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Hey all.

LED lighting is always a topic of popularity among MFC users, mostly because we all use a typical standard for displaying our figures (Detolfs). I have seen a lot of LED lighting setups and tutorials, but I am almost always disappointed with them due to some reason or another, but that's the great thing about the collection of articles and differences in opinion.

I debated with myself for years on how I wanted to rig up my cabinets with lighting in a way that I felt achieved the desired effect that I wanted with my lights. Last year I finally got around to dust-proofing one of my cabinets and let it sit for six months before I made any decisions about doing the rest of them (there's 13 total). After finally seeing the results of my testing, I decided that I would go ahead and continue the process for the other six in this room, but I also wanted to do lighting as well. If I was going to take all of my figures out, dust them, clean all the cabinet shelves and glass walls/door for dust-proofing purposes, I'd rather get my lighting done all at the same time.

Last month, I finally decided on how I was going to go about setting everything up. At the beginning of this month (July 2021), I finally bit the bullet and purchased everything I would need to accomplish my goal along with planning out the whole process. While I can say this first cabinet has helped me to refine my process and get things how I want them moving forward with any necessary adjustments, it seemed like an overwhelming task. I have one done, and the results are below.

My main question is whether or not a tutorial for this is something others may want? Having options is important, but I just wasn't completely on board with what most had done, so I improvised my own based on some things I saw elsewhere. I also realize that not all of what I've done will satisfy others, maybe it'll generate ideas. I just want to know before I go through the effort and time of creating a tutorial if there's not really much interest due to a saturation of others.

Here's what it looked like before (only showing a small part of the cabinet, the rest has other lighting reflection issues that detract from the normal look, making it irrelevant for the comparison):

And here's after (the wire at the top will be dealt with, this is just testing):

I'm very happy with the overall level of lighting and shadows, but it does take a fair bit of work.

Lots of LED light choices and setups, I wasn't 100% satisfied with most solutions, so I went about it my own way. Looking for feedback on whether or not people would like a tutorial for my setup before I go through the trouble of making it.
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A successful test I say! It looks great, really makes them stand out compared to the before. I would absolutely LOVE a tutorial, I see a lot of displays featuring them but little info on it altogether to make it look nice (much easier said than done) so I feel a tutorial could benefit both new ppl and ppl who want to take their display up a notch
it looks great!! as a newbie who would like to have LEDs for my collection, please make a tutorial! (ノ´ヮ`)ノ*: ・゚
Yes! I am not happy about my current led light choice (light is too cold), even the product got so many 5 stars reviews in amazon.
YES! I don't own detolfs, but I imagine I'd be able to apply the same principles to my glass shelves. The other tutorials I've found were too complicated, OTL.

Would definitely love to see the tutorial!

Creating a (closed, so the trolls don't flood it with nonsensical choices) poll would also give you a general idea of interest I'm sure :D
Hey lookin great! I would love to see the tutorial~
wow looks so cool! I would also like to see the tutorial!!
I would like it, perhaps not to follow it blindly (although Im sure many will, looks great), but to get a good idea of how to achieve the result. If anything, I dont see myself with detolfs, but with shelves. Still, playing with leds and other stuff to make small set ups (for photography) seems interesting af.

Great job btw
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