which I don't get for like 2 weeks later. But instead of an invoice, I get horrible news: AmiAmi basically refused to honor their free shipping, and instead only offers to sell her for a little cheaper. They instead want us to pay the full shipping price, which they said would be horribly expensive. As I only had enough for her, I had to sadly cancel her. And couldn't get her in the aftermarket, as they either would have the same issue, or were out. So there we go again with the same issue: No big Sakura for Elise.

Although I wasn't getting the big Sakura, I was somewhat fine with that, as I had this one coming. And then June finally came. Honestly, I was surprised by her release. They gave no warning, and honestly, I wasn't quite prepared for her. But luckily, I had enough (I just wish Wings gave a warning :/). And she finally showed up on Monday.

To me, she's totally worth the wait. She looks exactly like the prototype, and didn't disappoint whatsoever. Here's where the review actually stars, by the way, if you want the tl;dr version.

First, we'll start with her box. I'm actually quite impressed with it. It's fully made of plastic, and is primarily clear (like the namesake of the arc this figure is from, which is a nice touch). This allows us to view her from nearly any angle, which is awesome.

Here's the front:




And the top:

In addition to the fact you actually can get a good look at her through the box (and possibly actually display her in the box without missing anything), I also liked the gold lettering, and the flower petals on the side. It's a pretty box, and that's rare for me to ever say. Boxes are usually just there for me, so her box being so nice was a surprise. It's very fitting for this figure, and I have zero complaints about the design. That doesn't make it perfect though. It had one major flaw, which I'll tell you about in the next paragraph.

Although the box is gorgeous, it's unnecessarily huge. There's a ton of blank space on the sides of the figure, and honestly, the box could have been condensed. I kind of get why (Wings decided to make assembly easy for us and make her ready to go out of the box), but I would have rather had to assemble the base than pay $90 for shipping because they wanted to 'do us a favor'. It would have been even worse for DHL at $120. I was lucky and had a lot of AmiAmi points, but the original cost was sickening. What was even worse is that AmiAmi stuck it in the 140 box as opposed to the 120 box, and stuck like 4 inches of paper on each side, which is probably what did it, TBH. It's just a no-win situation, and honestly, I'd recommend ordering her from a local or retailer in your country to avoid this situation.

And now that we've talked about the box (and had to hear about its horrible shipping cost), here's the figure itself. First, we'll do a quick turn around, so you can see the figure from various angles.

Pose straight out of the box:

With staff:


And now, time to see her from all angles:




She looks really good from a distance. But sadly, she isn't flawless. We'll talk about that more later on in the review, though, as I wanted to make a separate section for flaws.

For now, I'll show some detail shots, and talk about them a bit.

Here's her face up close. I feel it looks good, and don't see anything particularly off about it. It looks like Wing went with the original anime for style here (as the way the eyes are shaded matches the anime more closely than the manga), which is interesting.


And finally (for detail shots), here's an up close look at that crystal cluster in the center of her bow. I just like it mostly, and love the gradient each crystal has.


Now that we've had a good look at the figure, I'm going to discuss the flaws.

The first of which is the rose. Although it looks nice and is sculpted well, it doesn't fit into the base well. I got it to fit enough, but it isn't all the way down. It's stable enough as is, but I wish it went all the way down without force.


And here's the only paint flaw I've seen. I'm not actually 100% sure it's a flaw (as it may just be my camera), but it looks like there is some paint out of the lines on her dress. It isn't that noticeable where it ruins the figure, but it's still there. I didn't even notice it until I was taking pics of her brooch, honestly, so it doesn't take away a lot from the figure.


OK, that's it for the overview. Here are my overall ratings, and the explanations for why these ratings were given.

Sculpt: 10/10. I don't really see any way this can be improved. She's detailed, and I don't see any odd seam lines or spots where the plastic is bad/choppy. Unless the base counts in this section, I'd give this a 10/10. It's very rare to see a figure with no seamlines and with perfectly smooth plastic.

Paint: 6/10. Although it looks good for the most part, there is some out of the line paint on her dress. I also feel she could have used some more shading, as I don't see that much in the pics I took, if any. That's OK for a prize, but not a scale. My Kotobukiya Gloria figure has shading, and that's way cheaper than this. And I also have Wing's Rin Tohsaka, and that has a lot of shading. So I don't know why they went cheap with Sakura. It's mostly in the lines though, and otherwise looks OK, so I'm giving a 6.

Posing: 8/10. It's not the most dynamic figure, but the pose is well done and looks good.

Base: I actually love her base, as those flowers and the brown stand look great. I have to take points off though, as the flower doesn't go in all the way without force. 8/10.

Packaging: 10/10. I normally don't care about boxes, but this completely plastic box looks great. The shiny accents also look great. This is one of the cases where displaying her in box could be justified, as you can actually see her well in this box. I'm just choosing not to, but she definitely could be displayed that way. This rating is not counting her awful shipping cost, however, which I don't feel should be a factor. Sure I didn't like it, but not everyone has to pay that horrible cost, and I think a lot of that had to do with AmiAmi as opposed to Wings.

Enjoyment: 8/10. Although I love this scale (she's so pretty), the lack of shading, slight paint errors, and the rose not fitting takes off some points. I still enjoy the figure and feel she looks good, but I would have liked her more with shading. I definitely like her, though, and feel she's worth the price.

However, definitely get her from a store in your country, though, as her shipping was painful to pay for. >_<;. And I had AmiAmi points. I ended up paying $60 for her shipping, and that was still painful. Or wait EMS goes back down in price. You can also do Surface, but I don't recommend it, given the cost of the figure (I just don't trust Surface with expensive scales like this. What makes it worse is the insurance is really low with Surface, so if it's lost or broken, we don't get most of what we put into it back)

Well, that's it for this review. I hope you enjoyed reading it. Please note that I read every reply, but I sometimes don't know what to say, or don't get a chance to reply. I will try to reply to every reply, though. :).
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