I am…incredibly new to this, LOL. So far I only have plushies, but I’m looking into venturing into the figure side of things.

One thing I noticed pretty quickly is how expensive some can be—in the triple digits (USD)! Are most figures like that? A lot of Pokémon ones are especially.

Any general advice is appreciated, too. : ) Thank you so much!
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In order of quality and price figures go something like this

Mini figures such as Figuarts minis, plum mini, nendorid mini's
These are around 1000 to 2000 yen

Prize figures, these are intended as being won from ufo catcher machines
Quality, expect simple paint work and odd sizes
Price around 2000 yen
Usually I get mine from ninoma or a local uk based store

Pop up Parade and Ichibankuji
These are slightly better quality than Prize figures
Size of Pop up Parade looks to be about 1/10
Ichibankuji is more like scale size
Quality is better than prize, some shading, fewer paint issues, better poses
Price is around 4000 yen for PuP and around 5000 for Ichibankuji, if you can find somewhere to get those.

Nendoroids, these are poseable smaller figures with swappable parts
Deformed figures with usually large heads and small bodies
Recent prices on these have been 5500 to 7000 yen
Quality is usually pretty good, although these day extra's has been more limited

Figma or other poseable larger figures
Prices are getting towards scale prices, so looking around 10000 yen for some recent releases

Scales, so these in theory are the best quality and also mostly the most expensive
Prices vary from 10,000 to as much as 30,000 or 40,000 yen for some of the more elaborate ones
These should have very few paint issues, very few to no moulding issues, will have shaded paint work along with lots of detail.

Above scales is a few potentially expensive items
So dolls like dolfie dream, I don't have any of these but they appear to be around 60,000 to 70,000 for a basic model.
Other doll type scales such as the recent 1/4 scale Kobayashi dragon maid figure
Will set you back in excess of 100,000 yen

After market prices vary by a fair amount, popular scales will be sometimes 4 or 5 times the original retail price, whereas prize figures tend to hold or drop their value

For your boxes, I would say anything above prize figures you should keep the box for as the resale price will hold a lot better with the box.

Keep your figures out of direct sunlight, dust them occasionally and carefully

Anything above prize is not a toy, consider them pieces of art to be looked after and admired as such.

One thing, appreciate your collection regardless of how small it may be, don't go crazy trying to get lots of stuff at the start, after a few years you will end up with a large collection anyway if you keep collecting.

Don't worry about missing out on anything, lots of new stuff comes out all the time.

Appreciate what is on offer, you don't have to buy them though.
When I first started collecting I bought figure books and just looked at what was available, these days there is plenty of web sites and youtube videos

Have a budget and stick to it

A few sites worth keeping an eye on
Neko Magic News on upcoming figures, warning has NSFW figures listed
otakuhq.com Whats currently for sale but they also have a re-release section

Hope that helps
You should save up for what you want first! It doesn't matter if it's cheap or expensive, just make sure you won't regret it at the future.

And PLEASE don't be like me! I posted many stuff and people always get tired of it.
I agree with the advice of setting up a budget! If you set aside a certain amount each month for figures/merch, then you can decide not to buy anything for a few months and save all that money for one expensive thing instead.

Self control is an important skill to hone in this hobby. You might see people's collections and think "Wow, I need to buy a TON of stuff to reach their level!" but you're probably seeing five or ten years' worth of collecting. Just take things slowly and enjoy each figure, plush, or piece of merch as it comes along.

And don't be afraid to let your tastes change along the way. You might decide you want your collection to fit a certain theme or aesthetic - or you might realize that's not for you at all, and you want all your favorite characters, no matter what they look like.
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Not all figures are that expensive- those are the prices of scale figures. Non scales and prize figures are cheaper. The hobby used to be affordable but prices have gone insane lately so unfortunately most scales are very pricey nowadays.

I'd suggest starting with prize figures, like others have said. These are almost always $20 but can range from $20-$35ish. Scale figures are on average $100-$160 but can be more expensive depending on what you're looking at. Plus it depends where you shop and if you have to pay shipping fees, import fees, etc.

Anything giant (large scales like 1/4th and higher) are gonna be hella expensive, at least a few hundred dollars each so fair warning. Also like someone else said, if you see a nice scale figure going for really cheap (on eBay or something), it's either a bootleg or something is likely wrong with it so make sure you have a reputable seller. If it's too good to be true, it probably is.

The Pokémon figures you're seeing are probably ENTRY #102689 from the ARTFX J line from Kotobukiya which are all scales so that's why they're pricey. Plus those are highly sought after and some are hard to get so they can end up being pretty expensive. Lot of people have mentioned aftermarket prices which is just when a highly sought-after figure becomes sold out everywhere and you can only find it for insane prices after its release, which happens a lot.
Pre-order figures you want.

If you pre-order from Japanese web shops you generally get the figures a lot sooner, even with (potentially) longer ship times.

Older figures sometimes get re-released, especially true for popular figures/franchises. Keep that in mind when considering paying a premium for hard to find figures.
Welcome to the hobby! Shameless self-plug here but I actually have a YouTube channel and an entire playlist dedicated to informational videos on figure collecting. If you're interested here's a link! www.youtube.com...
start out with prize figures, or older figures that you might like, since those tend to be cheaper and easier to obtain for beginners on preowned/regular sites ^^. but also, if you really like certain scales, and youre on a budget - i think its rewarding to save up for a scale figure you really want. and make sure to do your research when ordering from a shop for the first time!! (an easy google search doesnt do any harm).
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Hey there! Welcome to the world of pretty plastic ^_^

The figures in the triple digits are most likely scale figures. I would suggest starting off with prize figures. They are SIGNIFICNATLY cheaper and still look good! I'd say on average they are around 20-35 USD. Nendoroids are cute and posable! They are a bit more expensive than prize figures but you won't be spending triple digits on a single one (retail)

Please be careful with listings that look too good to be true though. Fake figures are out there and they can look extremely wonky lmao
Welcome to the hobby! My biggest recommendation is to make a budget for yourself, either monthly or bi-yearly (6 months) of what you feel comfortable with spending and stick to it! I also recommend taking 3-7 days before you pre-order a figure to decide if you really want it. It is very easy to go overboard when starting out. Otherwise just collect what you love!

More general advice:
-Keep the boxes for figures (at least expensive or fragile ones), its much easier to move with them in the future and boxes add to the value and proof of authenticity if selling in the future.

-Keep your figures in a cool area away from direct sunlight. LED are fine.

-The most popular display options is Detolf glass cabinet or Billy bookcase with glass doors from Ikea. I use an Ikea Milsbo (more expensive) but I like it. But don't worry to much if its not easy to access or budget friendly for you, however you display your collection is still nice!

-In terms of display, you can get some acrylic risers online, they help elevate figures so you can see all of them in your display.

-If buying a figure from another collector, please be sure you are serious about your purchase (just as a courtesy). But also be sure to get photos from them, and pay with paypal good and service, it is a secure way for both buyer and seller.

Edit: I also just remembered about this line of lower cost Pokemon figures from the Pokemon Center store. ENTRY #124491 These were $15-25 last I checked, I had a few of them, they are small but still pretty nice with cool bases for the price if these interest you! As for Pokemon scale figures from Kotobukiya and Megahouse, those have gone up a lot in price but amiami and mandarake might have a few pop up pre-owned.
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