What are your thoughts on lying down pose figures?What are your thoughts on lying down pose figures?Ask MFC

Hi MFC! I just have a quick question here today!

Figures in a lying down pose…. What are your thoughts on them?

By ‘lying down pose’ I mean figures such as this Madoka (ITEM #440844) or this Miku (ITEM #9438).

I don’t really see the appeal of them, if I’m being honest. I mean, they’re cute and all, but how do you even display them?

Just putting them flat on their base is just wasteful, since you’d have to get really close to the figure to even see what it was.

If you’re using a bookcase, I guess you could prop them up against the back…. Although, then your figure is either hidden behind other figures, or alone all the way at the back with awkward space in the front.

It gets even more awkward if you’re using a Detolf, since there’s so much space from the door to the back.

Some people have built specialised dioramas/displays for their lying down figures (This one is really nice: PICTURE #1719338), which is nice if you have time time. However, 99% of people won’t spend this much time, space, and money just to display one or two figures (usually prize figures, might I add).

So yeah, I personally just don’t get the appeal of lying down figures, unless you’re willing to put a lot of time and money into displaying them properly.

This isn’t throwing hate towards anyone who chooses to buy them, I just personally wouldn’t.

So yeah, that was my opinion. Thank you for reading!

Now, I’d love to hear your opinions on lying down figures!
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What are your thoughts on lying down pose figures?

3%I love them! I have so many!
19%I like them, I have a few.
26%They’re nice, I might consider them in the future.
26%Neutral, I neither like nor dislike them.
7%I’d only buy them if I saw one really cheap.
15%They’re not that great, probably won’t ever buy one.
6%I really dislike them, would never buy!


Yes if the figure can look like it's a tiny human hanging out on my desk or shelf; Palmates and noodle stopper figures come to mind for figures with that effect. The Madoka one you linked I like since she would look like she's sleeping peacefully in my room. Something like that I would buy with the intent to have as a desk mate. That would put the figure below eye level too, eliminating the issue of finding a good angle.

If the lying down pose figure doesn't have the appeal of looking like they are lounging around on a surface in your room, I'm not particularly interested. Upright figures have far more potential for dynamic and interesting poses.
Eh not a fan. Takes up too much space and limited to the bottom shelves if you want to display them in a favourable angle.
Not for me, too difficult to display. They should come with a wall mount so you could hang them like a painting ^^
The Miku one is classic. I have a positive opinion, but I have yet to find a good on stomach pose figure, or any at all.
Nah. Low profile figures are great cause you can put them in front of others without obscuring the view, but not lying down, especially sleeping.
There's a popular one of a green-haired bunny woman laying down... it's one of the ugliest figs I have ever seen in my life. It looks like someone broke and lost the base and just tossed it onto the shelf.
I have the Megumin and Eriri dakimakura GSC figures in box frames like the one you showed a picture of. It's a cool way to display some figures without taking up shelf space, since they can be hung up on the wall.
jumpluff Pegasus Knight
30-60 degrees, on dish holders optimally. There are special ones you can get for like circular trophies/display porcelain plates. There used to be a club here for these figures, because the fact they display best facing upwards makes them IDEAL for the space in the bottom of a detolf.

Not sure if it's updated, but CLUB #1652

I wish I could remember the dish holder things because I remember seeing photos of them on here years ago, but don't know where to look. Those Madoka figures probably have some related pics with it, ngl.

They're niche, but very good for this. Don't like them otherwise, but the Madoka ones are so gorgeous.
The trick is these lying down figures look best at 45 degrees. Tried 90 degrees, didn't do it for me.

Miku has a base that is adjustable, can get the best angle easily.
Great for desk :)
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